TV News Lies!: Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

by Reggie
Monday, 16 June 2008 20:06

Today, Christ Matthews continued his ongoing canonization of Tim Russert. Early in this evening’s Hardball show, Matthews repeated a segment of his original tribute to Russert’s career. By doing so, he either shamelessly established Russert as a leading 9/11 gate keeper or a blithering idiot. I strongly suspect the former.

Of all the endless possibilities, Matthews chose to memorialize Russert for some uncanny and privileged insight into the truth about what happened on September 11th. He wanted us all to know that

“[Tim Russert] knew on that horrid morning of September 11th that the hijackers had grabbed the transcontinental flights because they’d have enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers.”

Wow, just like that, on the morning of 911, Tim Russert KNEW the motivations of a whole group of incinerated hijackers. That’s really fantastic. He also KNEW the planes had enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers. He just KNEW the temperature of burning jet fuel, and he KNEW the melting temperature of steel. Tim Russert was not only a mind reader of the dead, but an undeclared expert in aviation practices and thermal physics. I’m impressed...


I knew Tim Russert

Tim was Governor Mario Cuomo Press Secretary, I was the janitor there during that time. Tim enjoyed having me doing magic tricks to the press people to kill the time until the start of the Press Conference. He was a nice guy and loved magic. When he left, the office threw a great good bye party for him. Time after the 9/11 incident, Tim and I crossed path in Washington, by the National Press Club and I was very surprised that he knew my story and the work I was doing forthe families and also our efforts to get the 9/11 Commission started. I remember he said "Who would have known that these was going to happen at the buildings" and to remember some of the places in the vecinity. He told me of the posibility of having me on the show and to exchange info. I sent him an email a while after. We never connected for that interview. I regret that and also the oportunity to find out more of his position on the events. He knew the buildings, he worked on the 57 floor South Tower (Executive Chamber) and used to go sometimes to the Power Breakfast at Windows of the World.

William Rodriguez
Survivor of the North Tower
President of the Hispanic Victims Group, Victims Support Group

Thanks for the personal story...

I find personal experiences very interesting! Thanks William for sharing your history with Russert.

...don't believe them!

Matthews new show "Snowball"

I just sent an email to the editor and pointed out that even though Matthews's PHD's are only honorary he should still know that jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. I said he should start a new show called Snowball. How do these guys sleep at night? If they wanted to be actors they should have gone right to Hollywood. I do remember Russert asking Dick Cheney a couple of tough questions and mentioning Skull and Bones to Bush etc. I respected him for that. RIP Russert.

Jack Blood Interviews Tim Russert

Youtube or it's hearsay.

Youtube or it's hearsay. Thank you.

Please provide substantiation for this quote that has been

attributed to Chris Matthews in regards to alleged words by Tim Russert about the destruction of the World Trade Center and the alleged use of jet juel to accomplish that double feat:

“[Tim Russert] knew on that horrid morning of September 11th that the hijackers had grabbed the transcontinental flights because they’d have enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers.”

I have been unable to locate any transcripts or video content that serves as documentation.

It is only reasonable that something like this be substantiated and accessible alongside the assertion.

Okay. The link is found at "Hardblogger" by Chris Matthews.

This remark seems to be more about Chris Matthews and his Controllers' insistance on the perpetuation of the 9/11 PsyOps.

Here is the link:

Tim Russert caught making things up...

Scroll down to:
Rosie O’Donnel 9/11 Truth Video Seized In Tora Bora Cave

Does anyone here think that Tim Russert believed the governments story about 9/11?

Imagine what a difference he could have made if he had spoken out for truth.



I think this is a good thing in the long run. Silly assertions like those from Matthews and Russert are

1. Easy to knock down.
2. Show that there is a growing perceived need to explain what happened to the towers.

That someone like Matthews, one of the brighter newscasters, is still talking about melting girders is a good sign. It gives us better opportunities for dialogue than to have everyone conform to NIST orthodoxy and hiding behind authority. Granted, I am sure Chris doesn't know that he is straying from the NIST line, but that's okay too.

Not to mention the rather perfect implosion of WTC-7

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Great Thought!

It's certainly a lame attempt to inject a 9/11 PsyOp into the mix. Is it to reinforce the official story by juxapositioning it along with a death citation?

I subscribe to your view, bearcat. With the accumulation of these weak efforts, 9/11 Truth will gain validity.

IMHO, Russert was a skilled Leftgatekeeper. He was just doing his job.

Matthews and Russert
...don't believe them!