5th, 6th and 7th alleged hijhacking attempts on 9/11 and 9/13, what happened to the suspects?

Browsing through the 9/11 archive i found some very interesting clips. They describe incidents on 9/11 and 9/13 with regards to alleged foiled hijacking attempts. The latest report speaks of four men and a woman and five men who tried to board airplanes at JFK and LaGuardia on 9/13 with fake ID's, knives and pilot certificates who were arrested. Also there's a report about a possible 5th group of hijackers on United Flight 23 on 9/11 itself.

Why did these stories disappear, and what happened to the suspects. That's what i would like to know.

I did not have time yet to check all the streaming footage at the 9/11 archive (this is just from ABC and NBC), so there might still be more info out there: http://www.archive.org/details/sept_11_tv_archive

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This deserves some serious investigation.

Was the 4:15 flight destined for WTC7?

Front page. This is significant.

Good research Airie !


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I'm copying some info that

I'm copying some info that 911veritas posted on my YouTube channel:

Been Checking the BTS(dot)gov website, to run a few reports for 9/13/01...

Interesting that out of 20 scheduled flights (UAL flying from JFK as per report), 8 were destined for LAX, NONE actually departed, looks like the ground stop was still biting.

Similar for LaGuardia (LGA), only a very few flights regisitered as departing.

Why would these "terrorists" turn-up when hardly anything is flying, need much more info on these.


A bit more...

-- LaGuardia Airport, NY (LGA) on 9/13/01

Out of all scheduled flights (100+), only 3 are reported to have flown, all Delta Air Lines.

DL 09/13/2001 0181 N903DE PBI 16:10 16:15
DL 09/13/2001 0421 N174DZ MCO 12:15 13:29
DL 09/13/2001 0625 N901DE ATL 15:00 15:31

--- John F. Kennedy International Airport, NY (JFK) on 9/13/01

Out of all scheduled flights (100+), ZERO are reported to have flown.


One last bit of data...

In this ABC segment, the only fully specified airline/airport/dest combo, is the four males + one female arrested at JFK airport, "boarding?" United Airlines to LAX on 9/13/01.

Below are the 8 flights that qualify, with flight number and scheduled dept time.

897 07:15
23 09:00
17 10:00
19 12:00
21 14:30
11 16:10
29 17:35
905 18:50


This is the most bizarre thing in a long time, this must be fully investigated.

Based on the BTS database, UA23 was due to depart JFK for LAX at 09:00 on 9/13.

What is very strange, is that ZERO flights departed from JFK on 9/13, not even flights due prior to the incident, i.e flights scheduled for 07:00, 07:15, 07:30 etc.

Only 3 flights departed from LeGuardia on 9/13, They make it sound like it's a normal day !!!

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Yes, Front Page!

Very interesting, what a find! Thanks arie. So some of these guys had tickets for 9/11...seems very strange that they would attempt to board two days later knowing that security would be super-tight. Surely they would be lying low, not attempting to get on a flight two days later, where, if they were a part of the terrorist plot, they were almost certain to be caught out!? And then, it sounds, innocently showing their pilots licences as ID. Perhaps further evidence to suggest that the 'hijackers' were no more than just patsies, with no idea of their true purpose? I wish there was a better shot of the two guys arrested at the end. And what about that airport pass? What happened to these stories? Gah, this brings up a whole load of stuff! This has to be looked into.

United 23

We have been told for years that the hijackers used their real names (even though such a MO makes no sense, especially in regards to al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar). So if United 23 was a planned hijack then the FBI would have the real names of al Qaeda terrorists. Thus tracking them down should not have been that difficult. Unless it turns out the FBI wasn't honest about the use of real ID's. It would be very interesting to know what the flight attendants observed on this flight.

NY Times article on United 23

The article says the departure was supposed to be 8:30

It's bullshit

I don't think anyone was detained, it is just more bullshit to keep the fear level heightened. Their "high sources in the state government...in New York state" is obviously Giuliani committing another fraudulent act upon the people. I think he really enjoyed his role-playing that day. He needs to be on Broadway.

There were people detained

You can see two of them being put in the back of a police car in this video...


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This is a perfect place for an FOIA for the local police records (airport police). I hope someone files it.

I also had some ideas about getting Port Authority records regarding Urban Moving Systems, but I'm unable to file it myself (anonymity). In a year, no one has had the guts to go after UMS. Are we that afraid of Mossad and co.? I'm sure they appreciate that.

I heard that another hijacking attempt happened on 9/11 in Texas. Any info?

Some day I'll look into this angle more deeply.

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An educated guess:

This was a little staged operation designed to heighten public fear. Having worked, the governmental organization(s) behind it decided to quietly drop the matter, as further publicity would foster expectations of a trial, when having a trial -- even a faked one -- would have too much of a tendency to hold things to the light.

Is it possible to reach John Miller or any of the other reporters speaking to the anchormen? (Doubtless the anchors would pretend not to remember any of it what with so much happening in the aftermath of 9/11. But it's simply not credible that the reporters who were briefed and given news releases by government officials wouldn't remember.) It would be interesting to see their responses.

Prediction (if that are reached): Watch them change the subject. And pretend to be baffled they heard no more about it. And say they can't talk or email, they have to dash off on some assignment (as Jane Stanley always does when asked about Building 7). Anything to avoid getting pinned down in conversation.

Of course, a real reporter would've sought to track down what happened to those arrested even if no more information was forthcoming from the government. But there are very few genuine "reporters" on the network news. Instead what you get basically is a bunch of actors who put on a song and dance about "journalism," when their real jobs are to act as publicity agents for the federal government, mega-corporations, and, sometimes, Mossad.

Right now, the network pseudo-"newsmen" are sanctimoniously mourning the death of their colleague Tim Russert, a career aide to politicians and consummate D.C. insider who suddenly one day got a multimillion dollar contract to host political news shows. Joining his fellow political hack George Stephanopoulos as a host of one of those boring, politics-as-usual, Sunday morning news interview shows.

What we're dealing with in the Mockingbird Era isn't so much bad journalism as a sort of non-journalism that devotes tremendous resources to indoctrinating the public that it really is news coverage after all.

Looks credible

I've watched the videos and this looks like some credible information here. But at this point, this looks like something that we can't get to the bottom of without some release of documents, facts, or investigation.
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The Curious Case of UAL Flight 23 on 9/11

Who were the hijackers?

thank you very much for this!

IF this story is true, it would question the official theory of 19 religious fanatics, who hated the US.

"This cannot be explained anymore by stupidity. It is obvious, that the alleged hijackers knew, that they were protected. It is hard to understand, how the hijackers should have been on the on hand side radical Islamics, full of hatred against the western world, on the other hand side partners of just these western authorities."
from my work here: http://911blogger.com/news/2011-09-25/who-were-hijackers

Please take into account, that high political (Joe Biden) leaders, the Justice Department and FBI denied that story:

Men Released, No Connections Found to 9/11 Attacks - However, the following morning the FBI announces that none of the detainees had any connection to the 9/11 attacks, and all but one of them have been released. Barry Mawn, the head of the New York FBI office, says: “The reporting that has been going on all night, I can definitively tell you, is inaccurate.… [W]e did talk to approximately a dozen individuals. We have only one individual left who is still being questioned by the task force. All other ten have been released.” [CNN, 9/14/2001; PBS, 9/14/2001]

Justice Department spokeswoman Mindy Tucker says that no knives, box cutters, guns, or other weapons were found on the individuals. [Washington Post, 9/15/2001]

After talking to the directors of the FBI and CIA, Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) tells CNN that the detained men had “no connection whatsoever to what happened at the World Trade towers or the Pentagon, or this organizational network.” He explains: “One guy, an actual pilot, got on the plane, coincidentally had his brother’s identification as well. His brother happened to live in the apartment complex that was one in Boston where some of [the alleged hijackers] had actually been.” Biden adds: “Ten other people were going to a Boeing conference. They had stickers on their bags.… The folks at the airport thought, hey, wait a minute, are they impersonating crew? And they weren’t.” Biden says the one man who has not yet been released “was a screwball who was acting out, you know, acting out and saying and demanding.… Making problems, and they arrested him.” By 11:20 a.m. on September 14, the three New York-area airports are reopened. [Associated Press, 9/14/2001; CNN, 9/14/2001]