Austrian rights-activists arrested under terrorism law

Just another example how terrorism is abused for installing a police-like state in Europe:

10 animal rights-activists were arrested in Vienna, Austria last month. In the nation-wide radio station FM4, one of the activists reported how a uniformed task force stormed his place at 6 o’clock in the morning and he was not allowed to move anymore. The rights-actvists were arrested under a new established terrorism paragraph - according to this, people can be arrested if there is just a suspicion of beeing member of an illegal or criminal ring. According to FM4, the law can be interpreted in pretty any way of beeing an terrorist when politcally active. According to an interview with Harald Balluch, one of the animals rights-activists, in austrian magazine DerStandard, they were never told which criminal ring they should belong to. The equipment of their society was confiscated as well as all of their mobile phones and their address database of donators.

Their telephone was said to be blocked, so that media was not able to connect their headquarter. Martin Balluch added, that he was not allowed to have his own attorney, which was later disclaimed by the prosecution. However, the office of the district attorney did not give any more information as this was “confidental”. The animal rights-activists suspect the paragraph to be abused for arresting them, as they were critical towards an animal fabric built in the region - and that they should be silenced. No matter what the real charges are against these people are, Hannes Jarolim and Dietmar Keck from the SPÖ-party said, the (ab)using of this paragraph and accusing the rights-activists as “terrorists” is “disproportional”. Because of this, they made a parlamentary application to the home secretary (ÖVP-party) and attorney general (SPÖ). None made an official statement to date.

Since May, one of the rights-activists is in hunger strike.