Recent YouTube videos doing well!

Senator Johnson's Arizona Senate speech jumped to 12,000 hits over 2 days. The video is now annotated with clickable hyperlinks that lead to all of the Blair Gadsby videos that were posted here, Dennis Kucinich's 9/11 impeachment articles, and the petition that was read into the Canadian Parliament on June 10th. Please mirror the video on your site if you can;

The Kucinich* videos are catching on slowly, feeding off the Johnson cross-reference, and are linked back to Johnson;

In turn, Cynthia McKinney's 2005 Congressional Briefing is cross-referenced from the Kucinich videos;


* The Kucinich Articles of Impeachment (H.R. 1258) needs co-sponsors! See here for details;


"MAKE YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REP. WORK FOR YOU" ... Rep, that is an oxymoron, lol, but once again I will try ; )

Thanks for the links.


Make them look bad, then. :)


Maybe you could contact the we are change crew & have them link Sen. Johnson's speech. They are usually good for 10,000+ hits.

& who knows, It might spark some lights for them to work within the NY legislation.

Yes, I was just looking

Yes, I was just looking through YouTube and noticed how high Karen Johnson's video was and added them to our favorites.

What's depressing is that Morgan Reynolds' videos rank higher, and the many hoax videos about UFOs hitting the towers, real planes never being involved, etc are also the highest ranking ones.

What's positive is that debunker videos are extremely rare -- no one really cares about those.

Now we need to get Steven Jones and Richard Gage videos ranking higher . . .

A little action is occurring on Reddit as well...

Good links Rep. The information is moving forward. Peace.