Richard Gage is Presenting in Phoenix Today

University Presbyterian Church
139 E. Alameda
Tempe, AZ 85282

Friday, June 27 at 7:00pm (arrive early)

Bring your family and friends! Bring the official conspiracy theorists! It's going to be an excellent presentation.

Also, on Saturday AE911Truth has been invited to present to the Arizona Republician Assembly, (the Constitutional wing of the Arizona Republican party).

HELP RICHARD GAGE Architects -He is asking us to help.

Repeatedly, Gage has been screaming out that he needs our help!!
I want to emphasize a point which Richard Gage is desperately trying to make with all the people in the 9/11 Truth Movement. He is asking us to please, please email architects (and engineers). This is simple. He explains it on Let's support Gage !!! Let's help him out.

The action is simple.
Get the email address of an architect or an engineer.

Email a message similar to this:

"I know that you are an expert on these kind of things. I ran across this short TV interview with an architect. And I also visited this website supported by many architects.
What do you think about Building 7? "

Getting the names of architects is easy. Go to the yellow pages. Google their firm. Go to a University website and get the email addresses of those architects who teach. There are many resources. *Email one individual at a time.


Totally agree... This is a VERY important message !!!

With little effort by many, most if not all architects and engineers can be made aware of this group and hopefully at least take the time to review the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Website

I listened to Richard's interview on yesterday's Jeff Farias Show, Jeff seems like a genuine guy and allowed Richard much time to get his message out and promote this event.

MP3 Link (R.G. starts approx 40mins in) :

More Info :,-June-26-2008.html


Good luck tonight, I hope it is full to the brim !!!

I cannot over state just how honorable, brave and brilliant Richard Gage is, many owe you a big thankyou !!!

Best wishes to all

HELP GAGE VIDEO - Less than 2 minutes.


Richard Gage on Jeff Farias Show - 6/26

We Have a Friend in Jeff Farias!

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