FREEDOM TOUR 08' - Great opportunity to "tell the TRUTH"

FREEDOM TOUR 08' - Great opportunity to "tell the TRUTH". Equip them with information and DVDs. I will be at the Dallas Stop tomorrow.

Marc Scibilia
Catfish Whiskey
Fish Fry Bingo
Dustin Tavella

This is a national tour spanning 28 cities. Our goal is to reach out to as many non Ron Paul people as we can. Not everyone is a fan of Ron Paul and many have never heard of him, but his message is one of common sense. Once people have been exposed to his message they find it hard to get it out of their head and wonder why they didn't look at it that way before. We've got to spread his message if we ever want to affect real change in this country. Ron Paul needs us to popularize his message. Let's make this happen!

The Freedom Tour is musician and strong advocate of freedom and personal liberty, Marc Scibilia (writer of Hope Anthem and the musical score for the High Tide 3D Animation) and friends. The Freedom Tour is touring the US this spring/summer to stir new passion for freedom within the hearts of everyday Americans and encourage them to come join the fun in Washington D.C, July 12 2008 for the Revolution March.

This tour is all about spreading the principles of the Founding Fathers and upholding the Constitution. Each night will feature short but positive speeches about freedom. Several bands and of course Marc Scibilia for an entire hour. Come along, it's going to be a night to remember. Bring your friends!!


June 16 - Dallas, TX
Club Dada
2720 Elm St
Dallas , TX 75226

June 18 - Phoenix, AZ

San Tan Flat
6185 W Hunt Hwy
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

7pm till late...

June 19 - San Diego, CA

Portugalia Restaurant & Pub
4839 Newport Ave.
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 222-7678

June 20 - Los Angeles, CA
June 21 - Ashland/Medford, OR
June 22 - Portland, OR
June 23 - Seattle, WA
June 24 - Boise City, ID (tentative)
June 25 - Salt Lake City, UT
June 27 - Boulder, CO
June 28 - Kansas City, MO
June 29 - St Louis, MO
June 30 - Chicago, IL
July 01 - Pittsburgh, PA
July 02 - Philadelphia, PA
July 03 - Providence, RI
July 04 - New York, NY
July 05 - Boston, MA
July 06 - Connecticut
July 12 - Washington, D.C.