June 14th - Stop the SPP @ Queens Park Report

June 14th outside Queens Park in Toronto the members of Toronto 911 truth and various other activist groups gathered in protest against the Security and Prosperity Agreement, Bill C-51 and of course 911 Truth. The turn out could have been a lot better but the event was an overall success and we hope to keep the momentum moving ahead with more demonstrations planned throughout the summer. Look for 'The Nations Deathbed' on Google Video in July, a new independent documentary about the SPP Summit meeting in Montebello, produced by the team over at http://Pressfortruth.ca.

Support a Canadian Parliamentary Investigation into 911 - sign the online petition. Get involved at http://marchonottawa2008.org

Email me if you would like to get involved in petitioning in the Toronto area: info.to911truth@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you want to get involved in Toronto Canada with 911 Truth and other important political actions go to http://TorontoChange.com - http://truthwire.wordpress.com


Each Nation Has A Right To Self Determination

The SPP is cleverly disguised Trojon Horse ... a warm and fuzzy sounding full court press against the free will of all of North America.