EU Treaty Officially Rejected By Irish!!

Only one nation put the vote for the Lisbon Treaty to their people, and the people said NO! The Lisbon Treaty would have stolen what's left of sovereignty from the European Union nations and hands it to the owners of the corporation (European Union). But beware, it's not dead yet. - Bruno

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Friday June 13, 2008

Irish voters have thrown the future of the European Union into doubt by rejecting a major reform package.
Members of the anti-Lisbon Treaty Group Coir (Justice) celebrate

The No camp reacts to the result

Official results of the Lisbon treaty referendum showed 53.4% voted No, while 46.6% voted Yes.

The result, which means the treaty will no longer enter force as planned on January 1, 2009, was met with loud cheering from supporters of the 'No' campaign in Dublin.

"In theory this should kill the treaty dead," said Sky's political correspondent Glen Oglaza.

"The European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso has said during the course of this campaign that there is no Plan B. We are now in uncharted territory.

"Euro-sceptics are pointing out that this was already Plan B - the failed European Constitution was Plan A.

"They want to know how far down the alphabet we are going to go."

However, Mr Barroso argued that despite the referendum outcome, the treaty was "not dead".

He said he had spoken to Ireland's Prime Minister Brian Cowen and that "he also believed the treaty is not dead, the treaty is alive".

Mr Cowen, whose Fianna Fail party supported a Yes vote, said he was disappointed but added that the judgment of the Irish people must be respected.

"In a democracy, the will of the people - as expressed at the ballot box - is sovereign," he said.

"We must not rush to conclusions. The Union has been in this situation before and each time has found an agreed way forward. I hope that we can do so again on this occasion."
irish no vote sign
The end of the Lisbon Treaty?

"As Taoiseach, I wish to make it clear to our European partners that Ireland has absolutely no wish to halt the progress of a Union which has been the greatest force for peace and prosperity in the history of Europe."

Meanwhile, Gerry Adams, whose Sinn Fein party urged voters to reject the reform, told Sky News: "It's a very good day for Europe and a very good day for Ireland.

"We rejected the treaty because we had concerns and because the vast majority want to see a different type of EU."

The 'No' vote will cause a major headache as it was designed to streamline decision-making for the enlarged EU's 27 member states.

Ireland was the only country to hold a public vote on the Lisbon treaty because it would have had to amend its national constitution to accept the Treaty's provisions.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Britain would continue its process of ratifying the Lisbon treaty, despite the setback in Ireland.

EU Says Screw Ireland


EU Dictators May Ram Through Lisbon Treaty Despite Irish Rejection
EU risks losing all legitimacy by circumventing its own laws in pursuit of federal superstate

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, June 13, 2008

Spearheaded by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the EU and its member states, in their relentless pursuit of a federal superstate, may break its own laws and ram through the Lisbon Treaty despite it being rejected by Irish voters today.

Under EU laws, if one of its member states rejects a treaty, the EU is mandated to scrap the bill. But the European Union's contempt for direct democracy is likely to lead them to ignore the Irish referendum and pursue the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty anyway - underscoring the fact that the EU is nothing more than an illegitimate dictatorship of manufactured consent.

The Lisbon Treaty was merely a crude repackaging of the 2005 EU Constitution that was mothballed after being rejected by France and Holland in 2005, whose citizens were barred from voting this time around.

Since Ireland's constitution mandates that any amendment must be put to a referendum, the country remained the only bulwark against the EU's final stumbling block to creating a federal superstate and completely eliminating all remaining vestiges of sovereignty.

Today's surprise rejection of the treaty has been met with total arrogance by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown whom, according to reports, called French President Nicolas Sarkozy, "to assure him that British ratification would continue."

"The British government is expected to continue ratifying the EU Treaty despite its rejection by Irish voters," reports the BBC.

In addition, EC President Jose Manuel Barroso urged member states to continue ratifying the treaty insisting it was "alive and we should now try to find a solution".


Good on the Irish

Good piece by Paul Watson there.

I know there's a lot of people on 911 Blogger who take a pretty Liberal (in US terms) view of things, and may even think the EU is all a good thing for different personal reasons, and that possibly will even provide some sort of counterbalance to a US Empire out of control. Unfortunately I doubt it will even close, but even it eventually did it will be a counterbalance in the way the Soviet Union was a counterbalance.

The EU is unfortunately run by an unelected quango of people totally out of touch with reality, dizzy with power and just reaching for more and more power. It's highly corrupt and corrupting and at the very least needs enormous reform now, and there's a pretty wide consensus about that politically. But those deep reforms are not on the agenda at all, and instead the EU is just handing out more and more laws to member states, grabbing more and more power with the ultimate goal of trying to create one federal superstate, while it remains effectively totally remote in its control from anyone's ability to affect it democratically.

But theres some evidence that this is coming down the road for you with this NAFTA/CAFTA/Free Trade Area of the Americas/, as I understand it even the term 'Amero' has been bandied about as a 'Euro' equivalent.

Good on the Irish for rejecting this latest treaty, but Americans should watch very carefully. A new Iron Curtain is gradually falling over Europe.

Watson is one of the Best


His writings are always well researched and he gets right to the point, IMO covers news that most ignore, again IMO

The EU is down right evil and that's not opinion

Show "wow" by Tiguhs OndaBayou

God bless Ireland

In some ways, I think the Europeans are worse sheeple than we Americans are. God bless the Irish.

You can see what one of my favorite conservative pundits, the brilliant Srdja Trifkovic, had to say about the Lisbon Treaty here:

Orwellian tyranny is a serious and encroaching threat on both sides of the Atlantic, it doesn't matter if the government is so-called conservative or so-called liberal.