A note from Blair Gadsby...the thin man!!

From Blair Gadsby:

What a ride! The “Hungry for 9/11 Truth” hunger strike has ended and I am on the mend. Time has come to finalize my thoughts on the event and to comment upon what I believe we have accomplished.

As of today, Monday June 16, I have had four full days of recovery and my weight has increased to 136lbs from a low of 124lbs when my fast ended. The first two days of post-fast were rough. I was in no shape to communicate with anyone and I stayed under the constant observation of my dear wife and nurse.

I went to my doctor on Thursday, June 12 and received the results of my lab work, which was obtained on Day 11 of the strike. He was surprised at some of the changes in values since my pre-fast lab work-up, and confirmed that indeed my body was responding to a lack of nutrition. I will be going in for follow-up labs in another couple of weeks. He warned me of some permanent side effects that could result from the fast, most especially in my kidney and liver functions; however, I am once again feeling very healthy and expect a full recovery.

Let me state that I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all those who stood with me, those near and those far away, through the seventeen days of “camping out” at Senator McCain’s Phoenix office. Special mention needs to be made to three outstanding men: John, Larry, and Rick. These fellows saw to it that I was never alone in my vigil. They each stood-up to the plate and committed themselves to my well-being and safety. Each sat for untallied hours with me, and I could not have asked for better company…you guys are the best!

Second, thanks to Tim and Craig (Phoenix 9/11Truth), who labored in bringing daily updates to the world at www.Hungry4Truth.com ,and to Drew (Tucson 9/11Truth). Thank to the various radio programs who followed my progress from early on, Cosmos Revolution Radio in San Francisco, Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened radio program in Hawaii, to name a few, and to the members of 9/11Truth groups around the country and around the globe who did what they could to get the word out.

Finally, the results. I received a letter in my mailbox on Saturday, June 14, signed by Senator McCain stating that he does not have time for a direct meeting with us due to his current schedule. Nevertheless, he states in his letter…
“My staff and I are always open to new, scientifically substantiated information that helps explain how and why the tragedies of September 11th occurred. I welcome any additional new information you may wish to present on the subject and will make my staff available to listen to your concerns.”

I believe we can take this as a call to action!

We now have confirmation that one of the highest officials in our government knows about 9/11 Truth material, has it in his possession, but is not yet willing and/or able to discuss it with us. This is certainly no time to give up.

Thank you everyone. I am ready to get back into the fray and to ASK QUESTIONS, and DEMAND ANSWERS!

Scottsdale, Arizona

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Blair you are a Hero of the highest order!

One day I hope we can meet and look at the presidential commendation you have recieved hanging on your wall!

You have made me lift my game to the next level and shown us all true commitment!

Love and respect John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Thank you Blair...

for your valiant effort. May you mend thoroughly and quickly. All very best wishes from NYC!

Tom Breidenbach

Glad to hear your recovery is progressing

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Thanks again Blair for your courage and your dedication to Truth.
Thank all of your supporters in Arizona for me also.
I will be working on some of my state senators from here in Wisconsin
when I go to Madison, WI next week. I already sent them letters
but now I have a great DVD to give them thanks to Senator Karen Johnson's
excellent and thorough speech she gave to her state assembly.
Take care of your health,
Matthew Naus
Founder Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth (ts911t.org)

thanks for your self sacrifice Blair.

Hey Blair,

What you have done, risking your life in order to get the Truth out, is a shining example of how we could all do more. Nonviolent direct action is a proven method of influencing change.

Thank you for bringing more attention to 911 Truth. One day, the dam will break.

Thanks, Blair!

In this process, you lend dignity and credibility to us all. You're an inspiration. Next time we're out there getting flipped off, ridiculed and harassed, I can think of you and stand my ground a little longer.

Blair, you stood up for

Blair, you stood up for Truth and you were an inspiration to all of us. My family thanks you. Bless you. Continue towards a full recovery.

Amazing work

You are a true inspiration. I wish more of us on this planet (including myself) were as dedicated to our beliefs...