How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice

Martin Hill
Op-Ed News
Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Radio host Michael Reagan made death threats against Mark Dice and 9/11 truthers. Show him that we will not stand for that. Demand the government prosecute.


How to properly file an official FCC complaint against Michael Reagan for death threats against Mark Dice & 911 Truthers

By now we have all heard about the disgusting criminal act commited by talk show host Michael Reagan, who threatened the life of Mark Dice as well as all 9/11 truthers on his nationally syndicated radio show on June 10, 2008 in the second hour.

[See INFOWARS story here and youtube video here

We are being encouraged to file complaints with the FCC. However, simply e-mailing the FCC is not the proper or correct way to file an official complaint. I called the FCC today June 13 at 12:32PM Pacific Time, at (888) 225-5322, and spent 10 minutes on the phone with a helpful FCC representative who instructed me as to the proper proceudres as to how to file an official complaint, which when concluded will include an official complaint case number on record.

Here is what to do:

Log onto

Click "For Consumers" (top right of page)

Click "File A Complaint" (middle bottom of page)

Click on "Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues"

Click "next"

Click "Unauthorized, Unfair, Biased, Illegal Broadcasts"

Click "Next"

Go to bottom of the page, click "Continue To Online Form"

You may get a notice stating "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items." Click OK.

Fill Out Form 2000E Media (General) Complaint

You will be asked for your name, address, phone number, and a description of your complaint. The blank entry field description form, located at the bottom of the form in 5. C.
is limited to 1000 characters, so it must be brief. (Below is what I wrote).

You will then be given a complaint number form, which you can print, and they say to fax that form to them when following up.
The FCC agent told me that after you complete this process, your complaint will be sent to an FCC analysis team.


Michael Reagan's staff claims Mark Dice will be a guest on Monday 6/16 Show?

I called the screener for Michael Reagan's nationally syndicated radio show at (800) 468-Mike and asked if Reagan was there. The screener said that Michael Reagan is in St. Louis this weekend. I asked if they were talking about Reagan's threats to Mark Dice and the screener claimed that they will have Mark Dice as a guest on the program this coming Monday, June 16th at 6:30PM eastern time.

my two cents

why do all this if he is going to waste it all by going on his show Monday? I wish more people would try to contact like I have---check out his myspace account, send him a message and tell him you want him to pursue this.

totally not happy if he goes on there monday

Public Relations

(in my humble opinion) the point is not to get Michael Reagan . . the point is to create awareness of 9/11 truth with the still sleeping portion of the public . . . if Mark can speak to several million non-converts . . . then that's where he should be . . I believe he should create more drama . . . we want this on Keith Oberman's worst person segment.

If Mark is threatened again, even better.

I don't want anyone to get hurt but Mark has heroically put himself inside the lion's gage. The more noise the lion makes, the more people notice that something is going on and may pay attention and take the next step which is to explore some of the evidence for inside job.

My Mark Dice page:
(Alex Jones response to event)

Star Wars stresses the self-destructive nature of fear, anger, hate, selfishness, and lust for power. In Episode I, Yoda summarizes stating, "Fear is the path to the dark side: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." Patience, discipline, humility, monasticism, respect for one's elders, peace with one's self, trust in things spiritual over things physical, and self-sacrifice are extolled as virtues. However, a stoic position of setting aside personal feelings for others in order to bring about a greater good is also emphasized. For example, Luke Skywalker is told to remain on Dagobah to complete his training rather than rescue his friends from Cloud City, because doing so will "destroy all for which they have fought and suffered."

Who gets the death threats?

Fetzer, Barrett . . .

Who do they serve?

They serve to provide media to people who will primarily not get us where we want to go. In this case, a group known for homophobia and religious beliefs.

While no one deserves death threats, these ones seem a dime a dozen.

Mark Dice spends his time denouncing the rights of homosexuals to have a traffic school and creates a press release out of a puritan belief that a corporate logo is offensive. Dice even claims that Tom Cruise worships satan.

How is this kind of nonsense going to grow the movement?

They are playing games with people, that's why Dice is going to be on the show. When Dice had Fetzer on his show they were both laughing.

By luring you to give attention and waste your time on a "Christian" group that will mainly serve to discredit us to average Americans who think they are silly or even offensive themselves trying to force their opinions on others with bullhorns, Dice gets his reputation built up and we waste our time.

Go Sell Crazy Someplace Else ...
The 'Resistance' Announces Starbucks Boycott
Posted by Ken Wheaton on 05.08.08 @ 10:55 AM
File this one under ridiculous press releases. Mark Dice and his group -- which calls itself "The Resistance" -- will be boycotting Starbucks for its sluttly mermaid. "The Starbucks logo has a naked woman on it with her legs spread like a prostitute," explains Dice in his press release. "Need I say more? It's extremely poor taste, and the company might as well call themselves, Slutbucks."

"Dice founded an organization,[1] variously called The Resistance[1], The Christian Resistance or The Resistance for Christ, which professes conspiratorial beliefs about the illuminati, freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the 9/11 attacks and satanism, and which has been reported to "flood the airwaves of call-in radio and television shows"[2] to promote them."

9/11 and satanism . . . pretty much says it all. Wing TV was doing the same thing, mixing 9/11 with essentially offensive stuff to most Americans. I guess all they needed was a right-winger to issue a death threat and they'd be embraced by everyone on here no matter what they were espousing to the public.

Agreed 100%

Fox news or any msm outlet can easily smear Dice and our movement by showing some of his videos where he confronts gay people, or the starbucks nonsense, or the some of the other wacko stuff in his book.

He may be a truther but he is certainly not "one of us", at least, he does not represent my views outside of 9/11 truth.

Kevin Barrett

Monday March 24, 2008
Kevin Barrett speaks with Richard Falk, Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University, about 9/11 Truth, the Nation Magazine (left of center media) and the possibility of another false flag attack on America

* source =

Kevin Barrett - Media:

The sucess of winning this

The sucess of winning this case and getting Reagan fired is by proving that a ligitimate threat was made and that Mark Dice actually feared for his life.

Good luck proving that if he actually goes on Mondays show.

Go on his show and loose the moral and legal high ground.

this episode is bizarre and needs to be monitored for sure

Michael Reagan, who should know better, clearly and repeatedly calls for the murder of Mark Dice on national radio because of Dice's letter campaign to troops. Mark Dice is known for whacko-sounding claims about elite conspiracies and christianity, in addition to claiming 9/11 was an inside job, with questionable and some good info to back that up. Dice reportedly filed a complaint with the FBI wants Reagan prosecuted. Now we're hearing Dice will be on Reagan's show monday; will Reagan apologize, admit he was wrong, ask for forgiveness, state that it's OK for people to question 9/11 and speak and publish freely, and that freedom of speech must never oppressed? Well, that would be a good thing. Could this be some elaborate publicity stunt or neocointelpro black-propaganda plot or something?

I'm not a fan of Dice and i don't trust him (i don't trust anyone), but i support his human rights, and i filed a complaint with the FCC. Whatever else is true about what's really going on here, Reagan made those threats and incitements live on national radio- at least i saw it on youtube- and this is a good reason to lobby the FCC and Congress to make it clear to the public 9/11 questions, facts and even the neocointelpro evil BS is all protected speech.

Oh, please, neocons; make it into a First Amendment issue, so the ACLU, Center for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild, Society of American Law Teachers and the American Bar Association join our side.

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