Reality Check: More at stake than CBC's Hockey Night in Canada song

by Hal Sisson, Q.C.

The only thing that has recently sparked a nationwide uproar in the Canadian public is the threat by the CBC to drop the popular theme song to Hockey Night in Canada, a ditty played before each game for the last forty years; a threat to let this musical icon, this signature anthem beloved by testosterone-crazed professional hockey fans, slip into limbo.

Well, as W.O. Mitchell would have said, “Wouldn’t this just give a dog’s ass the heartburn!” Does Dunt-da-Dunt-da-dunt define Canada?

Does the public become incensed about the destruction of Canadian sovereignty advocated in the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that would create a North American Union of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico (the NAU), and the use of a common currency named the Amero? Signed by then Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas in March of 2005, followed by further semi-secret meetings in Banff, Alta, in 2006, in Montebello, Quebec in Aug of 2007, and New Orleans in April of 2008. This group discuss and decide policy on water rights in Canada, counter-drug dealings in Mexico, transportation, migration, environment, health, to name only a few subject matters. All this with nil congressional or parliamentary oversight, authorization or discussion in any of the three countries involved.
Hockey Night in Canada

Does this anti-democratic effort to amalgamate Canada, the U.S. and Mexico get much attention from the Canadian electorate? Not at all, most will tell you they never even heard of it. No debate in Parliament, you say? Where do you come up with bullshine like that? Never heard of such cowabunga; you have to be puttin’ me on sir; and why should I give a continental damn in any case. There’s nothing I can do about it.

Do the majority of Canadians care that we form part of an immoral and illegal attack force in Afghanistan and the Middle East, where our erstwhile peacekeepers are fighting to force an energy corridor through that country for the benefit of ‘big oil’. The answer seems to be that the Canadian majority could care less.. Anyway, we have to support our troops, right or wrong, don’t we, and build up an army to help prevent Iran from having the same nuclear power enjoyed by Canada, Israel and the United States. Maybe we should join the U.S. and Israel, who already have the bomb, and consider helping them invade Iran, starting with the delivery of a little pre-emptive nuclear message first, just in case they have the temerity to refuse to sell us their oil in petrodollars or nationalize the industry

Do the majority of the Canadian public give a rat’s ass that the ‘War on Drugs’ and the ‘War on the Noun of Terror’ are both farcical corrupt scams? That 9/11, 2001, was a covert false flag operation conducted by rogue elements of the CIA and the US government, in which the World Trade Center twin towers and Building 7 were demolished by controlled demolition?

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About the writer:
Hal Sisson, Q.C., R.C.A.F. armourer in World War II, is a reformed lawyer who practiced law in Peace River, Alberta for thirty-five years and has been resident in Victoria, B.C. since 1985. Author of ten published books including the best selling Coots, Codgers and Curmudgeons (with his partner Justice Dwayne Rowe); and ‘Modus Operandi 9/11’ that exposes the White House lies about 9/11, the machinations of the New World Order and the ‘War on Terror’, and does so featuring salty humour in the form of a novel. His latest novel is ‘Potshots’ that deals with the decriminalization of marijuana and the legal problems of prostitution in the same raunchy manner. International croquet and marble player and collector, his major hobby was stand-up comedy and writing and performing in Western Canada’s longest running (25 years) burlesque revue, ‘Sorry ‘Bout That’.

Unfortunately, Joe six-packs care more about sports & cheap beer

than the impending police state & one-world dictatorship!

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