Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to Jeff Sharlet about "The Family" - Jesus, The Authoritarian?

Sunday June 9, 2008

Robert Kennedy Jr. talks to Jeff Sharlet about his new book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power which Mr. Kennedy describes as an organization whose members view "Jesus as the authoritarian power" . . . Heil Jesus?

(17:06 Minutes - 3.91Meg)

Air America Radio: Ring of Fire

From Wiki:
The Family (also known as The Fellowship, The Fellowship Foundation, and The International Foundation) is the name of a designedly informal U.S. organization that claims to be centered around the life and teachings of Jesus. The group, without any formal membership, has relationships that span from poor communities in developing countries to prominent members of the United States Congress. It is best known for its role in organizing the annual National Prayer Breakfast, at which the President of the United States customarily makes an address. Douglas Coe has led the group since 1966. It has 20,000 members, directed by 350 leaders.

Correction . . .

Mike Papantonio is conducting the interview . . . I need more sleep