Delft University of Technology in Holland on fire and collapsing

Sprained my toe so I have had some extra time to wander internet message boards. Far as I can tell 9/11 truth is doing very well.

Here is another pro-OCT argument I saw today. It's building in Holland that collapses due to fire. Some people say it shows that our claims about no steel-frame building collapsing due to fire have been disproved.

The comments below the video pretty much answer the question, but I thought people should see it and comment if there is anything more to say.

I don't think this is comparable to WTC-7. It is a partial

collapse of a much flimsier building that burned brightly for a very long time. It certainly didn't implode into it's own footprint like WTC-7 either.

As this Dutch video of the next day shows, most all of the stilt-like building is still standing!

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Totally agree, but thought

Totally agree, but thought people should see this as it has been coming up here and there.

Seems that the main battle of getting most to see that the OCT is a fraud is going quite well these days. It is important to pay attention to small skirmishes like this and quickly answer questions as they arise.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Yes, I agree. Good work.

Let me just add that I'm not even certain that's a steel-framed building. I see metal window frames I think, but the rest looks like concrete with perhaps some re-bar? (The whole thing sort of looks like an old brown bag of cement.)

Moreover, the building came down as one might suspect, a very lopsided, partial collapse, like an avalanche. It was nothing like the methodical implosions of the towers & WTC-7.

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