Former Presidential Canidate Mike Gravel to Promote NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative on Democracy Now

Tune in to Democracy Now on Tuesday June 17th! Amy Goodman will interview Mike Gravel regarding the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative as well as his recent books. If you're in NYC area, tune in to WBAI 99.5 FM at 9am. It's also available on MNN and other cable networks. Outside of NYC, go to to stream it, find your local radio or cable news outlet, or read the transcript.

Sen. Gravel is extremely passionate about this campaign. Here's a direct quote:

“It is essential for the people of New York City to bring about a new Commission,” said former Senator Mike Gravel. “This possibly will be the only opportunity that we will have to hold George Bush and Dick Cheney legally accountable for their actions on and after the Sept. 11th attacks. This is a great opportunity that we must not squander. To all New York City voters, please sign the petition for this historic ballot initiative. For those of you in the rest of the U.S. who desire truth, justice, and accountability for 9/11, please contact anyone you know in New York City to download the petition, volunteer and donate at”

After we laid some groundwork, he contacted Amy Goodman personally about it. She had asked him for an interview some time ago on the National Initiative, which he had founded. Sen. Gravel replied that this is much more urgent and needs immediate attention. She agreed to have him on. Who knows, maybe this is a result of many efforts to make her aware of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative including a media kit she personally received a month ago at a book signing event, plus the growing body of compelling alternative research.

Due to the incredible workload, it has been difficult to put out steady updates over the last several months. A huge amount of work has gone into this Initiative, especially the petition drive. Here are some visuals:


YouTube clips:

YouTube clips of recent Rally:

It should go without saying that we're up against a monolithic force that doesn't want the truth of 9/11 or the coverup revealed. However, all it takes is a small, dedicated and persistent minority of people willing to strategize and take the necessary action to push the cause forward step by step. Our work to expose truth combined with the blatant falsehoods of the official story are slowly but surely expanding public awareness and now we have a chance to get to a broader public platform.

Going forward, we need a minimum of another 30,000 signatures totally about 40,000 so we have a safety zone. However, we want 100,000. This may sound high, but if just 1,000 people get just 100 signatures, which can be done in 15 hours spare time we will reach that goal! Congress isn't going to do it, but the voters of NYC can. We hope you'll support this effort in any way you can. See ideas at the web site below. Please donate whatever you can. Time is of the essence. We owe it to the victims, the first responders, ourselves and future generations.

Truth will prevail,

Les Jamieson

Support the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

Amy, don't "Pilger" Gravel.

Let Gravel speak his mind, and don't be condescending.

We'll be watching.

Don't worry.

If Amy fails, we have Les Jamieson to sabotage this.

Les Jamieson is involved in this, and he's doing a great job!

It's you who's trying to do any sabotaging with your derogatory comment.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Problem w/ Les

First, he is a very big subscriber to the idea of the big tent. In his history of leader of NY 9/11 Truth, he has allowed presenters like Nico and even Paula Gloria recently. This was long after Paula had very visibly been giving Nico and the Webfairy a forum through her Youtube videos. He even admitting to allowing her speak at St Marks Church and only denied her the ability once he heard her on Howard Stern. Why even give someone like this a forum regardless of the conditions?

At the 2007 Ready for Mainstream conference at Cooper Union of which he was an organizer of, he combined responsible people such as Ralph Schoenmann and William Pepper with completely irresponsible ones such as Webster Tarpley and James Fetzer.

Second, the distribution of Criminal Politics magazine at St Marks Church. This is a blatantly anti-Semitic magazine. See here:

He even admitted to doing this. You can see a scan of what he was distributing here:

Please see this further critical discussion of the Ballot Initiative:

Cosmos on Disinformation and the "Sane Moderate"

Cosmos on Disinformation:

"The idea that's really interesting me right now... I'll try to do this without naming names--but the idea of the 'sane moderate'; the person inserted perhaps to keep those who have been kind of further and further to the fringe of the movement because people recognize that what they are promoting is flat out bollocks, trash, [and] discredited information--but they are kind of kept in the picture by certain people who don't promote these ideas that much on the surface, but keep these other characters involved. And then there comes a time when this supposedly 'sane moderate' flips and reveals that they too are really promoting these [discredited] ideas. I'm just bringing it up because it pisses me the hell off--I'm just sick of seeing it... People will say at certain times, 'The topic of disinformation is a distraction'--I'm afraid it's not because the whole issue that we're dealing with; 9/11 and the promotion of the lie, the mythology of 9/11 is at heart disinformation. The whole thing really is like a huge COINTELPRO operation writ large. So it really is the tactics, the methods at the heart of this myth [about 9/11] really are disinformation..."

I hope that this inititive is succesful, but it can easily be sunk by disinformation and we have seen time and time again how almost every event or project in the 9/11 truth movement gets "packaged" with disinformation. There are too many examples to mention. The Stern Show with Paula Gloria is a good example. Just after someone credible goes on the show, the space beamers come out of the closet and show up. It happens so often, I'm starting to turn into a coincidence theorist.

If the 9/11 truth movement is to be succesful, it needs to WELCOME critique, and not take the approach that everyone who claims to support 9/11 truth is an equal advocate for the cause.


"I think that people should definitely recognize the clear distinction between the rational critique that we offer one another, [which is] an engine for our own growth, and the kind of seething and derogatory rhetoric that we find from people who make it clear that they don't really have the same educational, positive priorities."
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Cosmos is very perceptive on this issue

So the function of the crazies promoting disinformation is to take the heat off of those doing the real damage. I think that that is a concept we are all going to have to become more familiar with.

May I inject a little comedy?

Thank you

How stupid do they think we are?? Oh never mind.

Les is not a non-notable figure in this effort . . .

" Les Jamieson, founder, NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, its web designer, and volunteer coordinator."

NY911 Truth

There are some very serious allegations about the actions of Les Jamieson by members of NY911 Truth.

"Les Jamieson has 100% control of donations that come to us in NY911truth... Les's actions left NY911Truth activists at Ground Zero for the past month and last 7 street actions without any supplies. The Tireless activists of NY911Truth have been taking money out their own pockets for materials to distribute. It should be noted Les has not been present at these street actions...

Les Jamieson has made slanderous statements regarding the integrity and allegiance of our hardest working activists and spread rumors that were without merit. His false and slanderous accusations have given this movement a black eye....

NY911Truth recently gave Les Jamieson 1 week to respond to a letter signed by 42 NY911truth activists calling for an open democratic resolution to this conflict. The majority of active NY911Truth members do not support Les Jamieson, Yet Les has refused to acknowledge the majority of NY911Truth members."

I have no opinion on this situation because I have not studied the facts and am not a member of this group, but I think that this information is relevant to the ballot inititive.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

This is significant

I rubbed my eyes, but I still see the words 9/11 and investigation on the DemocracyNow homepage.

audio update:

Former Senator Mike Gravel Calls For Independent 9/11 Investigation and Prosecution of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

(17:56 Minutes - 5.13 M)

DemocracyNow | Amy Goodman

Dr. William Pepper

... is counting on (has high hopes for) the NYC ballot initiative. It sounds like he has Mike Gravel, David Ray Griffin and Ed Asner lined up for the new Commission, so far. When Dr. Pepper was in LA recently, he also spoke at a gathering put on by

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

The NYC initiative

looked like a E.Village thing to me.

What is their organization like in Mid-town? Harlem?
Brooklyn? Bronx? Queens? etc.

William Pepper - Media

Recording of LA talk, Alex Jones Interview

By the way . . . where is Spike Lee?