First 11th of every month 911 truth street action in Auckland

The first 11th of every month 911 truth action in Auckland, NZ is a fact.

There were four of us and it was great not to be alone. Thank you again Carol for sending us the truth dollars because they were a great help.

We stood in front of the complicit state owned TVNZ building and under the Sky tower which happens to be as high as WTC 7 and easily the highest building in Auckland. It helped us tremendously to point out how huge building 7 was and since 9 out of 10 kiwis have never heard about the third building it was a great help. I had my laptop with me and I had looped the 9 second collapse of WTC 7.
We only got two somewhat negative comments but the public was generally very curious and open minded.

There was one meeting that stood out for me. A young man took the dollar and I asked him if he knew about the third building and he said no.
He watched the building fall and he turned to me and said,"You know I am in two minds about this. I enlisted the day after 911 and was send to Afghanistan."
He then continued and told me,"I lost many friends over there, I am Australian and I came here(NZ) after I returned, and I am beginning to seriously doubt the whole thing,". I told him I wished I could tell him different, because if we are right he lost his mates for a lie."
He said I am really going to spend time on this and learn as much as I can."
I told him we would be in the same spot the next month if he needed to talk.
He walked away with his girl friend examining every detail of his truth dollar. It made me sad and proud at the same time to see such a courageous young man having to re-examine his single most important live determining event, and to see him do it just about right in front of me. That meeting alone made it worth it for me to be out on the street with my fellow 911 truthers. Even if wearing a T911 truth T-shirt in the cold ended me up in bed with a cold the next day.

There is some video material around but I have to rely on some one to upload it so I hope that this will be done soon.

The next month my fellow thruthers will go it with out me in Auckland because I am going to help thruthers in Wellington to set up a group there. One of them has managed to get official permission to set up a table in civic square. In the shadow of the Beehive. The NZ government building.


Getting the job done in Auckland and NZ. That's the way it is going to occur. Thanks for sharing the good news. Every country is going to be touched. 11th day of every month. Peace.

Thank so much NZ!

It is great to see once again, what one individual can do!

More of us must become leaders as traveller has.

The reason she is now so driven to the this campaign is that she had I realisation in Sydney at the TNT that we have the key to stop the war machine 9/11 Truth! As we have just heard that young soldier now has also seen the key, can he become the next one to step up?

People we need more leaders, some of us are running out of steam, where are the reinforcements?

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Way to go, travellerev! Kiwi's rock!

What a wonderfully inspiring account, thank you and please continue to keep us all informed.

As I often tell people, 9/11 is not a partisan American issue, nor is it only an American issue, it is a global issue for all humanity as all our brothers and sisters across this big beautiful ball we call home are being affected.

I thought we were going to send you a case of 11 Remarkable Facts cards, too. I will see what I can do as they are invaluable when doing public outreach.

We've been going out every weekend in the SF bay area and at the Haight Ashbury Street Fair last weekend an older ex-Army officer went out of his way to thank me for what we were doing as he felt ashamed of what had happened to his army and our country (the U.S.A.). More people are waking up to the critical importance of exposing the false flag event also know as 9/11 and the fraudulent war on terror.

Knowledge is power, brothers and sisters, get out there and empower everyone you meet.

Love to get the Finn brothers to write a song....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Please think to put up any photos if you have any.

Herblay FRANCE ,

bonjour ,

Looking up all the posts on "the eleventh of each month" I enjoy looking at the photo as we see so many places and people. With trying to get the 911 truth out we have little time to go on normal sight seeing but with the photos from New York done by Luke Rudkowski,, London , etc we are in some way visiting these places with our 911 friends.

So please if you have any photos of your "First 11th of each month" please put them up so that we can at the same time see you and your country. When we do our "ONZE BOUGE" in France we will try and get background photos of our places of interest like the Eiffel Tower.

Yours John

This is exactly why street actions are the key

Thanks for your courage!

A very inspiring moment you had, it reached all the way here sir! (Spain)

To those that stil don't do street actions, we all know 9/11 Has the potential to bring the whole deal down, we all know it. Also, there isn't a secret agent waiting to arrest you the moment you handout a DVD, you know - Get out there. You want to defend freedom yet you don't act as if you were free... you need to do so, and you can do so. So Do It! - The 11th is perfect, because even if you don't find anyone to go out with, you can find some people for sure if you just stil do it alone, setup a blog somewhere, and take some pics. You'll be amazed how many people already know, and how silly the fear of doing this was. And eventualy you'll have some others to do it with :)

Nice work Auckland...

...the truth is spreading like wildfire.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence