The Owners of the Country - George Carlin

I heard this particular routine on Lynn Samuels at Sirius earlier today - thought it worthwhile to post. He undoubtedly Knew. -- Betsy

Summer of Truth, 2008

George Carlin was amazing.

I agree with everything he said in this monologue.

Thank you Betsy for posting this.

Thank you George for the laughs and the wisdom.

Ditto Rob and thanks Betsy for posting this.

In 7 minutes ... George said it all.

Great post Betsy! Another

Great post Betsy! Another good George Carlin clip is the Divide and Conqueror, the ruling class keep the lower and middle class fighting amongst themselves, so they can run off with all the money seems to be what is happening to America with the falling dollar and rampant inflation. The tumor of corruption is eating away at America. Anyway, enough with the rant, here it is.