Karen Johnson's Speech Tomorrow Will be Televised

Senator Johnson’s Floor Speech on Tuesday will be televised live on the internet. (Arizona residents can watch on Cox Digital Cable Television – Channel 27.) Anyone can watch it live on the internet. Click on the link below:


Click on “Live Proceedings” in the left-hand column.

When the TV screen comes up, click on “Floor & Hearing Room 109” in the Senate Column under the screen.

Note that Senator Johnson will be (1) introducing Blair and the local “Truthers,” who will be in the gallery and (2) making the Floor speech. These are two separate events and may be separated with other Floor action, so don’t be surprised if she introduces Blair and then they go into some other Senate business. Just wait for the speech.

The Floor session is tentatively scheduled for 11 a.m. Pacific time. (Don’t get confused about the time zones – Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time, so we’re on Pacific time right now – same as California.)

I’ll send a reminder in the morning with these instructions and confirm the start of the Floor session.

Karen Winfield

Assistant to …

Senator Karen S. Johnson


...........Thank you Karen ! You redefine what a politician should be! THANK YOU !

Channel 123 Cox Phoenix

Someone with the appropriate software please capture this stream

Her speech definitely needs to be youtubed for the world to see. It would be a crime to let it disappear.

It is a shame she did not

It is a shame she did not mention WTC7 (unless I am mistaken)