The NAFTA Superhighway is DEAD (at least for now)


I realize this is not exactly 9/11 truth related but it does deal with the NAFTA Superhighway (Trans Texas Cooridor [TTC]) and, in a sense, the North American Union (NAU). As a delegate to the 2008 Texas Republican State Convention, I can say first hand that resolutions against the TTC and the NAU were turned in, voted upon, passed and are now part of the Texas Republican Party platform. It just goes to show that if you fight hard enough, significant battles here and there can be won (even amongst a slew of close-minded capitalists). Nothing is impossible. The TTC has effectively been killed (the government's first attempt at it, that is).

Paul Calls TTC Decision “A Major Victory For Texas”

by John Pape

Area congressman Ron Paul (R-Lake Jackson) has hailed the Texas Department of Transportation’s decision to abandon plans for the Trans-Texas Corridor as” a major victory for Texas.”

Paul’s congressional district includes portions of Fort Bend County, including much of the Cinco Ranch area.

Just over a week ago, TxDOT announced that it will drop plans to develop a mega-highway across much of Texas in lieu of improving the existing US Hwy. 59 into a full, controlled-access interstate highway. Paul credited public outcry over TTC plans as the reason for the transportation department’s change of plans.

“According to the Texas Transportation Commissioner, consideration is no longer being given to new corridors and other proposals for a new highway footprint for this project. A major looming threat to property rights and national sovereignty is removed with this encouraging announcement,” Paul said. “Public outcry was cited as the main reason for this decision.”

Paul said he was “very impressed” to learn that TxDOT had received nearly 28,000 public comments on the proposal, and that some 12,000 Texans attended the 47 public hearings on the TTC.

“They could not ignore this tsunami of strong public opinion against the proposed plans. I was especially proud of how informed my constituents became on the subject, and how eloquently and respectfully they spoke and conducted themselves considering how upsetting the plans were for our communities in Texas,” Paul said.

Paul cautioned, however, that residents should not become complacent.

“The bittersweet aspect of this victory is that we had to fight at all. We took time away from family and friends, doing other things, to attend these meetings, inform others, write letters, post signs and submit our complaints, and we should not have had to,” Paul noted. “Government should let us be, if we are peaceful citizens harming no one. In a perfect world, government could be trusted to act in the best interests of the people without overwhelming pressure of this kind.”

Paul added that since this is not a perfect world, constant pressure is needed to keep government in check. He said that although the people prevailed in this case, it will probably not be the last time citizen involvement will be needed.

He also warned that a similar superhighway proposal may be brought forth at some future time.

“We still face many unreasonable encroachments of big government today, from confiscatory, economy-strangling taxation to creeping disregard of the rights of habeas corpus and other constitutional rights, to thousands of nuisance bureaucratic regulations interfering with our every-day lives. We have drifted far from what the founding fathers envisioned for this nation,” Paul said. “We must continue to hold the politicians’ feet to the constitutional fire. If I had to guess, they will probably try to implement the NAFTA Superhighway again sometime in the future.”

I can't help but think this

I can't help but think this is some kind of ruse, the TTC aka NAFTA Superhighway. aka NASCO, and sister corridor CANAMEX, have been on the drawing board far too long to undergo this type of re-alignment because of 28,000 Texans complained. I trust Ron Paul's statement and remember reading this report last week, however, I really feel there is just another morphing going on, which has been the case in this project's long history.

For some additional information regarding the history please listen to a interview with Vicky Davis by Karl Wenn. Vicky is an excellent researcher on this subject, among many other issues as well:

The first 15 minutes Karl introduces the NAFTA Superhighway subject, then the interview with Vicky starts after that. She discloses the full history in the next hour and a half.

Karl's website is and he broadcasts on the Revere Radio Network. He also posts a podcast the show on his site for people to download.

For additional detailed background, please see:
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