#2 Post "Next 9/11 in Houston ? ...War with Iran?"

Honestly, I do not know what to make of this. This is NOT front page. It is an onging collection of data. See my previous blog http://www.911blogger.com/node/16118 Titled "Next 9/11 in Houston ? ...War with Iran?"

This came across recently from friends: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=126397

Does anyone have input (besides just speculations)? If you have a more professional view on this article with pertinent information, you are welcome to post something fresh on your blog. I only wanted to bring this up in case it is important.

"...WMR has learned that at a meeting of tugboat captains last week in Houston, the possibility of an imminent terrorist attack on the Houston port was discussed."

"Carnaby's belief in HUMINT as a determinant of terrorist plans likely caused him to believe that Houston was in imminent danger for an attack. WMR spoke to Carnaby's intelligence and law enforcement colleagues who share his concerns."

"Suspiciously, the Houston police, in violation of US Judge Keith Ellison's order to preserve all evidence related to Carnaby's shooting by the Houston police, admitted that it disposed of the evidence. Moreover, after having secured Carnaby's Blackberry, which is known to contain contact numbers for CIA and other federal agents, as well as their informants, was returned to the custody of the Houston police by Secret Service Special Agent R. Jennings, the reported SAC (Special Agent in Charge) of the Houston office."

"Jennings has been accused by Carnaby's colleagues of cooperating with the very same elements, including individuals connected to Israeli intelligence activities in the Houston area and their well-placed moles inside the Houston Police Department, who wanted access to Carnaby's contacts and other information. The compromise of Carnaby's information represents a potentially devastating compromise of national security and are in direct violation of the National Security Act of 1947, according to Carnaby's colleagues...."

I have to seriously consider the source.

According to Madsen, "Gannongate" was THE big thing;

Nothing has come of this.

Before the 2004 election, a strike on Iran was "imminent";

Again in 2006;
"Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran"

He's four years off there.

Yes, there is a lot of static indicating that Bushco or Israel will hit Iran, and another False Flag attack would certainly make it a lot easier. But I wouldn't bet my farm, (unless I lived in Iowa, that is), on a WMR report.

Seymour Hersh's take on BushCo attacking Iran

Seymour Hersh as quoted in this week's Austin Chronicle (interesting what he says about Obama's speech before AIPAC, the first speech BO gave after getting the nomination):

"Hersh: 'We're in Real Trouble'

But the combination highlight and lowlight was a talk by legendary reporter Seymour Hersh, who made his journalistic bones nearly 40 years ago when he broke the story of the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and more recently reported in exhausting detail the lacerating scandal of the U.S. military torture project at Abu Ghraib (Chain of Command). Hersh, now 71, is remarkably easygoing for a man who devotes himself to the darkest aspects of international political reporting. But he was in a somber mood at Friday's lunch, not only about U.S. affairs in Iraq and Iran but about what he described as the "nightmare" of Barack Obama's obsequious, saber-rattling speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in the wake of his clinching the presidential nomination. "He didn't need to do that," said Hersh. "He may have thought he needed to do that, but it just wasn't necessary."

Yet Hersh described himself as an Obama supporter – "Let's get him elected, then we can start to kick him around" – much of that conviction due to his overall judgment of the Bush administration: "We've never had a government this corrupt." Pursuing his reporting on Iraq, Hersh has been more concerned of late about possible U.S. attacks on Iran, which he sees as still likely in the coming year. Bush "is the most radical president we have ever had," Hersh said, "and what's more, he's completely uneducable." He said his sources are telling him that there is resistance from U.S. military officials to an attack on Iran, but he is increasingly convinced that "Bush is not going to leave office without doing something about Iran. ... I don't think there is much we can do to stop him." On the Iraq war itself, Hersh described Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Gen. David Petraeus as "basically undertakers: They're in charge of keeping the face of the corpse rouged and the body from smelling until after November."

There was considerably more in this vein, reminiscent of Antonio Gramsci's legendary political motto, "pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will." Since Hersh was speaking to a convocation of reporters, he counseled doggedness and relentlessness, recalling how even amidst a stoutly conservative regime at The New York Times, he had been able to break stories that revealed the truth about Vietnam and to undermine the officially institutionalized heroic "image we had of war."

Hersh bluntly described our moment and predicament as "the lowest point in American history," and it's hard to argue with him. Afterward, I found myself wondering if those 18th century colonial statesmen devotedly honored in the Philly landmarks would remotely recognize the imperial behemoth that has largely usurped the tiny republic of free states they had risked their lives to establish so many years ago. Men and women like ourselves: All they could ask us is to do what we can, in our own 21st century ways, to bring the latest empire to an end."

My comment:
By the way, IMHO, I find Madsen to be largely credible, if not infallible...and I find it entirely plausible that Bush & Cheney have tried over the last few years to set in motion an attack on Iran only to have those attempts thwarted by people within the system who have caught on to their methods, post-9/11. The Minot/Barksdale nuke episode might be one example of that phenomenon.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Some Possibilities

I haven't settled on a theory yet but here are some thoughts:

Several years ago, there was an explosion at an oil facility at or near the Houston Port. In the several years since, there have been other explosions at chemical facilities (St. Louis and Jacksonville). Then we have to include the fires in the west - all of which I put into the category of eco-terrorism. The movement behind that is of course, 'sustainable development' as promoted by the UN communists with monied interests behind them who are profitting from the energy squeeze and 'creative destruction' of our economy. The monied interests being Maurice Strong of Canada, David Rockefeller, Albert Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev. Sustainable development is a euphemistic term for communism/collectivism - re-engineering life and culture on the planet.

One aspect of the re-engineering of life is the Global Supply Chain Management system which includes the Global Transportation System. The U.S. Transportation system in its entirety is being redesigned to accommodate international trade and high tech tracking of everything that moves. Two of the big players in this effort are Lockheed (Savi Networks) and their partners Hutchinson Port Holdings - which is Hutchinson-Whampoa - which is the COMMUNIST Chinese military. They are partnered to install the surveillance technology on our highways - the remote sensors, GPS tracking RFID, computer centers for data collection and distribution.

The Houston Port is one of the most critical ports in the U.S. because of the oil. If the COMMUNIST Chinese are able to control that port, it gives them an even greater choke hold on our economy. They could also make business at the port virtually impossible which would make the Mexican Ports look more attractive. Actually, as I think about it - they don't even need to control the port - all they have to do is scare the business away by executing terrorist attacks on the businesses at the port.

As for this guy Carnaby, since his assigned area was Southeast Asia, I could go either way on him being a terrorist or tracking terrorists. The reason for my distrust is... do you remember the story about the guy (American) in the Philippines who had a bomb explode in his hotel room and it turned out that he was a CIA agent? That happened in 2001 or thereabouts. There are other things I've read about that I can't list for you now - but that are factored into my feelings that individuals in the CIA are not working in the interests of this country. Instead, they are working on behalf of the big money interests who will benefit from global trade and transportation system.

Here are some links to my research to support what I've said:

NAFTA Superhighway

Global Supply Chain Management

Savi Networks & the COMMUNIST Chinese

Shanghai'd and Bushwhacked

April Fool's Day Revisited


This morning a friend sent an article that is posted on Alternet titled, "The U.S. Has It's Own Dr. Strangelove". After reading the article, I did a search on the subject of the article, David Kilcullen and found an interview he did with Charlie Rose.


Charlie Rose Interview

Kilcullen is an expert in counterinsurgency. As you listen to him, think of the Hegelian Dialectic - especially when he says rather than dealing with the insurgents, you work with the population. The insurgents run off and hide - and in the mean time, you make it impossible for them to return. How do you do that? You implement a police state system of surveillance. RFID Chips, Cameras, Computer systems and tracking everything that moves. There is a lot of profit to be made from the installation of that technology - plus the bonus of the permanent control of the population.

How's that for a mind twist? You have to hand it to Kilcullen, he's brilliant. He's justifying the electronic prison planet by allegedly fighting insurgents. Personally, I think the insurgents and counterinsurgents are on the same team and they are just playing a game with the civilian population.

And that's what 9-11 did for the U.S. and why we now have a Department of Homescam Security and Microsoft and all the 'technology integrators' are laughing all the way to the bank.


Excellent points.