Vote on the next FaxForTruth campaign

The voting is done, here are the ideas for this week to be voted on.

Please vote by posting a comment saying what idea you are voting for. The voting will end Wednesday at noon and the new campaign will be announced shortly after.


Idea #1: Fax Michael Reagan's boss about his death threats against Mark Dice

Idea #2: Fax TD Jakes, a congregational leader, and ask him to look at the evidence of a coverup with regards to 9/11

Idea #3: Fax Orrin Hatch and show him how many of us out there know the truth he is hiding about 9/11

Idea #4: Fax Robert Wexler (again) and urge him to follow up on the letter sent to him by Richard Gage by meeting in person with Mr. Gage to discuss all the scientific anomalies of the official 9/11 story.

Hard to choose

Idea #2: Fax TD Jakes, a congregational leader, and ask him to look at the evidence of a coverup with regards to 9/11

this one has potential.

Jakes is misidentified

He's a African American TV preacher

Doesn't mean we shouldn't email him, though the anthrax issue should be included

TD Jakes, a congregational

TD Jakes, a congregational leader?

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Pls find out more about the man and the type of message he his preaching, relationship with the Clintons etc......

Many tele-evangelists like Benny Hinn who associates with TD Jakes etc are highly compromised.

Jake's lifestyle and msg represents the typical commercial Go$pel that is sold to the public. The diamond watch, diamond bracelet ministry.

Righ-Wing AND many left wing(chameleon)Chri$tian conservatives were the prime movers and shakers behind the Bush Ministry of Terror and $ecurity.

Remember "God" told Bu$h to invade Iraq.

So I wonder which "Prophet" or "Pastor" endorsed it? And which did not hear othwerwise from God and warn the President?

Last thing we need in the 911 Truth movement are people who abuse religious truth for personal , financial AND political gain.

Just do some research on TD Jakes, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts AND family to find out how far they have fallen from the REAL MSG of the Gospels.

A fake prosperity gospel, a lifestyle not consistent with Christ's and political associations with War Criminals & drug smugglers (that includes the Clintons).

Don't forget the strong Masonic connections.

Baal Worship and the Holy Spirit don't go well together.

In America unfortunately too many people have a loyalty to Masonic death oaths that superseed loyalty to the Constitution and even the Gospel (for those who claim to believe it)

The Republican Party claims to be a Chri$tian party, yet they are full of closet child predators, financial criminals, drug smugglers and war crimes.

This is the type of fake Chri$tianity that is destroying America. Both politically and spiritually.

TD Jakes is as non-representative of the Gospel as Billy Graham ever was.

Or war monger Neo-Con Jerry Falwell.

BTW he is bound to be running a 501(c)(3) organization. Don't hold your breath because the IRS will not let them do anything but toe the govt. line.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The objective is to get the 9/11 Truth message out there.

While I couldn't agree with you more on the "potential of less than virtuous preachers" ...
...the objective is to have church leaders speak out about 9/11 Truth to a wider group of listeners.

It is the 9/11 Truth message and disseminating it to wider audiences that is the intent and purpose. I don't really care who the messenger is.

Rev Wright may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he had an impact with his message and Obama.
Martin Luther King had a method of sermon delivery which many did not find favor with. But he led an idea.

(hell, I am agnostic atheist...but I believe in the spiritual nature and worth of man.) The IDEA alone, the 9/11 truth, can transcend the history and failings of individuals.

Michael Reagan

Just to remind his boss, we not going to forget and it is a crime! It is a crime to make death threats over the air! Has everyone taken leave of their senses?.

...don't believe them!


#4 to support Gage's efforts.

#2 is my 2nd choice.


4 Wexler re Gage

Idea #2 now. Idea #4 next week.

Idea #2 now. (Idea #4 next week)

T D Jakes has nationally bestselling books. He has followers around the world and a local congregation of over 30,000 at The Potters House. He exerts a passionate influence. The organization seems fiscally sound (and affluent).

(Personally, I prefer another mode of communication from the pulpit, but some people like this method.)

****The T D Jakes MYSPACE (fans) has ALEX JONES as a top 20 friend.

****The T D Jakes MYSPACE has signed onto Jason Bermas' MySpace

Each of us can help Gage now...


My vote is Amy Goodman or Jon Stewart

A suggestion. You start looking at the fax machine as a device that will spend perhaps 4 seconds per fax. You determine how to stretch that 4 seconds in to 48 hours factoring in downtime on both ends.

Turn the fax machine into a device that consumes paper and ink, continue this process until the fax machine on the receiver's end is no longer a cost efficient device to use.


1) have a group of people demand that the fax machines get upgraded or expanded so as to allow lines of communication to remain open.


2) have a group of people demand that the waste in paper and supplies for a public office is too large and out of budget. Demand to know why the fax machines are down, and what can be done to more effectively address this problem.

T.D. Jakes.

I like the idea of T.D. Jakes or whatever his name is. It's just a fax. Then we can move on to the next potential influential person etc. Peace. And Thanks.

Here is the entire Judiciary committee and their fax numbers:

Here is the entire Judiciary committee and their fax numbers:

"Baldwin","(202) 2256942"
"Berman","(202) 2253196"
"Boucher","(202) 2250442"
"Cannon","(202) 2255629"
"Chabot","(202) 2253012"
"Coble","(202) 2258611"
"Cohen","(202) 2255663"
"Conyers","(202) 2250072"
"Davis","(202) 2269567"
"Delahunt","(202) 2255658"
"Ellison","(202) 2254886"
"Fenney","(202) 2266299"
"Forbes","(202) 2261170"
"Franks","(202) 2256328"
"Gallegly","(202) 2251100"
"Gohmert","(202) 2261230"
"Goodlatte","(202) 2259681"
"Gutierrez","(202) 2257810"
"Issa","(202) 2253303"
"Jackson Lee","(202) 2253317"
"Johnson","(202) 2260961"
"Jordan","(202) 2260577"
"Keller","(202) 2250999"
"King","(202) 2253193"
"Lofgrin","(202) 2253336"
"Lungren","(202) 2261298"
"Nadler","(202) 2256923"
"nadler brooklyn","(718) 9960039"
"Pence","(202) 2253382"
"Sanchez","(202) 2261012"
"Schiff","(202) 2255828"
"Scott","(202) 2258354"
"Seneenbrenner","(202) 2253190"
"Sherman","(202) 2255879"
"Sutton","(202) 2252266"
"Wasserman Schultz","(202) 2262052"
"Waters","(202) 2257854"
"Watt","(202) 2251512"
"Weiner","(202) 2267253"
"Wexler","(202) 2255974"