FaxForTruth Announces a Special Action: Fax John McCain

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Given that Blair Gadsby has announced the end of his inspiring 17 day hunger strike, it is time for us to fax-bomb John McCain telling him how disappointed we are that he was unwilling to even listen to a citizen of this country who was on a hunger strike for something he believed John McCain should hear. Let’s tell John McCain his allegiances are obvious, and he will definitely not be getting any of our votes. Such a closed mind is not fit to be President of the United States. Usually, a polite tone is preferable, though in this case it only seems natural to let your anger and disappointment known to John McCain. His actions in this case are unforgivable.

Please take two minutes to fax John McCain’s Washington D.C. office. You can send a free fax at http://www.faxzero.com . Let all of Washington hear the news. We are many, we want the truth, and we are never going to stop until we get it.

John McCain’s Washington D.C. fax number: 202-228-2862

Sample letter:

Your name

Your address

Senator John McCain
United States Senate
241 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-2235
Fax: 202-228-2862

Dear John McCain,

I am writing you to express just how disappointed I am that you were unable to find two hours of your time to give to a hunger striker outside your office. His demands were perfectly reasonable, and he made himself easily accessible to you and your staff by protesting outside your office in Arizona. The fact that you were unwilling to meet with him demonstrates to me several things:

First: That you are unwilling to meet with constituents who have a different viewpoint than you. To me that illustrates a closed-mindedness we do not need for our next President.

Second: That you were unwilling to recognize this constituent petitioning your office as he has the unalienable right to do under the Constitution. To me that demonstrates a lack of commitment to the basic tenets of our democracy that makes you unfit to be the next President.

Third: The fact that you wrote the foreward to the now-thoroughly debunked Popular Mechanics’ “Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts” coupled with your unwillingness to hear from experts with a different point of view on this issue shows that you have an active interest in keeping the truth about 9/11 under wraps so as to not bring to light any of your participation in its coverup. For that, you will pay the biggest price one day. Millions are waking up to the truth, and you have made it clear you are on the side of the liars and murderers who perpetrated the horrendous crimes against humanity on 9/11.

Govern yourself accordingly. We are here, we know the truth about that day, and we are never going to stop until we get the truth about who killed all those people on 9/11. The legal ramifications of collaboration with such high treason must be obvious to a Senator like yourself. I advise you to re-analyze your position on this matter and to listen to those experts who are trying to tell you the collapses of the buildings on 9/11 were highly suspicious and could not have happened because of jet fuel and plane impacts. It could be one of the most important positions you ever take up.


Your name

Great Idea.

Like the "special edition" campaign. I faxed John McCain last night, but my words didn't come out real clear. I think today I'm going to use your sample letter which I always enjoy. Thanks.

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McCain is computer illiterate.

I will remove this if someone thinks it is out of place.


Look at this note, from Savitr, at Digg:

"I would suggest we not use angry terms about him in our messages. Our bigger message will more likely be heard, if we behave with respect towards the man -- regardless of opinions. Did you notice how respectful Blair Gadsby was and is, even toward John McCain? And look how successful his efforts have been."

Blair Gadsby

Thank you for bringing attention to the most important issue of our time.

Here is the entire Judiciary committee and their fax numbers:

Here is the entire Judiciary committee and their fax numbers:

"Baldwin","(202) 2256942"
"Berman","(202) 2253196"
"Boucher","(202) 2250442"
"Cannon","(202) 2255629"
"Chabot","(202) 2253012"
"Coble","(202) 2258611"
"Cohen","(202) 2255663"
"Conyers","(202) 2250072"
"Davis","(202) 2269567"
"Delahunt","(202) 2255658"
"Ellison","(202) 2254886"
"Fenney","(202) 2266299"
"Forbes","(202) 2261170"
"Franks","(202) 2256328"
"Gallegly","(202) 2251100"
"Gohmert","(202) 2261230"
"Goodlatte","(202) 2259681"
"Gutierrez","(202) 2257810"
"Issa","(202) 2253303"
"Jackson Lee","(202) 2253317"
"Johnson","(202) 2260961"
"Jordan","(202) 2260577"
"Keller","(202) 2250999"
"King","(202) 2253193"
"Lofgrin","(202) 2253336"
"Lungren","(202) 2261298"
"Nadler","(202) 2256923"
"nadler brooklyn","(718) 9960039"
"Pence","(202) 2253382"
"Sanchez","(202) 2261012"
"Schiff","(202) 2255828"
"Scott","(202) 2258354"
"Seneenbrenner","(202) 2253190"
"Sherman","(202) 2255879"
"Sutton","(202) 2252266"
"Wasserman Schultz","(202) 2262052"
"Waters","(202) 2257854"
"Watt","(202) 2251512"
"Weiner","(202) 2267253"
"Wexler","(202) 2255974"