Ex-CIA Analyst Mel Goodman Explains the Failures of the 9/11 Commission

Goodman does not present any alternative hypothesis here, what he does is explain very plainly why the Commission was a trainwreck.

Goodman on Hamilton

In the Q & A, Goodman makes the mistake of saying something positive about Hamilton's role in the Iran-Contra investigations, which ultimately went nowhere. As a corrective, here is Peter Dale Scott's observation on Hamilton, in his recent book, "The Road to 9/11", pp. 109-110;

"The bank's (BCCI's) immunity from regulation and prosecution in the ensuing Reagan years became notorious. As treasury secretary, James Baker flagrantly declined to prosecute BCCI after it had been exposed for illegally acquiring First American. A former National Security Council economist told author Johanthan Beatty that "Baker didn't pursue BCCI because he thought a prosecution of the bank would damage the United States reputation as a safe haven for flight capital and overseas investments." A simpler explanation might be that Baker knew what secrets could be told by the highest-level surviving BCCI officials."

The full story of BCCI was never officially told, nor was the story of the Republican countersurprise. The Iran-Contra hearings successfully covered up the arms shipments to Iran before 1984, and the House Task Force investigation of the Republican Surprise went nowhere. As Newsweek correspondent Eleanor Clift correctly predicted in 1991, "Congress will not formally investigate charges that the Reagan campaign stole the election in 1980, in large part because Israel's supporters on Capital Hill do not want to put the spotlight on Israel's role, which during that period sold weapons to Iran in blatant disregard of President Carter."

The key figure in both cover-ups was the congressman Lee Hamilton, a friend of the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby who chaired the House Iran-Contra Committee in 1987 and the House Task Force from 1992 to 1993. The bland results of the House Task Force report were hardly surprising. Hamilton had earlier participated in a dishonest defense of the Contras against charges of drug trafficking. The chief counsel of the House Task Force was E. Lawrence Barcella, who had received $2 million in legal fees as the lead attorney for BCCI in the late 1980s. At that time, Barcella also was a law partner of Paul Laxalt, who had been chariman of the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980. Finally, Barcella had close personal connections to Michael Ledeen, from whom he had bought a house and shared a common housekeeper.

In 2003, Hamilton would be resurrected to cochair the 9/11 Commission, investigating a third crisis that involved both right-wing Republican politicians and Muslim fundamentalists. Many people, including U.S. government officials, had alleged a number of links between BCCI investors, the Bin Laden family, and the financing of al Qaeda. For example, a French book has charged that "after dominating the financial news through the 1990s, the BCCI is now at the center of the financial network put in place by Osama bin Laden's main supporters." But in the 2004 9/11 Commission Report these allegations were completely ignored."

Goodman protects the system...

Admittedly I have not seen nor read everything about the events of 9/11 and therefore, I am responding to the three videos that are shown, and of course Peter Dale Scott's impeccable work.

In conclusion, its clear that everything in WDC is rigged and that there are so many lies of murder, treason and grand larceny, that when aything does go wrong, the people chosen to look into such things have so much to hide about themselves, that the "quid-pro-quo" is: "Hey, if you don't tell on me, I won't tell on you...". But we all know this anyway...its just that these three video clips make it so obvious.

Mr. Goodman and I part ways in several instances with the first one established when he made the point by stating something like: "It wasn't a system or agenccy, or governmental structural failure on 9/11, it was human error..."

In my view, this is a complete lie, and as he praises Hamilton later on, he tips his hand that he is actively participating in the above mentioned "quid-pro-quo". No better a person to be involved in any cover-up than someone who is yelling "there is a cover-up". This is what I often refer to as "bracketting"...ie: admit to something that is very, very bad and is undoubtful, and which makes it look like "you are one of us", then make sure that the investigation stops short of the parameters recently established in the ever mercurial never ending "quid-pro-quos" of illegalities perpetrated by the crooks all around you.

I have seen enough data and information for me to take the position that there were essentially NO HUMAN FAILURES on 9/11...indeed, everyone performed exactly as they had been trained and had practiced to do in a well designed, very sophisticated, and nearly untraceable "compartmentalization of duties and responsibilities". This "compartmentalization of terror attacks" was constructed in such clever ways where each person [other than about SIX or so HI PERPS who knew the entire picture] was actually doing their job rather dilligently. A few examples:

The "hijacking mindset" established via the upcoming and ongoing "War Games", which included hijackings, set in motion a delayed response from NORAD because that's what the NEADS personnel were looking for. This mindset established a bias in thinking that would give the airliners the 15-20 minutes head start that they each needed to strike their targets. There will be more from me on War Games later, but please stop looking at the "red herring" that the HI PERPS have floated out there...that here were not enough aviation assets and weapons to protect the US from these attacks. There WERE enough assets and enough NEADS personnel in ready position to handle the 9/11 attacks. It was the use of the slower hijacking protocols that gave them their time edge.

I suggest that folks think of it more like the skills of a magician who somehow distracts attention with one hand while pulling off the trick with the other. YES...War games were very, very important to establish cover and confusion...and that they were all concentrated during that week is TELLTALE to me that the HI PERPS orchastrated this attack, but the REAL deal here is that military "air defense" personnel were thinking with the prejudice of "hijack" over "in flight emergency". And THAT's all they needed to get the few minutes of scramble delay that woud allow the attacks to happen. Please stop and think like an air traffic controller for a second here.

The Pentagon ended up needing to create two additional and contradictory stories because their "30 minute attack plan" got all screwed up due to departure delays from Newark [UA93]. Its only THEN that they [a few other HI PERPS who were in on it...perhaps one in the FAA HQ, one at the NMCC and one at NEADS] had to invent some stuff on the fly in order to try and come up with a cover story that they KNEW thay would need because the palns had gone awry. Had this attack started on time and been over within the 30-35 minuts as planned, there would be far less information for us Truthers to go by in our search for the truth. And the Pentagon would have only needed to spin ONE simple story that they undoubtedly had in place to begin with. I look at it just like the BBC's storyline about WTC7's collapse that hadn't happened yet, and to me, the likes of Ed Koch on TV within a short time of the attacks shouting OBL, OBL...Al Queda, Al Queda.

[But so far, I'm the only one who remembers Koch doing this on TV...perhaps there was some serious scrubbing of some files. Heck, I even seem to remember some huge yellow-orange loaders and excavation equipment with the name KOCH on it during the evidence shredding clean-up...but again, no files out there...]

Why is this thinking like that of an air traffic controller you ask? Because you would be AMAZED at how screwed up things get when in the middle of busy air traffic situation, we get unexpected 30 minute delays, or airports that shut down, or lines of thunderstorms that pop up right in the middle of departure routes, arrival routes, or over busy enroute regions...and we have to take action...talk about SCRAMBLES!!! You just have to have been there a few times to get how such delays can mess up the best laid plans of mice and men and such is the case with UA93's large departure delay.

The June change in the "preference of use" of slow scramble "hijacking protocols" causing no scrambles for the three months prior to 9/11. This as most likely due because the requests went into the Penatgon loop and were denied, or, it took so much time for an answer-approval that the emergincies were over or resolved before interceptor release was given.

Please note that the lack of requests for scrambles were right in the middle of the busiest aviation season that happens every year....the summertime. Indeed, its quite possible that this three month period served as a "test" for the HI PERPS to see IF the deliberately unobvious June change in preferential use of the "Pentagon approved" scrambles was actually working. Seems that it was working fine! Also please note...without these delayed scrambles, it woud be very unlikely that the HI PERPS' "9/11 Attack War Game Scenrio" would have ever been successful...especially the "psy-ops" part of it...ie" Muslims and building collapse etc.

However, a short aside:
I also think that the action at the Penatgon would STILL have happened regardless of the towers being struck, or not, or whatever UA93 was up to, beacuse I see AA77 as the modern version of "Operation Northwoods". In fact, I call AA77 the pure "False-Flag-Flight" on 9/11. I can never forget Burlingame...or that AA77 was the ONLY airliner that was totally lost to positive radar contact...or that its possible that the first explosions at the Pentagon were recorded at 09:30-32-ish several minutes BEFORE the arrival of whatever arrived at the Pentagon by air...or the possible overflights and aircraft being shadowed-covered-protected ...or that eyewitnesses establish other large aircraft in the WDC area but that the RADES radar data does not show this-but it should have!

And to me, it simply looks like a rocket powered sled-like device moving along the grass at the Pentagon right where the burned stipe in the lawn was that led along the flight path to the Pentagon wall [pre testing maybe?]. Plus, all the contradictory eyewitnesses that seem to have seen one of everything...

And, Barabara Honegger and I agree that the "unkown target" that Danielle O'Brien saw was most likely a military air vehicle because it did not trigger such ground-to-air missle defenses due to an IFF transponder on board. [Admittedly, I rarely believe anything that Cheney says because its always a psy-op or a lie with intentions to mislead...].

I strongly believe that as far as the HI PERPS are concerned, AA77 is the "Achilles Heel" of "The 9/11 Attack War Game Scenario". Perhaps this is why they are defending it so heartily with such little solid evidence.

And, from my view, Bronner writing in VF and consulting on the film UA93, tried real hard to get us to look past AA11 and UA175 thus foriving NORAD-NEADS, and then there was the movie about UA93 where it was all so intriguing. So, why even consider AA77? Hey, look at my right hand....bingo...a quarter out of your ear in my left hand...amazing stuff these magicians!

The "missing" radar targets on NORAD radars in the vicinity of Albany, NY where there always had been such visibility...beacuse Albany is hardly "inland". I think that Pittsburgh is at least a few miles farther away from the ocean than 50 miles south of Albany, NY. Funny AYE? Apparently, in order to be a congressperson, or a commissioner, one needs no geography in school!

The convenience of a FAA radar "dead spot" out in eastern OH...a dead zone that I have now seen was ALSO in the same location shown by a military [PLA] radar site that WAS NOT the FAA radar site feeding the area. The PLA radar site ALSO conveniently had the same radar dead spot. This is WAY too coincidental...the available radar data was hacked somehow...

An explainable 23 second delay between some NEADS radar data and other radar data fed into NORAD's systems...a delay that may have been used to "scrub in real time" such radar target data as AA11 would have presented...radar data that should have been made available to NEADS presonnel.

Think video games here. What happens when you shoot down a target or spaceship with your joy stick or whatever its called nowadays. POOF... its gone. This may sound pretty silly, but this is EXACTLY how War Games work, from their planning, to their execution, to their evaluation and all with their wild eyed scenarios and multiple "inputs and out-takes".

Well, if there are NORAD War Games "inputs", then there have to be NORAD War Games "out-takes" dontcha think...interesting AYE?

[Please remember that there were no target inputs onto FAA radar scopes...it just doesn't work that way...and if there were, the controllers would be telling us that...LOUDLY! All the inputs that are being talked about are computer genetrated targets which are part of NORAD's War Game Scenarios...and are another red herring...]

The highly compartmentalized flow of information up the intel community's ladders that was stopped with little ability for field agents to circumvent such blockages... [not a new event in intel.. ]

And some timely, but EXTREEEEMELY unlikely radio transmissions from two identical mistakes made by misusing the same radio switching apparatus in the cockpits that ultimately served as some evidence establishing the identities of the "alleged hijackers" as being Arabic sounding. These transmissons could have been made by ANY aircraft within hundreds of miles of NYC and WDC...

...and I will go on some more and will at a later time...

In any event, ALL of these 'situtations" noted above are easily placed...read: "compartmemntalized", into any War Game Scenarios, or, into "new operational preferences", without any of the adjacent or lower level individuals who are executing or who are responsible for them, having any larger understanding of what part they were actually playing in "The 9/11 Attack WAR Game Scenario".

Indeed, the above is the minor reason as to why there were no demotions and firings surrounding the events and actions on 9/11. The major reason that there were no firings, and only promotions, is that most folks promoted had no clue that they were playing a deadly role on 9/11. [certainly Meyers does...]...

AND THE MAJOR REASON IS...that if there were any demotions or firings, the persons being demoted and fired have rights of redress, some in public forums, which includes the rights to seek evidence to show that they were just doing their jobs and were indeed not negligent. And, as we all know, its this pesky "evidence stuff" that is really bothersome to Cheney and Rummy [another two of the six or so... So, don't fire anyone...promote them and your problem of evidence showing up is totally solved.

BTW...in the end of the work being done by the 9/11 Ttruth Movement, we will be able to "recompartmentalize" all the compartmentalizations that the FEW HI PERPS had created and knew ahead of time. It will be a matter of a few years in doing this, and pretty soon, ie: as soon as its seen as being a patriotic act, some FAA and military insiders are gonna start walking out and speaking up with some of their inside info. Info that they will soon come to see that innocently instructed them to be part of The 9/11 Attack War Game Scenario.

Goodman is a tool to defend those who compartmentalized this event in the first place by yelling "cover-up" hoping that we don't see this role. But I do.

Lee Hamilton...

Maybe Goodman was really uncomfortable with his role in all of this and wanted ot of the "quid-pro-quo _uck-fest" because he gave some praise to Lee Hamilton's work in the Iran Contra affair. [Hats off to Ray and John here...]. Anybody who even reads a little bit knows that Hamilton is and always has been nothing but a hatchet man from INDIANA...the most right wing state in the country!...and he doesn't even own a sharp axe!

I have no use for Lee Hamilton and haven't had any for decades...because I remember Ollie North and THAT gang of crooks, many of which are involved in this latest debacle starting 9n 2000. I knew that the 9/11 Commission was cooked just because, then they rolled out Kissinger-YIKES-so stupid, and then it was no surprise that hamilton was recruited. My name for Hamilton is: Lie "Hack" ilton...and sadly, can pretty much predict what his next assignment will be...its when the WDC HI PEPS and criminals get caught at another one of their scams and need another hatchet job done by a trusted fellow who knows well how to do it...

In conclusion, its highly doubtful that we will solve the problems facing our country from the top down...too many crooks covering each other's tails in WDC. So, again, lets get polite, lets get out in the public, lets become our own media, lets become our own educators, and eventually, lets throw all the bums out.

It will take time, but it can be done. Should any folks decide to "banner-up" and get out on your own town's street corners, or across the street from high schools and churces or, to stand outside ballparks, concerts and summertime fairs so that you can be seen...so that your messaging can be contemplated...so that your DVDs and flyers can be given away...and so that you can put a human face on the "tentacle ends" of the info-net...so that 9/11 Truth becomes part of many people's lives, please submit your experiences and results to:


CI...Civil Informationing is the way to make some lasting changes because I know of nobody who, once inside the lobby of the 9/11 Truth Rabbit Hole, ever comes back out the same. Truth needs no propping up after its established, but lies certainly do. So, once a person enters our lobby, we usually have another compatriot in a short while.

And personally, I want to thank all of the activists shown in these video clips to be doing their best to make some changes and to get at the truth. I know that they are all still out there, and so are we and we are growing in numbers every day. More and more everyday citizens are lettng me know that they "get it..."

Please consider revolutionizing the failed protest actions and CD of the 60s and give CI...Civil Informationing a try. Lets get some numbers...the natives are really restless out here and its a good time to share the truth with them. They will believe their neighbors ahead of their governemnt.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon


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