Prison Planet: Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies In WTC 7

(Edit - 7/6/2008 - Barry Jennings denies 'seeing' any bodies that he says he stepped over in his statement below. -rep.)

Emergency Official Witnessed Dead Bodies In WTC 7
In exclusive video, Barry Jennings discusses explosions in Building 7 before collapse of twin towers

Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet - Monday, June 23, 2008

Exclusive video of emergency official Barry Jennings discussing explosions inside WTC 7 before either of the twin towers had collapsed and having to step over dead bodies of victims as he attempted to vacate the building has been released for the first time.

The clip, which was originally intended to feature in Loose Change Final Cut but had to be withdrawn according to Jennings' wishes after he had received threats, has now been made public in anticipation of a BBC documentary about Building 7 which is expected to skew Jennings' account in an attempt to reinforce the official story.

In reality, what Jennings witnessed completely contradicts the official story of what happened to Building 7.

On the morning of 9/11 in his capacity as Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority, Jennings and Michael Hess, who is a founding Partner and Senior Managing Director of Giuliani Partners LLC, visited the Office of Emergency Management inside Building 7 only to find it had been abandoned...

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The problem I have with this

The problem I have with this interview is the following...

1) When he states that "both buildings were still standing" in the interview, he makes this statement in conjunction with his experience while he is in the stairwell. How exactly would he know the state of the towers at this time? Presumably he is inside of WTC 7 with little visibility of the towers considering he was on the lower floors (8th) and WTC 6 is between WTC 7 and the towers. It's also obvious that he is in the building after the towers collapse because he notes that the fire-department comes into WTC 7 after each collapse (sometime after 9:59 and 10:28 respectively). Why would he still be in WTC 7 half an hour after the first tower collapse?

2) In the interview he states that he had to crawl because of his knees. And no first responder helped him? With dead bodies laying around we are led to believe that a lone survivor (or two) would be left on their own to crawl out of WTC 7. Seems unlikely. In addition, the TV interview, which is given by Jennings, later on certainly shows no indication of his knee problems that cause him to crawl. (see

3) In the interview he never mentions breaking the window with a fire extinguisher to to cry for help, as he describes in the interview link in #2.

Now, it’s not that I don't believe the story. What is troubling is that the interview is poorly constructed to clear up ambiguities, such as the questions described above. This is a common problem with 9/11 truth - even when someone gets a hold of an eyewitness the questioning is very poor. How can one perform an interview like this and not get more detail? "Gee Mr. Jennings, how exactly did you know that the buildings were still standing? When you say buildings are you referring to the twin towers? Do you have an idea of the time of these events? How many bodies did you actually see? Were they plain closed or were they first-responders? When you got to the lobby and it was destroyed, was it covered in dust? Did you leave WTC 7 after before the first tower collapse, after the first tower collapsed or after the second tower collapsed? What route did you take to place where you were interviewed by the TV reporter? How did you hookup again with the person that heard your cries for help? How far did you have to crawl before you started walking again?"

good point

I also thought his account was a little melodramatic.The bit were he says he was dangling from a pole on the stairwell I thought was over the top.

I couldn't agree more. The

I couldn't agree more. The questioning is often left wanting but that's the nature of Guerrilla Media and relative kids trying to be the media.

Who is marking down the all criticisms?

C'mon, own up. This is ridiculous.

Editor -


I'd prefer to focus on Barry Jennings' unanswered question at the end of the video.

"Why that building collapsed in the first place?"

I'd rather not be DISTRACTED with trivial questions like why Mr. Jennings "never mentions breaking the window with a fire extinguisher to cry for help".

The point about concerns

The point about concerns here are not that they distract, but that they tend to discredit him overall. Asking why the building collapsed isn't unique to supporting demolition.

Chapter 24 of Dr. Griffin's

Chapter 24 of Dr. Griffin's new books clears most of this up, its the chapter on WTC 7.

9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press

In the book, Griffin discovered that Jennings did his 9/11 interview a half mile from WTC 7 at 11:34 AM!

When Jennings went back up to the 8th floor after the explosion, he looked out the windows and saw the towers.

WTC 6 is only 9 stories tall, he could see the towers above that.

Jennings said he couldn't run because of his knees, not that he couldn't stand up and do a TV interview.

There is video of the broken window, so it doesn't matter if he mentions it in every interview.

Jennings said the 2nd plane hit when he was on the 23rd floor.

Jennings left WTC 7 after the 2nd tower fell. He said the firemen were trying to get him at the time of the first collapse, then came back, then the 2nd tower collapsed, and then they got him after that. So he was rescued after 10:28, but before 11:34, probably around 11 AM.

A lot of this stuff is analyzed here:

NIST exploring 9/11 conspiracy theory for WTC-7

Other points of interest:

The explosion felt by Jennings is near the area where NIST says "critical failure" of the building occurred. The area is also directly below the "kink" and the east penthouse. It is near the area of the FEMA hotspots, and is near the area where the fire was seen in on floor # 7 from the north face of WTC 7, on the east half.

Jennings was in the east stairwell, which is near the east end of the core and on the north edge of the core.

Thank you for your reasoned

Thank you for your reasoned answer. As for the remainder of the comments, you do the truth movement little good by using the tactics of the OCT supporters - attack the messanger, ingore the message.

1) The issue I have with your response is the following: Exactly were did Griffen get his information? Is there an extended interview with Mr. Jennings where he confirms all of this information? Certainly even I can come up with a timeline like this to support almost any conclusion, that hardly makes it factual.

2) Mr. Jennings says he crawled, not me.

3) Is Mr. Jennings impling that the escalators were damaged? They look fine the video.
4) Where is the massive damage Mr. Jennings is talking about - its not in the video.
5) Where are the bodies Mr. Jennings is talking about - their not in the video either.

Now, before I get hammered here -- if you can't handle questions from the truther - how are you going to handle questions for the other side? If there are easy answers - please provide. Otherwise, keep you attacks to yourself.

All good questions and should be answered under oath..

in a court of law, by way of an independent investigation into 9/11. I think we can all agree with that. Let the world hear Richard Gage's answer to Barry Jennings original question: "why that building fell in the first place?".

I find the man to be credible and his story plausible. You are

focusing on minutia that is immaterial & which has been exaggerated in importance by yourself.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Your arguments are pretty weak, his testimony is credible

1.) If you were that close to the Towers sight was not required to know when they came down. Even a blind AND deaf person would have known.

2.) Seems like you are trying to make two points here so...
a.) Expressing disbelief is not really an argument. A lot of incredible things happened that day.
b.) In both videos he is standing in one place. People with knee problems can often stand with no problem. It is walking that is difficult.

3.) Watch more eye witness testimony, or try giving some yourself. You will see that when people recount traumatic events, different points seem worth mentioning at different times. Behind every first hand account of that day there is a huge backstory with tons of detail. It is often difficult to tell what is worth mentioning and what is not crucially relevant.

Barry Jennings deserves to be heard. He should be supported as much as possible by the '9/11 truth movement'. Leave it to the 'debunkers' to come up spurious arguments, they will.

Big News

Regardless of the criticisms about the way the interview was conducted, this is extremely valuable given Mr. Jennings credibility as a govt. official in the State of New York.. Other interviews can and may be done in the future. Likewise, avenues of corroboration can now be pursued. The Loose Change crew deserves huge credit for their efforts in getting the interview in the first place and Mr. Jennings for his courage to speak out.

For all of you who are critical of the way the interview was conducted, my suggestion is to go find for yourself the fire department workers who came to his aid, interview them yourself and report back to us.

Great work guys.

Credibility does not derive

Credibility does not derive from the fact that he is a NYS Employee (one of 1.2 million). Credibility comes from being consistent and providing information that is accurate. When he includes elements that seem very unlikely to have occured (dangling from pipes, crawling to safety, first-responders not helping him), his credibility is deminished. So based on the facts known and putting aside the completely irrelevent fact that he is a NYS employee, Mr. Jenning's credibility is subject to questioning. However, is is obvious that he was there and did experience some events. I'm just not convinced based on the available "testimony" that infact the explosions occured before the tower(s) fell.

My suggestion is what Peacenik said..go do an interview yourself

I have tremendous admiration for people like the Loose Change crew or Alex Jones or Jack Blood or the Scientists and Architects and Engineers or Scholars or many on Blogger, because they go do the grunt work of research.

When people get critical of how someone else has done research or conducted themselves, my response is "Well, go do what they did." Everyone has the opportunity. Go perform a similar activity. Then comment.
If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

yo, dude.

Jennings is a New York State employee who was called into the emergency bunker the minute the planes hit the towers. That's an extremely privileged and respected position of authority, hence extremely credible. Wake the f#@k up and listen to WHO is saying WHAT. Using your rationale, that fact that Norman Minetta was Sec of Transportation and in the White House on 9/11 doesn't make HIM credible. Is that what you're saying?

There was a triage set up in

There was a triage set up in the lobby of WTC7. We should not discount the possibility that bodies were left behind when it was evacuated.
Please watch my movie: The Third Tower

That's an interesting idea

That's an interesting idea but it would seem very surprising.

When you read the accounts of people at the scene from the EMTs,, they were very focused on knowing who lived and died, and the importance of "bodies" being kept intact to identify people and not just leave them in building rubble -- if they believed it was really going to come down -- would be strong. It seems unlikely that EMTs would leave bodies, unless they literally had to run out the door. If this were a real possibility, EMTs could be interviewed, since many of them are known.

I don't have the source in

I don't have the source in front of me, but I believe the "triage" story is based on only one witness, who has been shown to be very unreliable regarding other info he has provided.

This is actually confirmed

This is actually confirmed very early in the
Naudet film. The Chief/Commander (cant remember
which) calls for WTC7 lobby to be used as a triage
center around the same time the second plane hits.

Correct me if I am wrong....

Correct me if I am wrong but isnt the important point that there were dead bodies inside of WTC7- the whole 'Pull it' comment, and people not really caring that WTC7 came down was to the fact that apparently no life was lost inside of WTC7?

The official statement that

The official statement that "no one died in WTC 7" is very important for the coverup. If no one died there, then there is less attention paid to WTC 7. The coverup in unravelling. If you remember the initial news reports on WTC 7, they all make a big deal that it had been evacuated and no one died there.

Yeah- thats what I thought

Yeah- thats what I thought the importance of this statement was.

If no one died there

But if there *was* a triage there, they could use that as an excuse about "bodies," even if it's unlikely EMTs would have left them there. That point should be clarified before any other assumptions are made based on a triage not being there.

At approximately 9:30 a.m.,

At approximately 9:30 a.m., FDNY, EMS established a Division for assisting victims at WTC 7.372 An EMS triage center was
established in the lobby of WTC 7
as occupants from WTC 1 and WTC 6 evacuated through WTC 7.373
At approximately 9:44 a.m., after the report of a third aircraft heading into the city and news that the
Pentagon had been attacked, a Deputy OEM Commissioner ordered the complete evacuation of WTC 7.
(Sheirer 2004) This order included the evacuation of the OEM operations center on the 23rd floor. The
loss of the OEM operations center created difficulties related to the coordination of emergency responder
operations and resources.374 Before the OEM operations center was evacuated, OEM had assigned
personnel to work with each of the emergency responder command posts. This reduced the impact of the
loss of the WTC 7 OEM office. (See Chapter 8.) Occupants evacuating from WTC 7 used both the
elevators and stairways as they left the building.375 Shortly after WTC 7 was evacuated, the FDNY Fire
Commissioner arrived, looking for the Mayor who he believed to be at the OEM center on the 23rd floor.
A guard met the Commissioner in the lobby and ordered him and his staff out of the building. The guard
told him, “This building has been evacuated.” and that “OEM, the mayor, they’re all gone.”

Here's footage of the interior of WTC7 after the first tower collapsed:

Please watch my movie: The Third Tower

good find. I can't find my

good find. I can't find my source on the alleged WTC 7 triage online, I might have read it in a book, it will come to me.

Its important to note that Barry Jennings was in the WTC 7 lobby at around 11 AM.

So is the government claiming that they left the dead bodies there in the lobby when it was evacuated?

If that's the lobby of WTC-7 after the first tower collapsed,

it's far more damaged that I'd expect.

The south tower collapsed first, and it was at least 600 feet away from WTC-7, with WTC-5 & WTC-6 also in between! So why was there so much damage to WTC-7 at that point in time?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

1) What proof do you have

1) What proof do you have that this was after the first tower collapse? The header on the video states 12:28. Why couldn't it have been after the second tower collapse. There is no timestamp on the video.
2) Lots of damage? Aside from a few broken windows and lots of paper/dust I see no indication of massive damage in the lobby.
3) One of the windows has broken glass that appears to be angled "in", as oppose to "out" as one might expect from an interior explosion.

Again, a lot of conclusions, but were is the backup?

convoluted interview

Is it that hard to ask him directly if the explosions and damage came before the towers collapsed? Its the duty of the interviewer to repeatedly ask him this smoking gun question, this interview is a mess and will be written off by debunkers simply because the smoking gun question was not clearly should have been asked several times .............did the explosions and damage happen before the collapses?

Forget the explosions....'s the coffee. If what he says is true regarding when he arrived there and what happened and what he saw when he first got there, then why would the city's emergency bunker be abandoned after only one plane hit a building and no buildings had yet even hinted at collapsing? A lot of people have some 'splainin to do on this one. Were people in Tower 7 told to leave before the people in the next Tower to be hit? It seems the people who left their hot coffee behind in the emergency bunker were. Why? Change in command post to Barkley St.? Why change the command post so soon? When Jennings arrived, it was still just one errant plane hitting a building. Oh Mr Giuliani............

This is a poor interview

First, how many people eat sandwiches at 10AM?

But I digress. The content of his statements could be immensely important, but there is no detailed questioning here that helps us confirm that the key point is true; namely, that these explosions occured prior to the tower collapse. It is insinuated once in his statement, but we *really* need to know more about his story and we simply don't. These points were well made up above in the comments.

The other question we have to deal with is the possibility of disinformation. We know that there is an orchestrated disinformation campaign out there. We have to scrutinize everything that comes our way, or we will be setup for a fall. Isn't it just a bit unnerving to know that the guy he was stuck up on the 8th floor with works for one of Guliani's companies? What's that about?

Bottomline: we need another detailed and in-depth interview. And it isn't fair to give blind credit here and attack those of us who are concerned about these obvious holes in the interview. I wish I could do the interview myself, but I live 3000 miles away. Lets provide some solidarity here and support for those who can do another interview.

1) They could have been


They could have been breakfast sandwitches.


It is absolutely certain the explosion was before the South tower fell, because Jennings went up to the 8th floor and broke out the window before the South tower fell. The fireman were trying to rescue him when the South tower fell.

Also, if you study his tim line, it all fits perfectly.

He was on the 23rd floor when the South tower was struck. That must ve happened soon after he got there. He also made several phone calls, then they looked for a stairwell. Hess was an older man and Jennings said he was kind of slow going down the stairs.

So if you put it all together, he's on the 23rd floor. Within 5 or 10 minutes they start down the stairs. They go 17 floors down to the 6th, then there's an explosion. Then they go back up to the 8th floor and the South tower is still standing. The South tower stood for 56 minutes, plenty of time for all this to happen.

3) There is no disinformation here, that's paranoia. He is already coming out contradicting a bogus timeline in the NIST report. He spoke on the street telling a consistent story on the news, and so did Hess.

Hess worked with Giuliani, not Jennings. Hess is the one who won't talk now. Jason Bermas tried to get ahold of him, but no luck. So did Kevin Barrett, no luck either.

Obviousely, Hess was not part of the conspiracy, he was freaking out because he couldn't find Giuliani on 9/11. Rudy "Sir Robin" Giuliani never showed up. But Hess has been told not to talk anymore, for obvious reasons. These dudes have the most explosive information of any witness on 9/11 that we know of.

The interview does not substantiate what you say

I agree the interview is compelling but only to a certain point.

None of what you claim is present in the interview and that is precisely the point people here are trying to make. Just because you say it is true by quoting Griffin isn't good enough for people who may see this outside the context of this discussion.

This interview absolutely needs to be redone with very clear and precise questions detailing as much information as possible, and that simply does not exist here.

I am not doubting what you say, but again, we need citations and evidence. I simply can't take your word for it, nor should I take your word. Everything we do needs to be carefully and systematically documented. Because the stakes are high, so to is the requirement for the standards of evidence and documentation. I like Griffin a lot, but he has made mistakes in the past, and we need multi-varied sources on such an important claim.

My only interest here is to make our arguments and evidence stronger in the face of an inevitable attack. This has nothing to do with try to discount how important this testimony could be.

Excellent points

If this testimony is to be accepted as a major breakthrough (as Alex Jones has argued) then it needs to adhere to a high standard of investigative reporting. It needs a detailed interview with Mr. Jennings which addresses all the questions and angles offered here.

Editor -

Why are all the intelligent criticisms being marked down?

This thread seems to be the victim of a cultish lack of reason, and somebody is going around marking down the most sensible criticisms, probably under fake IP address.

Any clear headed person will agree with me that this interview is not good enough. This is not to imply that everything Jennings said is wrong or that there is disinformation at work. The interview is totally underwhelming. That is it. Its afact, take it or leave it, and don't be surprised when this blows up in your faces.

Editor -

I found this article and interview to be very problematic...

... and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who finds it so.

Let me be blunt: the interview proves nothing. Therefore, it has no positive value and should be discarded. We already know that building 7 collapsed at free fall into its own footprint leaving a perfectly neat rubble pile. That is enough. Adding dubious testimony does not help the case. Quite the reverse.

Jennings says it was pitch black, so he cannot possibly have known if the twin towers were still standing at that time. We must then totally trust his perception of time (in a traumatic situation), and we must simply believe him when he says he knows why the firemen came and then left and then returned.

This kind of testimony would be demolished in a court room - just imagine what fun a lawyer would have with it!

More problems:
The interview has been edited and the cuts are obvious making me think that maybe he said more stuff which does not fit in with the thesis of the makers of the video.
The BBC has interviewed Mr. Jennings for their documentary. This CANNOT be good.

I wish I could understand why Jason Bermas is pushing this. It was left out of Loose Change FC - and for good reason: it is not good enough. It is simply not up to the standard of the rest of the film. Jennings says clearly - "you can use this" and indeed it is being used - so I am left feeling incredulous about the claim that it was removed from the film at his request.

This is just the way it appears to me - not casting any aspersions.

Editor -

We are not in court right now

Sure, the video testimony is incomplete and needs clarification. So what! There are simple and plausible explanations for most of Jenning's comments, which, with a little effort can easily be obtained. He didn't have to see the second plane hit, he may have heard and felt the impact and then asked someone what just happened. Concerned citizens like Bermas are in the process of gathering information that the corporate media refuses to examine. There is no court date, so let's not pretend there is one. We have some very significant info from a credible source. We can either try to corroborate it, which is what you do to validate testimony like this, or you can try to debunk it. It seems we have a lot of closet debunkers in our midst. I'm sure Mark Roberts and the Screw Loose Change crew could use some help. Give them a call, they would love to hear from you.

Peacenik - You are so right.

Peacenik, Your paragraph is good.

[ Ha!...I want you by my side if they try to take us to the FEMA camps.]
If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

It appears "peacenik" that

It appears "peacenik" that you did not read my post very carefully. I said "We already know that building 7 collapsed at free fall into its own footprint leaving a perfectly neat rubble pile." I am ON SIDE with the CD of building seven.

Your assertions that we don't need to be rigorous and "we are not in a court room" etc are foolish in the extreme. What do you expect to achieve by this lack of rigour? Why for heaven's sake would you want to beleive everrthing you hear? What possible good can that do?

Editor -


I read everything you wrote. I also checked out your website. Some nice activist stuff there, but nothing that you guys produced has the same import as the Jennings interview or any of the other work done by the Loose Change crew. They are out there digging up new witnesses and getting them on tape and you're hanging out interviewing the choir. Get a few important interviews under your belt before you go cutting down guys like Bermas. Everything about that interview can be built upon and nothing about it hurts the cause. Bermas, alone, makes up for a lot of Monday morning arm chair quarterbacks

p.s. any editor who posts comment containing more than one spelling mistake, shouldn't be the editor of anything. You've got a little bit of rigor of your own to deal with, my friend.

Typical Imperialist Ignorance of the Nuances of Spelling

Rigour or rigor (see spelling differences) has a number of meanings in relation to intellectual life and discourse. These are separate from judicial and political applications with their suggestion of laws enforced to the letter, or political absolutism. A religion, too, may be worn lightly, or applied with rigour.


Editor -

But what about this point?

'The BBC has interviewed Mr. Jennings for their documentary. This CANNOT be good.'

I have to admit, 911oz got my attention with that point.

See my comment above regarding the pitch black thing.

Apparently you do not comprehend that the destruction of the Twin Towers at close proximity registered on all human senses, not just sight.

Even some one in a sensory deprivation tank would have known because of the shockwaves/movement.

Another point to be

Another point to be explored....

Mr. Jennings says that he was called to WTC 7 after the first tower was hit and arrived before the second tower was hit. How exaclty is that possible. The second plane hit 15 minutes after the first plane. It seems unlikely that he arrived before the second plane hit, but after the second plane hit. Not that it matters for the rest of his story, but its just another glitch that needs to be cleared up to fend off OTC steadfasts.

Barry Jennings was near WTC

Barry Jennings was near WTC 7 when the North Tower was hit, and he immediately went to WTC 7 to report at the 23rd floor. This does not take very long, even given his report that he had to go up the elevator twice to get there. He had 17 minutes, not 15 minutes. He said the 2nd plane hit when he was on the 23rd floor.

Someone else remarked that it was dark, pitchblack, how could he see anything. This refers to when he was in the stairwell on the 6th floor when the explosion went off below him. He went back up to the 8th floor, and went to a window to call for help. It was not pitch black when he was looking out the window. The firemen were coming to get him (and Hess), but it took a while, since both towers collapsed between the time they first got the attention of the firemen and the time they were rescued.

Griffin, in his new book, shows that the interview we've all seen of Jennings on the street was at 11:34 A.M. Griffin knows this because the video he has has a time stamp at the beginning, and then he measured the time into the video until Jennings appears. The interview was a half mile from WTC 7.

This proves the NIST report is FALSE, where it claims Jennings was rescued at noon. I am included in the footnotes of that chapter in Griffin's book, chapter 24, you'll have to read the book for full details.

NIST said Jennings and Hess were rescued at noon because they had remarked that they had ben trapped for an hour or an hour and a half. Then NIST claimed that the explosion reported by Jennings was caused by the collapse of the North Tower at 10:28. NIST also deleted the reference by Jennings that there was an explosion, and instead say that Jennings reported "dust and debrisettling into the stairwell".

If you look at a chart where Jennings and Hess were, they were in the east stairwell, not anywhere near where debris hit WTC 7, but maybe close enough for some dust or debris.

This evidence is so strong that it is going to eventually bring down our criminal government, they're cooked, they would have to shut down the entire Internet to escape.


Another thing, Giuliani was supposed to go directly to WTC 7, 23rd foor if there was an emergency, that's why Hess and Jennings went there. Giuliani never went there at all. He later remarked that he was told another plane was headed for the WTC.

It has been speculated here that this plane was FL93 that was supposed to hit WTC 7, but had to be shot down because it was stuck in the runway 40 minutes before takeoff. I agree with that theory, but it is not proven yet. I believe that the story that FL93 was headed to Washington was just a b*llsh*t scare story, not true.

There are no glitches in Jenning's story.

Let the yammering begin

Let the yammering begin

What I'd like to know is:

At about 3:54 Jennings says something about calling several individuals after finding the bunker empty. One person he talks to says to "leave right away". Who did he call, what did they say and who said to leave right away, and why did they say that. If he arrived just after the first plane hit, then who was there before he got there. When did that person(s) get there, were they already there eating sandwiches and drinking coffee. Why did they leave? According to Jennings statement whoever was there before him must have left before the second tower was hit, so why did they leave. Did they hear explosions? Were they ordered to? Did someone warn them another plane was coming? How would they know that?

We don't know exactly who he

We don't know exactly who he was calling, but he was supposed to be meeting with people for the emergency response, that's why he went to Rudy's bunker. Maybe Jennings will tell us some day. He probably already told the government when he interviewd with them (which helps them orchestrate their coverup).

We don't know was there before Jennings got there, Jennings is very surprised by this as well.

If you look at the trailer for the new BBC program, they have some footgae inside WTC 7 we've never seen before. In it, the guy says to the camerman; "you'd better leave".

The explosions in the WTC 7 were probably set to scare people out of the buildings and spread terror, and word was being passed down from somewhere for peple to get out. This is similar to getting the word out that WTC 7 was going to fall.

Galileo, some great posts here in the comment section.

Galileo, thanks! Some great info and some great posts. I appreciate it !!
If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

Where did you get the

Where did you get the information that he was close to WTC 7 when the first plane hit? I have seen no such statement from Mr. Jennings. He says he was called up after the first plane strike; he never mentions hearing or seeing the first plane strike. So why was he so close to WTC 7 - he didn't work there. Where was his regular work place?

Jennings said he reported to

Jennings said he reported to WTC 7 "immediately" after the first plane hit.

This does not answer my

This does not answer my question. So he's headed to work or maybe still at home. He gets a call to report to the command center. He manages to get there in 15 minutes? In Manhattan? Please. Unless he was literally a block from WTC 7 when he got a call to report to the emergency center, exactly how would he accomplish this feat in 15 minutes? Plus, supposedly he was on the 24th floor when the second plane hits. So he did it in less than 15 minutes. This sounds like OJ math. This needs to be explained - because if we can't explain it to ourselves, we certainly won't be able to fend off the OTC supporters.

My take on the interview

I fully agree with the constructive critiques of the interview. Too many debunker-friendly holes needing clarification.

Time line

Arie posted: [with source: pg 109]
At approximately

9:44 a.m. . . Deputy OEM Commissioner ordered the complete evacuation of WTC 7.

Barry: [from interview] "I got there, I had to be, inside, on the 23rd floor when the second plane hit. [9:03 a.m.] . . . Everybody was gone."

Most debunker-friendly.

Jennings never says the

Jennings never says the entire WTC 7 was evacuated at 9:03, only that everyone was gone from the OEM at that time. Hess has never contradicted anything Jennings said, either. Nor would Jennings conclude that the entire WTC 7 was evacuated at 9:03, as he was just with a bunch on people in the lobby at 8:50 or so. Its common to have partial evacuations before general evacuations.

Also, it should be pointed out that Jennings knows nothing about a general evacuation, only that he was told to "leave and leave right away" sometime shortly after 9:03.

The general evacuation order seems to have been given about the time Jennings and Hess were hit by the exploision.

Jennings has done a new interview with the BBC, and you can bet the debunkers will try to nitpick it to pieces.

OEM evacuated AFTER second plane hit

Richard Sheirer director OEM
Testimony May 18, 2004
When the second plane hit the South Tower, we felt an explosion in the North Tower
lobby, but at first we did not know what it was. I was immediately notified over the radio by the
EOC about what had happened.
Almost instantly after the South Tower had been hit, I contacted the EOC to confirm that
air support was on its way to New York. At that time, the EOC informed me that that there were
still planes unaccounted for that may have been heading for New York. I relayed this
information to the command post in the North Tower lobby. At the same time, OEM evacuated
the EOC. The rest of 7 World Trade Center had been evacuated earlier, but after the report of a
possible third plane, we had to get our people out of the building.

Barry Jenkins' statement is incorrect.

Mo betta we 'nitpick' Barry's statements than embrace them and wind up with an omelet on our face.

The ONLY thing in his statements that can be verified is:
When they reached the 8th floor there was an explosion and they were trapped on the 8 th floor.

Michael Hess: I was part of the emergency management crew on the 23rd floor and when all the power went out on the building, another gentleman and i walked down to the 8th floor where there was an explosion! and we were trapped on the 8th floor. Smoke, thick smoke wrapped(?) around us for about an hour and a half"
[start at 6:20. WARNING: audio very loud, turn down volume]

Barry Jenkins "Me and Mr. Hess ..... We made it to the 8th floor. Big explosion!
Blew us back into the 8th floor." [@ 0:15]

Barry's interview with Jason also contains absurd statements like:
"The firefighter that took us down kept saying "Don't look down." and i kept saying why."
"You know you can feel when you're stepping on people."
Do you really believe that he never looked down?
He said the lobby was total ruins but he didn't see the bodies?
Officer: "You'll have to run."
Barry: "I can't run, my knees are swollen."
Officer: "Then you'll have to get on your knees and crawl then." [right]
Barry: ". . . and that's when i started crawling."
[if your knees are swollen and you have to move as fast as possible, do you walk, or crawl on your swollen knees?]
"When I got to that lobby, the lobby was totally destroyed.
It was so destroyed they had to take me out through a hole in the wall”
[Hole in the wall? This one on the east side? Looks like a door to me.]
Dr. Michael Guttenberg, NYC Office of Medical Affairs:
"We found our way out one of the back doors of No. 7 and came outside."

With all due respect to Dylan and Jason, who have done more for the Truth Movement than anyone by blowing it wide open with Loose Change, this is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

This interview only serves to discredit Barry and the evidence of an explosion in WTC 7.
And that's exactly what the BBC will use it for.

It has been nearly 7 years -

It has been nearly 7 years - memories fade and small details can get clouded. The fact remains that he was there - he's on tape at the scene after the collapses, he specifically talks about being blown by an explosion inside WTC7. This is a guy who was reluctant to come forward before this, then changed his mind about having his interview on film once his identity was divulged. Let's not play the debunking defense game. They can't refute his basic story - there were explosions from within WTC7 that cannot be explained by the collapsing towers, IMO.

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Ed Thompson Talks About Building 7! On Tape!

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Testimony REFUTED - pls remove from front page

This has been refuted when Jennings exposed himself on the BBC. See --

Q&A: The collapse of Tower 7

"The writer and director of Loose Change, Dylan Avery, told The Conspiracy Files: "The amount of detail that Barry gave us in this interview was unreal. He says he was stepping over dead bodies in the lobby."

Barry Jennings himself disagrees with their interpretation of his words. Barry Jennings told the BBC: "I didn't like the way you know I was portrayed. They portrayed me as seeing dead bodies. I never saw dead bodies"

Dylan Avery is adamant that he didn't take anything out of context. He played The Conspiracy Files a recording of Barry Jennings words: "The fire fighter who took us down kept saying do not look down. And I kept saying why.

"He said do not look down. And we're stepping over people and you know you could feel when you're stepping over people."

However, Barry Jennings told the BBC: "I said it felt like I was stepping over them but I never saw any.

"And you know that's the way they portrayed me and I didn't appreciate that so I told them to pull my interview."