Who took this photo & WHEN ?

This photo is frequently presented as "proof" of the use of Thermite :

It's been around for a long time yet I have still to find who took it and WHEN ?
Anybody here who knows ?

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Sam Hollenshead

Here's a link to the picture on his website:


I don't know but...

... the columns certainly have been cut at an angle, one way or other.

Are there other photos showing cut columns?

In regards to when?

It appears, that the group of pictures in the 'Workers at Ground Zero' section on Sam Hollenshead's site, where all taken a few weeks after 9/11, because the WFC buildings are shrouded in some of the other shots.

The only pictures worth a damn, for evidence are ones that were taken, within the first week after the attack.


Workers at Ground Zero

In the immediate wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, New York City fire fighters, police officers and construction workers faced the daunting task of finding survivors and cleaning up the burning rubble that was once the World Trade Center. Without hesitation these workers rose to the occasion and embraced their call to duty. When historians sit down to write about September 11th and its aftermath, they will have to reserve a page of History for the workers at ground zero whose tireless efforts saved lives and helped New York City rebuild itself. Here is the story of workers at ground zero. Photography by Sam Hollenshead.


I'd say that looks cut

I worked for a long time in oxy-acetylene cutting.

Also, if you were cutting a column just to clear out a scene, you wouldn't want to cut any angles at all.

Cutting steel with oxy-acetylene is very slow.

You basically have to liquidate the steel before you blow it out with your torch.

It takes a real long time, and BTW that column is very thick.

You wouldn't want to waste time cutting it at angles by hand.

What's this guy doing ?

Thanks to DoYouEverWonder for pointing to the source..
does anyone have those images in research-quality ?

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and a blow-up :

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It was a rethorical question :)

My purpose with all this is to get people to
stop using that Firefighter-picture as "evidence" of the use of Thermite/mate
as it doesn't prove a damn thing.
For the record, I totally agree with Jon Gold and DHS, we have to pay extreme attention
to the quality of our evidence . Using this picture as evidence is a total disaster, it's just to easy to debunk
that the photo shows what some people claim .
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What doesn't make sense

is in this picture where the steel is cut.

If it was cut by the iron worker from the outside:

1. How did he make the cut without going through the strapping?

2. Why didn't he cut the steel all the way through?



1 : He didn't, you can clearly see the molten metal on the strapping .
2 : I can think of at least 2 possible answers :
a : because he isn't done yet
b : because if he did the column would fall to the ground while still attached
to other columns .

As for why they cut at an angle : Anyone here ever cut down a large tree ?
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Cutting down trees is not the same as cutting down steel

Trees are cut on an angle to make them fall in a particular direction and if you're cutting a limb, so that the tree heals properly and doesn't rot.

Steel workers don't have those concerns. Their main concern is to do their work as quickly and safely as possible. Steel workers avoid angle cuts because they take more time and energy then a straight cut. Since they use cranes they don't have to cut to make it 'fall' in a certain direction. Nor would they get all set up to work in a very difficult spot and not finish doing a cut. Again the cranes and control lines are suppose to hold things in place until the piece is free. If possible, you would start at one of the top corners and work your way down and across, one manageable section at a time.

In regards to the strapping, pull the picture into an image editing program and blow it up. The strapping is not cut and the slag fell on it from the cut in the column.

Angled cuts were sometimes made by the WTC ironworkers

and here's an example: go to


and view the second video entitled "Demo Dave" Griffin. About 3/4 of the way through, he says "you can see where he made the cuts" and gestures at some angle-cut vertical beams.

Here's a picture of the place he was pointing to

Yes, it appears that they cut some beams on an angle. But all of these are cut all the way through and there's not a lot of slag.

Since the conditions at GZ were very difficult and the ground wasn't stable, I would assume safety and accessibility, would take precedent over efficiency.

Since we don't have pictures from when these columns were actually being cut, it's hard to know what the conditions were before they were cut and why they were cut this way.


Whether your cutting down a tree or some large steel-columns, cutting at an angle is a good technique
to control where the crap lands . Better safe than sorry .. just in case the wire cant take the weight .
You can say whatever you want, the fact of the matter is that there are photographs
of workers cutting columns at an angle with oxy-acetylene torches and there are literally hundreds of photos of the pile where
you can see various gas and oxygen bottles all over the place .
The photo of the Firefighter and the angle-cut column does not even remotely prove the use of Thermite and we should stop presenting it as evidence of demolition because it's not .

Now, my own personal opinion is that just the fact that all those photos exist is somehow evidence of a intentional destruction
of the Twin Towers as the pile shouldn't even be there in the first place but that's a hard one to sell to OTC-believers ..
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