'9/11 Truther' : I may break voting record

Thursday June 9, 2008

'9/11 Truther' : I may break voting record

Monday, June 9, 2008, 8:52 AM
By Brian Moon

As a UW faculty member Kevin Barrett took aim at the US government saying it was behind the 9/11 attacks. Now he's taking aim at the 3rd Congressional District Seat running as a Libertarian Party candidate. He says he brings the ability to bring more votes than LP candidates traditionally do, rather than the usual 2 percent vote he believes he can pull 11 percent of votes against a Democrat or Republican.

Part of Barrett's strategy involves educating people on his opposition to the Iraq War and incumbent Democrat Ron Kind's support of it.

"Once people hear that Ron Kind voted repeatedly for the Iraq War every one I talked to says 'I'm voting for you"

Businessman Ben Olson III has also filed for the LP candidacy. Barrett says Olson come from the old libertarian thought that often wants to "shut down every aspect of the government overnight." Barrett calls himself a new libertarian.

"The government actually needs to be strengthened in a certain way so it can go after the worst abuses of private power."

Barrett cites big banks and corporate powers among these abusers. He considers himself in the tradition of "Fighting" Bob Lafollette, an early 20th century progressive Wisconsin politician who fought against large companies and their public policy influence

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Wisconsin Radio Network

Barrett Campaign: Candidate to appear on Air America with Jesse

Kevin Barrett to Appear on Air America with Jesse Ventura

The WRN radio interview by

The WRN radio interview by Barrett is excellent, it almost sounds like a one-minute commercial produced for the campaign, rather than a neutral media spot. This interview is being broadcasted out multiple times to 74 different radio stations in Wisconsin today and tomorrow.

74 Radio Stations

In the interview, they don't even bother to interview Barrett's opponents, and never even mention the republican candidate!