On Saturday, July 5th at Peace Arch Park (Blaine, WA and White Rock, BC Border crossing) from 12 Noon til Dusk, Canadians and Americans will come together for common causes and interests for our mutual benefit.

All 'Truth Activists' in the Pacific Northwest (USA and Canada) are invited to attend and participate in this relatively unstructured and informal event. Whether you are interested in 9/11 Truth, the SPP and National Sovereignty issues, the Illegal Wars, Canada's Bill C-51 and other health related issues such as Vaccines and Fluoride, the Fake Money System, Blackbox Voting and Voting Reform, the NWO, First Nations issues, or are supporters of the Canadian Action Party, Ron Paul, Kucinich or McKinney (political parties or candidates that do not get coverage), you are invited to join with us for a fun, social event liberally sprinkled with Civil Informationing (ie. friendly, educational conversations with the general public), music, and possibly a speaker or two.

This is NOT a protest nor a demonstration in the usual sense, but rather an "opportunity" to meet like-minded people, find commonality, share information, ideas and materials with each other, as well as with the general public in the parks, on the beach or as they wait in their cars to cross the border ...civilly, respectfully and as positively as possible. The aim is to inform and share knowledge, NOT to confront or disrupt anyone. We want to BE the MEDIA and BE the CHANGE that we want to see.

Wear your Truth T-Shirts (black is OK but it would be good to see some other colors too), bring your flyers, books, DVDs and a sign or banner to highlight your issues of interest. Be creative and informative, and try to spark public interest and curiosity.

As we celebrate both Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day, it is our patriotic duty to exercise the rights and freedoms that others fought and died for, and our civic duty to help inform others about that which the media refuses to cover, or which it distorts.

This should be considered as a "family friendly" event (children, parents and grand parents) and we strongly encourage people of all ages, backgrounds etc to come together this day, peacefully and civilly, for our own individual sake, and for that of our respective countries.

This international event is co-sponsored, organized and coordinated by Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth (BC) and Bellingham 9/11 Truth (WA)

It is a free event and gathering of individuals and groups with common interests and goals.




We would appreciate an e-mail confirmation of intent to attend and participate with approximate number of people in your group. (We don't need names, but numbers will help us better prepare and coordinate the event)

Is there a Midwest

Is there a Midwest Convergence in the works?

"Is there a Midwest

"Is there a Midwest Convergence in the works? "

Only if you decide to do it!

I hope many who live near the borders across North America will go there (both sides) on this July 4th weekend and inform people about 9/11, the SPP, DU and many related issues.

All it takes is one person to make a decision and do it. Try to contact your counterparts on the other side of the line to take action too.

We must lose the fear and stop the fear.

Do it with sincere love and kindness.

Be the change!


We are trying to go through the proper channels with this event and the results have been positive so far.

We now have secured the picnic area and hall with kitchen on the US side and have permission for amplified music, provided it is not too loud. We will have a stage near the side of the road, beside the Peace Arch (between the 2 parks).

The local HipHop Duo "Conspirituality" will perform there, along with a few others, but we are still looking for more talent (musicians, poets, comics, etc)


We have no featured speakers at this time, but each group that attends can designate a speaker for a short introductory speech.

There will be presentations / screenings in the hall adjacent to the picnic area on the US side.

Any interested social/politically active musicians are asked to contact us a.s.a.p. if they would like to perform on a voluntary basis, or for donations. We have no budget and there is no admission so no revenues for us (unless we get some substantial donations in the mean time).

We are also looking for a good film crew.

RADIO INTERVIEWS concerning the Northwest Truth Convergence:

The American Awakening Show with Michael Herzog on RBN, June 27th

Black Op Radio with Len Osanic, June 26th.

Some more interviews are lining up.

More news coming next week!