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June 30, 2008

Ray McGovern returns to the Alex Jones show to discuss the deteriorating situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and . . . Iran

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Always interesting to hear McGovern's take....

...because Ray is one of the few who provides honest assessment!

I certainly appreciate AJFan's efforts to provide these links! Keep it up!

This Jone's interview provides points you're unlikely to hear elsewhere! McGovern highlights comments by politicians that a terrorist attack would aid the McCain effort. These are statements to note.

Ray breaks down the Iran threat further, Ray points out even if Iran got a bomb, it would be suicidal to lob one bomb towards Israel. Iran is simply not a threat. Americans have been sold a bill of goods.

McGovern relates Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's comment, "Bush promised to take care of Iran before he leaves office." You can't disregard such statements.

It's pretty good analysis.

We have entered crunch time for the country until the next inauguration on January 20, 2009.. Once there, it's still no guarantee but will take another administration time to gather any war prep!

Ray McGovern
...don't believe them!