Michael Medved has a national radio talk show. You can confront him on 9/11 on his monthly "Conspiracy Theory" day---at the time of the full moon. Or on his "Disagreement Day" every Thursday.
For "DD" you must cite something he has said. Noon to 3 PM Los Angeles time. Call (800) 955-1776.

He is a tricky person to debate. He will switch you to another related topic, ask you a question you could only speculate about in order to keep you from citing evidence
backing your point. He typically cuts off your phone and finishes the call, giving the audience the impression that you are baffled and speechless. For tips about calling in to talk shows, google
an article I wrote called "Something For Nothing." If you google my name, Zan Overall, you will get to it. It is on ae911truth.org and 911scholars.org.

Here is a letter I wrote him. He has said he believes Ted Olson's story about getting calls from his wife.

Dear Michael-

I am sending you another copy of David Ray Griffin’s
article on the Ted Olson question. As usual DRG did a
beautiful, scholarly and thorough job destroying the myth
that you promote so assiduously.

Do you really love this country, Michael? How can an
intelligent person accept the ridiculous Ted Olson “story”
for one example? How can an intelligent person accept
the ridiculous “story” that fire brought down three massive
buildings on one day when fire had never done that in a
century of fires in steel frame buildings?

If you are a propagandist for the 9/11 myth I can’t
expect you to play fair and present the other side on
your show. If you are an honest man and a patriotic
American, as I still hope you are, you owe your listeners,
your country and yourself an opportunity to consider
the other side of the story presented fully by a 9/11 Truth
authority, such as Dr. Griffin. The Ted Olson issue
would be a good question to concentrate on.

Richard Gage of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11
Truth would be another excellent guest. Don’t tell me
that by having a Disagreement Day or a Conspiracy Theory
Day you are allowing the truth to emerge on your show.
A short call which you can terminate as you wish is not the
format to inform your listeners on this seminal question.

I heard most of my friend Jeremy’s call today and did not
appreciate your terming his thinking or mine “idiotic” or
some such insult. (Jeremy had stated he thinks the CIA
and the Mossad engineered 9/11.)

You raised the argument that if the CIA was involved they
would be shooting themselves in the foot by failing to
stop the “attack.” They would look bad. In a longer format
Jeremy or any 9/11 Truther could have pointed out that
you are thinking of the 9/11 event as an attack by Muslim
“hijackers” who successfully brought down the buildings
by crashing planes into two of them.

The contention of the 9/11 Truth Movement is that the buildings
came down by controlled demolitions, with the hijackers
(if any actually were on the planes) just the patsies needed to
divert the public from the truth of what happened.
(This could be proved on your show if you had the
temerity [guts] to let Griffin or Gage on the show.)

The plot to bring down the buildings was intended to enrage
and frighten the American public into an unending war on the
Muslim world.

From this viewpoint the CIA chief and whoever else was involved
in the plot did not FAIL! They SUCCEEDED !
In the eyes of the public they were tarnished but in the
eyes of their bosses they were heroes! And note that none
of the government functionaries who took the fall suffered
for it in any tangible way. No firings. No demotions.
No prosecutions.

You have not been availing yourself of the postcards that
I provide for you (at a steadily rising cost to myself).
Cat got your tongue? Will enclose another one. Hope
springs eternal.

And will keep calling,

Zan Overall.

VERY good article

Zan, your article -- that you tell us to Google, above -- is really good. I mean the one on strategies for calling in to talk radio. And the cost-effectiveness of doing so.

Have you blogged it here? If you haven't, would you be willing to? Or, failing that, would you mind if I blogged it here? I am referring to this piece.

Michael Medved = Zionist Propagandist!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321