Mark Dice, don't bother.

A number of FCC complaints have already been filed, the die has been cast.

If you go on Reagan's show tomorrow, you will legitimize him, and possibly jade the judgment of the FCC, who must decide if they will act against Reagan.

We couldn't do anything about Geraldo's conflation of 9/11 Truthers with terrorists, because FOX News is primarily a cable broadcast, it doesn't go out over public airwaves, and the FCC normally doesn't do anything about cable broadcasts.

Reagan is different. Let him be hoisted by his own petard, his big mouth.

Don't set a precedent by giving Reagan a way out. If rabid radio jocks are going to suggest that people get shot, they must answer to the FCC.

Don't bother going on his show.


I suspect were going to find out just exactly what kind of "truther" Mr. Dice really is very soon...
9/18 was an inside job! So maybe 9/11 was too...



swirling conjecture

Mark Dice on the Alex Jones Sunday Edition

Sunday June 15, 2008

Mark Dice on Alex Jones Sunday Edition

Alex Jones and Mark Dice talk about radio host Michael Reagan who went on air in front of 4 million listeners and called for a firing squad to brutally execute American citizens

Rawstory is running this on their home page in big letters:

(this is the payoff)

Michael Reagan's solution

Michael Reagan's solution for the Middle East.

Michael Reagan--presidential son and top-rated talk show host--shares his sick ideas on how to solve trouble in the Middle East on 8/15/2006. First he advocates killing babies by inserting "a grenade up their butts," then he claims we will achieve peace "when everybody in the Middle East is dead."

Perhaps he wants Reagan's

Perhaps he wants Reagan's audience to put a face together with the threat - just in case one of them actually does try to harm him. Whether he goes on the show or not, the words were uttered - on the public airwaves, no less - and the wheels are in motion. Dice can go forward with any kind of legal action that would be appropriate in this case. Reagan can't squirm out of this one even if he wanted to.

If you were an FCC commissioner...

...and you received a number of complaints about Reagan's threats to Dice, and then one of your staffers advises you that Dice is on the air with Reagan, after all of these complaints have been received, how seriously are you going to take the complaints?

If I was a commissioner, I would say "not very".

And what happens the next time one of these jackasses does the same thing? O'Reilly is notorious when he is on cable, but he has a radio show too. He walks a fine line, and it's just a matter of time before he pops off on 'Truthers' too.

Let's not set a precedent here. Let the FCC fine his frothing mouth off the airwaves if they see fit. We don't want to be seen as 'crying wolf'.

One fascist at a time. Just give 'em enough rope to do themselves in, and they will.

The threat has been made

and that was the crime . . .


Lets give Mark Dice a chance to make his case.

He is on AJ's Sunday Show right now and he says he is not going to stop and says the Reagan should be fired and is asking for more complaints to be filed at the FCC.

He has also called for criminal prosecution.

So let Mark speak for himself.

We can still file on our own accord as Reagan threatened ALL Truthers sending DVD's & Truth material to the troops.

So that means you and me.

So this is a lot bigger than Dice alone.

I still say we should give MD a chance even if he does go on MR's show.


We have an opportunity here and if Dice does go on air on MR's show perhaps he can plug some serious 911 Truth info like - Karen Johnson etc.

Dice says a Pandora's box has been opened with the threats on him and the truthers. His own family has been death threated.

The issue here should be reaching out to MR's 4 million brainwashed audience. Silencing MR alone is not enough.

Dice may have weiged the costs.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and wait till we understand the full scope of developments.

We may be able to do both. Silence MR and reach out to some of those 4 million listeners.

EDIT - MD just said that that he is going to DEMAND that that MR be fired when he is on his radio show tomorrow.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Mark is also an eloquent speaker and handles himself skillfully while debating the devil.

Friday, June 13, 2008
Radio host calls for Mark Dice to be murdered. Ronald Reagan's adopted son, Michael Reagan, is calling for Mark Dice to be found and killed. He wants to pay for the bullets. Alex Jones and Mark Dice call for us to take action.

Most courageous of us all...

I've got to say that what Mark Dice is doing is very noble and courageous. Keep up the good work!

Although I don't know the

Although I don't know the exact protocol for handling complaints, I suspect that the FCC isn't that far gone that they can summarily dismiss a death threat made on public airwaves - at the very least, they must address it. I think it is irrelevant whether he goes on there as far as the complaint(s) go - it's now a matter of record, and must be followed through their Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division.

The jackasses will (and will continue) do this no matter who is speaking out against them. O'Reilly is different, in that he is brought to task by many of the mainstream media; hasn't he threatened a 9/11 family member or two in the past? I'm not aware that he has threatened anyone with death, tho. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

I agree that they are hanging themselves - but only because people like Dice, and you, aren't letting them block out the sun with their fingers - and, IMO, making his presence known to Reagan's audience may not be a bad thing, but rather a good thing. Makes him visible, and perhaps safer.


Give the agency room to do their job and don't muddy the waters.

A comment from an ex BBC journalist Gillian Norman...

I was just talking to Gillian and as an ex BBC journalist and film maker she made the point that Dice should attend but with these conditions;

1. No editing of the inerview and the interview to be filmed as to provide evidence if this is done.
2. He must not go alone and should take some one who is qualified to comment i.e.; Gage, Jones, etc
3. He must gain agreement there will not be any threats or personal attacks against him or his associates.
4. The interview must be a set length and he must recieve a set portion of time for his side of the story.

I personally still think he should not go because his audience is unlikely to listen to what is said and he might undermine his case against Reagan.

I think what Gillian has offered as advice would see the best possible outcome, if he does go!

Q. Does he look here rep?

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


If Dice goes on the show then he's not a "truther".
What's he gonna say? Don't shoot me...shoot them?

Reagan's threat was direct and unambiguous.
Mr. Dice should not be allowed to define the movement.

Go on the show Mark

right move for the infowars

Alex Jones is talking to Mark Dice right now . . . sounds like Michael Reagan's producers are freaking out because the audio clip of the threat (a crime) is being spread all over the universe.

I will post the audio later . . . the live streams are totally saturated . . .

windows stream


this time I kinda agree with you.

Hopefully MD will have a chance to mention, Operation Northwoods, LCFC, TerrorStrom etc.

We need start reaching out to our HARDEST CRITICS AND THEIR AUDIENCE.

So this looks like an opportunity.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Go on the show Mark, spread

Go on the show Mark, spread truth and we still press for an FCC prosecution. We who want truth, we want it all.

One thing to consider.

The show is pre-recorded.

It can be edited to Reagan's taste. It's not a live deal.

Did not know that

I thought they took "live" calls?

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

that really sucks

was not aware of that.

A number of people are saying if Dice goes on the show, that means he doesn't believe it was really a murder threat, meaning the FCC will dismiss the threat as being a threat? I'm not a lawyer and don't know; it seems like you guys do- what precedents are there?

How does Dice's refusal to believe his life is in danger change the seriousness of Reagan's threat- Dice may be crazy (like a fox?)

According to Martin Hill (corresponded by email and met him once, but i don't know him) Reagan has said he spoke rashly and didn't mean it. Even if Dice makes an ass out of himself, Reagan, by having him on his show and not killing him, no matter how he edits it- doesn't that prove his own idiocy, hypocrisy- and the right to say whatever we want about 9/11, even if it's irresponsible, bogus, bullshit?

That said, i'm all for a truth and reconciliation commission, and finding out who some of these people really are, that seem to have a full time media presence saying the stupidest, most cointelpro-sounding garbage- personally, i don't think they're all that destructive- the fact that they're out here in force loudly saying things most people immediately recognize as bullshit is just another clue 9/11 was an inside job- so that's where the missing $2.3 trillion is going, while the US is waaay behind on quality of life measures compared with other industrialized nations, and even productivity, even though we work more hours? Boy, these elites that control our media and political process SUCK; elites my ass- if you're elite, compete on a level playing field, where ALL the People have ALL the facts and you can't get away with mass murder and war-mongering, you fucking parasites. Damn Right, We the People will make better decisions than you- as Thomas Jefferson repeatedly noted.

edit- also, what are the precedents for Reagan's statements being protected speech; what laws make it illegal to make threats? Are they trying to legalize threat making? Oh, we're just kidding (psst- NOT! KILL! KILL! KILL!)

trying to understand what's going on...

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline

Did not know that either.

Did not know that either. The better solution might be to not go on the show, and then make sure Reagan is fired and criminal charges are pressed. That will in fact be a better opportunity for press coverage. Then again Mark Dice might just as well talk to the man with his best Christian intentions and try show him the light of truth about 9/11. One thing I know for sure, Mark Dice will make the best decision he can.

Talk about need to know info

Cheers for the heads up.

I would definately advise AGAINST going on air in those circumstances. You WILL be framed out of the debate.

Did I say "debate"? Sorry, meant bloodbath...


Operation Inform the Soldiers

Don't forget.

That's the key issue here regardless of how anyone feels about Dice.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

face the music

The FCC is going to find out Dice is a "9/11 nut" and not do anything, might as well go on the show and pimp Loose change or the final cut, maybe im wrong, maybe if he doesnt go on hell get fined or something and theyll be more publicity, I dont know its up to Mr. Dice

Don't go!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Mark Dice

I have been in comunication with Mark Dice and have given him my opinion that he should not go . It is his call. Personally, I will not give this Reagan the op to use me after an attack, for ratings. If he goes, this will die out quietly and may hurt his own case. I can have the amount of people that will hear my side of the story triplicated by doing the opposite. Again, his call. I filed my complaint and have others in the 9/11 family group doing the same. Regardless of Dice appeareance everybody should make an example of this kind of threats. FCC does have jurisdiction, I checked with my lawyers. I posted the radio call on my webpage as well ( and sent him an email and a voice mail at 1 (800) 468-MIKE voicing my opinion. Please do the same. Also , you can contact all the 200 affiliates as I did, via email.

William Rodriguez
Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Thanks for your post William

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Convince the middle grounders...

We DO NOT have to exert one single ounce of energy or time towards out sternest critics. We need to inform the general populace and those who are interested otherwise. Then we need to be in position to explain some stuff as these "Reagan types" expose themselves.

This is no more than another "cointelpro" type of set-up to bring out the WORST in all of us. Reagan's audience is the LAST group of people that we should ever consider wasting our precious time and brilliant efforts upon.

Pretty soon, most 9/11 Truthers will have seen a wide variety of "frauds and traps" that the HI PERPS, or their "panicked" followers like Reagan have set up for us. And we will know how to avoid them.

Other than that, I couldn't possibly state anything more clear and appropriate than the advice of William Rodriguez.. He is in all ranges of the media all the time...and I trust his sensibilities.

Look folks, we got the goods, and they will come out without these types of whackos like Reagan having anything to do about it.


And do some CI, or bannering, or emailing, or more research into AA77 and the Pentagon...[they are the Achilles Heels of the HI PERPS' schemes...]

Peace and Patience... simply makes no sense to enter the hungry lion's cage when we can do so much in broad daylight...

Robin Hordon

G'day Robin! Question's?

Firstly as you can see your point of view is well supported, and William really is the most experienced on such issues as you say! Don't go Mark!

A few questions "off topic" if you would indulge me...
Did you coin the term "Civil Informationing" as I am using it now and thought I should know were it came from?

What is your opinion of PfT allowing John Lear to remain a member after his "No Plane at the WTC" and "Remote Control impossible" video B/S? Your opinion...?

Finally due to the abuse of the word "truther" I have started referring to us as "9/11 Truth Advocates" do you think this is an appropriate term?

You said "BELIEVE!!!" and I with you and you've got to love quantum physics, lol!!

Kindest regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

>>And do some CI, or

>>And do some CI, or bannering, or emailing, or more research into AA77 and the Pentagon...[they are the Achilles Heels of the HI PERPS' schemes...]

Bannering and emailing, yes, but I think that our strongest points, such as demolition -- now published in a civil engineering journal -- are going to take us the farthest. Every aspect of the attack should be researched, but it's unfortunate there are so many poor and baseless claims, devoid of real science, about the Pentagon.

Have to side with Rodriguez, Hordon and Rep.

I see it much the way William, Robin and Rep do! I don't believe Dice should go. It would only aid Reagan in getting out of this hole, and probably, compromise his case against him.

...don't believe him!

Don't do the show

I agree with Rep, William, Robin and others. Mark: DON"T DO THE SHOW!

Michael Reagan is a spineless gov't bootlicker who should not be dignified with a response. Going on the show to argue with this criminal just legitimizes the man, and it is exactly what Reagan wants. It just turns the whole thing into a spectacle. It is not worth it. Although I agree that it would bring attention to the issue, I think this issue will blow up soon anyway (could be wrong though, I guess). Attempting to convince his bleating neo-con audience just doesn't seem worth it, especially if it is not a live broadcast.

If someone committed a crime of this caliber against me, I wouldn't go to his house and try to convince him of why he is wrong. The cops would ask, "what were you doing hanging around his house?" and it would seem like I was provoking the situation. Just my opinion.

Everything to loose and nothing to gain....

By Mark going on here he has everything to loose and nothing to gain- in my opinion both Reagan and Mark are both loose cannons, it will be all to easy to hang MD by any number of his own comments on his homophobic remarks or all that starbucks stuff. Any researcher for Reagans show will not have to look too far to find enough stuff to get him on the air and completly rip him apart, all while he is calling for reagan to be fired- well done that is really gonna help our cause and not just serve to portray the 'Truther' nut sterotype.

We have been handed a simple victory here and a chance to get a shot back at the MSM and really make the world a better place- as someone else put it 'one fascist at a time' all that goes out of the window if mark goes on there and makes a fool of himself. Somthing as high profile as getting Reagan fired might also raise the profile of the movement and help get some mainstream airtime to our real experts.

Mark im begging you- be a team player here, for the greater good of the movement, dont just thing about yourself and getting a chance to be on T.V or whatever, see the bigger picture.

This will cause much more harm than good. Even in the best case scenario you might get 5 mins airtime, in which you may be able to plug a few websites, but no one on there will care because they will have had half an hour before hand of Reagan telling his listeners how your un-american and evil you are and a conspiracy nut.

If Mark goes on there- he is out for himself and thats it.

I agree!

Usually I feel that all publicity is worth it, but in this case I say let Reagan stew in his own juice on this one, This is not the time to engage him. MD has already made his counter-move let's wait and see what Regan's next move is. If we can push the story into the MSM then MD can respond to a bigger audience and get better press. In the meantime Reagan may dig himself in deeper. We all know that MD is not afraid of confrontation but l think there's a smarter move here.

Choose another interviewer

MD. One who could possibly be more impartial, to the cause, instead of biased against.
Even before reading the comments, it was my opinion that not a single person so attacked should attend that mean guy's show. Instead, this is a chance to cripple one of the stalwarts of the Republican administration, the complicit ones who aided and abetted the perpetraitors of 9/11.

Don't do the show.

I am with those who were shocked to hear that Dice was going on the show. We got this guy Reagan by the balls right now. If you go on the show, Mark, then you let go of his nads. This guy needs to be punished. Let's set a precedent. Please cancel your appearance on his show.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA -

Wind out of the sails much??

On the morning of June 13th, I was made aware of Mike Reagan's advocacy of murdering people who send "911 care packages" to troops oversees, and specifically Mark Dice.

I was angry as hell. While I STRONGLY disagree with Mark Dices methods and research, I was not going to stand for someone advocating killing him. So I made a few calls to FCC lawyers, made calls to the Manager and lead Producer of Reagan's show, and told them that what Regan did is possibly criminal.

The video and sound bites of the show was going viral, we were all pissed, anyone with an ounce of decency toward other humans would be pissed. So we see that Mark Dice was talking about his contact with the FBI and a lawsuit. I thought, "Good, we need to kick this motherfu**er out on the street and possibly have this guy thrown in prison".

Though I have not liked Dice that much in the past, I thought his appearance on Fox was classy and intelligent, he handled himself very well.

So cut to not even TWO HOURS later after all the hype. We hear he is going to actually go ON THE SHOW? Wow, that was fast. Kinda makes all the 'contact the FCC and complain stuff feel kinda cheapened". Sorta makes you wonder why you're even mad now, considering Mark is going to have a heart to heart with the guy he says he is suing, the guy that advocated and nearly solicited/solicited his murder, the guy that we were all in the midst of writing the FCC about.

So at the least it's confusing how anyone would go on a show after such events. I don't know of any lawyer that would advise facing the defendant....before you go to court. The whole thing seems weird. Made me suspicious even. Wouldn't you be? Wouldn't a thinking person be reminded of publicity stunts?

But hey what do I know?

A very thoughtful post, made me think!

It is strange and I have had exactly the same reaction then and now..

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Very good point, Citizen Pawn!

It's crossed my mind! I don't support Dice doing the show. You may be right? It may just be a created opportunity to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement? Cointelpro.

...don't believe them!

I hate accusing people of being "Cointelpro"

So no, I can't say that. It's like my biggest pet peeve, to accuse someone wrongly of something. It just looked weird on the surface. Like some sort of publicity stunt. But it could just be that Mark Dice used bad judgment, we all do or can. Shit, some people have thought that I'm Cointelpro. I'm a damn Internet seller, small business owner, music consultant now., who struggles just to put gas in my car. But could I prove it while remaining anonymous? Nah

And then on the opposite end...

Everyone and their mother could be "Cointelpro", and we're all stupid suckers battling each other about 'theories'

That would be cute wouldn't it?

Cheers for your efforts CP

Whatever else we may not agree about, it looks like we can agree that death threats--and threatening activists generally--is not on.

Cheers again.

Don't do the show!!!!!


I just heard on AJ's show

I just heard on AJ's show that the interview has already been pre-recorded and that Reagan has apparently left the country for some reason.


Not a good sign.

I am not a lawyer

but I think going on the show would be a completely wrong move.

If this were a legal case, and I were a juror, it would erode my sympathy for the defendant in a case like this if he/she chose to go on the show.

One analogy I would make is that if my neighbor threatened to assault me to the point where I pressed charges, and then a few days later, I went to a barbecue at his house, any good lawyer would use that to deflate my case in the eyes of judge or jury. I don't know the exact letter of the law on this, but going by the human element in law, I would say that I (and Mark) would pretty much have handed our case away.

Mark Dice

It makes no sense to me why mark went on the show. Why has not MIKE been Arrested??? Why doesn't Mark Sue him??? Whats really going on here???????

Tony Nicer
"Real Eyes Realize Real Lies"

Here's the audio

part 1

part 2

Not Too Bad

I was expecting it to be a train wreck, but I was wrong. I think Mark did very well. Still not sure if it was the best thing to do, but he stood his ground through Reagan's constant interruptions and was articulate and convincing. Nice job Mark!

Mark did pretty good

Mark Dice did well, but he messed up on at least one particular. As expected for a radio host, Reagan has good instincts. He tried to get Dice to give the names of the specific culprits on the air. Mark was understandably hesitant to give out names in this particular instance, as saying that Dick Cheny or whomever were among the perpetrators of 9/11 would not be a wise move given the fact the whole issue with the threat from Reagan.

What he should have done, and I would recommend doing in similar situations, is to simply say something along the lines of: "We don't know the exact perpetrators, only that they exercise power within the United States government, as witnessed by such things as the NORAD stand down. What is necessary is to have a full and honest investigation of what happened. I am not here to play judge, jury and executioner. I am here to bear witness to the preponderance of evidence that elements within our own government were complicit in the events of 9/11."

That was the biggest mistake, I feel. Another one was asking about "if a liberal talk show host were to make a threat...blah blah blah." Bad move, because Reagan's response was so easy and predictable. Talk show hosts across the political spectrum always know dirt, whether real or not, in regards to the other ones out there.

Reagan's most legitimate question, I feel, is what would constitute a fair and impartial investigating committee. That is a very big and important issue. FWIW, I actually respect Reagan's criticism of Dice's comment that the committee may have to be international. I don't think that is necessary, and even if it were, that is not something to mention lightly. I wouldn't mind an investigation by an international committee, I think it would be a great thing as they may pursue some avenues that would not occur or seem as important to a domestic committee, but I wouldn't want them to be too closely tied to efforts at prosecution. That is just too close to globalism.

Btw, I'm saying all of this after the fact, I'm not saying I would have done better than Mark on the show. I'm aware that it's easy to come up with better answers when you're not on the spot. :-)

Mark did very well

"What he should have done, and I would recommend doing in similar situations, is to simply say something along the lines of: "We don't know the exact perpetrators, only that they exercise power within the United States government, as witnessed by such things as the NORAD stand down. What is necessary is to have a full and honest investigation of what happened."

I think he said that in a slightly different way.

Reagan appeared extemely nervous, while Mark was articulate and sounded determined. I think this was a good move on his part.

Dice did a good job!

I think you answered your critics with a great performance...well done!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!