Kitchen-Table Conviction

The argument in certain quarters now goes that the Truth Movement will never get the Bush administration into court, and that even if we do a conviction will never be on the cards. But maybe an official conviction is not necessary. If we can drag this squealing thing fully into the light we will inevitably get a lot of TV time. I am utterly confident that we have more than enough circumstantial evidence to fully convince above 80% of people worldwide that the Bush administration carried out 9/11. Perhaps this kind of kitchen-table conviction will be enough to effect a lasting change in the way government works. Perhaps real Patriots will start to come out of the least tempoarily.

Remember Pinochet

I don't know the actual details but I believe he was never convicted for any crime and died a free man but the whole world (except for Maggie Thatcher) knew he was a murdering fascist and there was no place to hide.
(I'm on lunch break so don't have time to confirm this claim.)


America can't settle for this. Equally as serious as the 9/11 truth is the issue of our controlled media.
Treason , and mass murder = NO PLEA BARGAIN !
The massive corruption in our government, and major media is like a weed. The only way to kill it is to get the roots.