"Trutherpalooza" 9/11 Truth Music & Art Expo, August 29th, 2008 @ San Diego State University

Truther.org is proud to announce "Trutherpalooza", a music and art expo that will take place at San Diego State University on August 29th, 2008. We have rented Montezuma Hall, capacity 850, from 8:00am until 10:00pm, so this will be an ALL day event. "Trutherpalooza" will raise money for the first responders, allow artists to showcase their talents, and raise 9/11 Truth awareness in San Diego and Southern California region.

This is an open call to ALL truthers everywhere. We are currently looking for musicians, bands, and artists that have a 9/11 Truth/Anti-New World Order/Peace/Ron Paul/Freedom related message All artists, bands, and musicians, BIG or small, are encouraged to contact us if you are interested in promoting the 9/11 Truth message as well as yourself. If you are not an artist, musician, or in a band, but you would like to participate or help out with this event, please contact us as well.

Log onto www.truther.org or contact us via email at truther.org@gmail.com

"Banish the word "struggle" from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for." Albert Einstein

Did pretty well until you got to Ron Paul...

9/11 Truth and The Ron Paul Experiment are NOT well matched.

Everything else sounds great!

Robin Hordon


I like big tents with lots of diverse, well-meaning people. We used to call that -- America.

nevermind him

Yea he just likes being divisive.
9/18 was an inside job! So maybe 9/11 was too...

my thoughts

I think the idea is to bring in the many fans of Ron Paul who are either outside 9/11 Truth or on the periphery of it. Now is an opportune time for this, as there are so many Ron Paul supporters out there who were recently involved in his campaign, and may have a desire to become active participants in 9/11 Truth as that gains momentum. Smart move.

While I'm not crazy about the fact that Ron Paul has not explicitly endorsed 9/11 Truth, he does support a new investigation, and overall I think he's a really decent man. There are a large number of other individuals I respect who have so far taken a similar tack to Ron, so I don't feel compelled to be overly critical of that right now. If all politicians would simply acknowledge, like Ron does, that there are unanswered questions and that we need a new investigation, we would be in like Flynn. :-)

Of course, the time for being a "passive supporter" will no doubt pass as the evidence mounts and the movement grows, and I would be disappointed if Ron did not become more directly supportive some time in 2008.


And though I don't support Dr. Paul's views on 9/11, he DOES support a new investigation, and thats really the reason we're all here, isn't it? And it never hurts to bring new people into the fold of the 9/11 Truth Movement, no matter what group or walk of life they derive from.

Thanks for your thoughtful post.
9/18 was an inside job! So maybe 9/11 was too...

The Ron Paul Experiment...

Once the Ron Paul Experiment has removed itself from the 9/11 Truth Movement, BOTH organizations will benefit greatly.

Ron Paul has ONE approach to the 9/11 Truth Movement...and that is that we are crazy.

PLEASE...take The Ron Paul Experiment and loosen its tethering from the coattails of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

You folks are delusional when you think that Ron Paul is a "positive" regarding 9/11 Truth.

After all, he COULD have brought some "impeachment issues based upon the 9/11 attacks" onto the floor of congress, but he didn't.

In fact, I believe that he has NOT even endorsed DK's efforts...but I haven't been tracking it.

PLEASE get a movement of your own and let the 9/11 Truth Movement breath!

Robin Hordon