New Message from Yukihisa Fujita - June 18, 2008 - Time for an International Investigation of 9/11

In the wake of the Dennis Kucinich impeachment articles comes a new message from Fujita, recorded as he visits Berlin.

Transcribed Audio

“I have been meeting some politicians in Germany, UK, Italy and the European Parliament. And I think that some of the politicians, some of them are reserved and some of them are like minded in different countries. The time may be coming as Mr. [Tony] Blair has gone, Mr. Bush will be gone, and last week in the US Congress Mr. Kucinich and others passed the impeachment motion. And it was passed.

I think the time has come that more policy makers and politicians get together to make a joint appeal to request for an independent international investigation of what happened on 911.

And I think that the way the USA has led the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq needs some examination.

And I think that the suffering people have suffered enough, in so many countries. And so many innocent people have been killed and injured.

I think that it’s time to turn the tide from the policies of warfare to the policy of reconciliation and development.

It’s not fair the stronger nations to start wars, and the weaker nations, the civilians, have to suffer so much.

And I think that thanks to the internet, which is an invention of the military, now the citizens can have access to first hand information, PDFs, DVDs and pictures. So some people who have been able to hide cannot hide anymore.

So the combined efforts of citizens, politicians and experts in the different fields, now the time has come for us to work together to make a safer society in the world.”

Yukihisa Fujita

New Hope

Mr. Fujita's speech makes me think there IS some hope left in this world after all.

Bravo, sir.

Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for Mr. Fujita. It's people like him that really raise the bar for the rest of us.


Yuki with Bob Bowman were the founding patrons of Truth Action Australia!

I have spent nearly an hour with this man in private and he is the most honest and noble politician I have ever met.

Thank you Yuki for being a good bloke who does what's right! You are one in a million!

Regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Fujita inspires every time!

I get excited every time I hear this guy!

Yukihisa Fujita has the dignified bearing and humanity to make an impact.

...please believe him!