Obama Claims Nomination & Hillary Concedes --- Hear These Uncut Historical Speeches on No Lies Radio

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Barack Obama claimed the Democratic Presidential nomination breaking previous barriers for African American men and at the same time defeating Hillary Clinton's and women's hope of breaking the "glass ceiling" in the White House. He gave a powerful, moving acceptance speech and outlined his vision for the future of America. Hillary gave her support to Obama and addressed women's ongoing struggle against the powers that be that prevent women from holding any real power in this society. Some say that Obama's speech reminded them of JFK. Others like Tarpley believe he may trigger a new war in the Middle East. But whether you like Obama or not, he is likely to become the next President of the United States within 6 short months and he will be the force that the 911Truth Movement will have to deal with, so it is paramount that we hear the mettle of the man that is so clearly revealed in this historical speech.