Ron Paul: Doesn't Accept 9/11 Investigation

"From Glenn Beck (replacement propagandist) on 6/19/08."

Glenn Beck asks Ron Paul why he has so many supporters in the 9/11 truth movement.
YouTube Video:

Ron Paul talks about Bldg 7, 9/11 Coverup in audio

I sent this out to some Ron Paul groups today. There are a LOT of 9/11 Truth people in the Ron Paul community. This is great! United on a variety of fronts we will get the 9/11 Truth out.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


Ron Paul believes 19 Arabs did it!

He's spot on about Iraq, Iran, the FED and other issues but he rejects the Truth Movement in favor of the Cheney/Bush conspiracy theory.

Yes, let's unite. Our opponents are those who support the Cheney/Bush conspiracy theory.

This is the most important issue of our time. All else pales before it.

It's NOT about incompetence, it's about treason and mass murder.

RP just don't get it, no how, no way.