Failed Controlled Demolition

Even when the experts try to demolish a building without concealing it through controlled demolition, its not an exact science and a building has a tendency to fall to its side and even greater tendency with any damage to a side.

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Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma stood even though blown in half

Note How Building Retained Shape Even After Fall Stopped

Even the tremendous G forces that were experienced by the building once it's fall was suddenly halted, did not cause the building to crumble or lose shape.

(Unlike 3 WTC buildings designed and buily by world class architects and engineers.

Contradicts statements made

Contradicts statements made even by NIST that they will only look at the buildings up until "collapse initiation." Yet if resistance is greater than the falling force (that 'official story believers' have made it out to be practically impossible to stop) then the same might have been likely if thermate weren't not used on as many floors as it was.