The Plane Truth Project REDUX - Aerial Plane Banner - July 4th, 2008

Hi Fellow Patriots : ) -

Just a reminder that this Friday, July 4th, if you're at a New Jersey beach, bring a video recorder if you can, and look for a Plane Truth Project aerial banner that will be flying from Cape May up to Sandy Hook with a 9/11 Truth message targeted specifically towards military members, but, I think, good for all.

I'll be on a beach with my family (it's my mother's birthday), getting amateur footage, so I hope others out there who are experts at this will be able to get this on tape. I also hope it's a beautifully clear day . . .

If it's cloudy or rainy, the flight will be rescheduled for the first Saturday or Sunday that has nice weather (nice enough to bring people to the beach). I'm very fortunate to be working with an ethical company!

With all the news stories today and in the last few weeks, it seems like we're getting very close to a confrontation with Iran . . . I have no hope that it can be stopped, but I do have hope that it will help open the doors (floodgates?) for 9/11 Truth, maybe even roll the red carpet out for us, but I say that quite lightly, sadly . . . knowing the additional death and destruction that awaits if and when this occurs.

Summer of Truth, 2008

Semper fi . . . . to our country and its citizens, NOT our lying, despicable leaders who have used & abused our troops - going in and coming out, if they can even get out. Convictions at the Hague would be too good for them. And for our other "leaders" in Congress who watch and stand by silently - only 15 Dems voted against the recent FISA bill which, in effect, abolished the Fourth amendment - they will have a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror in future years. An easy prediction to make.

SUMMER OF TRUTH ...takes to the skies


Betsy, What you are doing is such a tremendous ACTION in forwarding the message of 9/11 Truth to the masses.
Only by each of us working diligently to have the message of 9/11 Truth seen by the public will we be able to turn things around. Thank you!

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth. And you have to continue to bear that torch and try to get it into the mainstream, and not be discouraged when you don’t…."

"I ask you not to mourn the passing of democracy and of liberty in this country…don’t mourn the passing of democracy – Organize. Organize to restore it wherever it is possible to do so. Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again as though from the ashes, and rebuild this great land. "

The Plane Truth Project

BTW Betsy we had about 250 people attend our screening of LCFC on June 21st, far less than we were hoping for but we were pleased. We gave out 400 DVDs.

If you can get good video footage and make a compelling YouTube video it will help spread this approach to blogging.