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"This film is Part 1 in a series. Composed to raise awareness and support for our First Responders, Soldiers, and other Heroes currently suffering...dying to get your attention."


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THIS FILM IS NOT FOR SALE, this was provided to you at our own expense, because if you could afford this information, you'd already have it. Right? A Film To End All Wars exposes the true root causes behind the business of war, which will continue until We the People decide to inform ourselves, to think critically, and to take action by voting with our dollars.

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After screening VOLUME ONE of "A Film to End All Wars", everyone asks:


Simply: stop giving your money, attention, and thus your power away to people who lie to you. Specifically: We propose a 3-step solution.

Step 1: Recognize that corporations are mandated to return profit to shareholders; thus it becomes profitable to suppress information, keeping the public ignorant leading into wars contrived for profit. The cycle continues until we break it by recognizing that ALL WARS ARE CREATED FOR OUR CONSUMPTION, so stop consuming war, stop funding war profiteers, and stop supporting politicians who support the war. Educate yourself by consuming independent media, and avoid the corporate/militainment-produced soundbyte culture which lead us into the Iraq War.

Step 2: Take Action, Explore your Options, & Do Something Constructive.

Call: 1-888-775-2581 & Support our efforts to circumvent corporate media, inform the public, and STOP THE WAR.

8th Estate Media & Research in association with the 2nd Chance Foundation (501c3 non-profit founded in 1984) provides You with the Opportunity to invest your time or intellectual/social/physical capital by deferring a percentage of the money you give to the IRS to our organization in exchange for a tax-deduction essentially depriving the IRS and its foreign owners of your energy, and voting with your dollars by strategically redirecting your dollars into an organization working in concert with other organizations in a cooperative effort to address the root causes of the ongoing war (against us all).

To learn more about why the IRS is not your friend: Google "America: from Freedom to Fascism", by Aaron Russo (whose films have had 6 Academy Award Nominations)

Step 3: Just Do It. Doing Anything right now is better than nothing we're all learning new skills, meeting new people, experiencing the world in a whole new way You're not alone, and only together do we have a chance to resolve the consequences of our Apathy as Americans. Pass it on.

America is looking for Heroes our first line of defense (First Responders, Iraq Veterans Against the War, AWOL Soldiers with the Courage to Resist) are calling on We, The People Will you answer the call by making a call yourself?

If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them. (Senator Paul Wellstone)

What do you stand for? TAKE ACTION NOW!


front page please.

"alleged" airline crashes in NYC

Richard Grove says that real planes never hit the WTC.

On Saturday's edition of "Truth Group Radio" on the Revere Radio Network, co-host Richard Andrew Grove , a 9/11 corporate whistleblower, spoke about his eyewitness experience in southern Manhattan on 9/11. About the alleged "American Flight 11" Boeing airliner crashing into the North Tower, Grove said,

"I was sitting there in a convertible and I never heard it, and I never saw it."

That's what sites like total911.info are all about too.

Sorry, but I feel I need to

Sorry, but I feel I need to address your mistakes and allegations here...

"alleged" airline crashes in NYC

#1 - The "alleged" quote above was not even a quote of Richard Grove. In the future you might examine what you type and read before leveling such charges. "American Flight 11" is the only thing in quotes.

So in the interest of truth... "Total911.com" said "alleged". Correct? I trust you will correct your error here?

#2 - "Richard Grove says that real planes never hit the WTC."

Would you care to provide evidence to support your allegation? Perhaps you can provide a link to show where he has said "real planes never hit the WTC." I have not once heard or read anything of the sort. EVER. Maybe you have? Lets see it!

#3 - "I was sitting there in a convertible and I never heard it, and I never saw it."

Since when does not hearing or seeing a plane in person automatically qualify someone as saying "real planes never hit the WTC"?

Thanks in advance for your willingness to explain yourself.


Listen to the interview. In the revereradio piece Grove specifically says he spoke to a reporter from the Sunday Times in London and asks him,

"Why do you think that's Flight 11? Did anyone identify the tail number on that plane? . . . "(42:00)

It's pretty clear that he doesn't think it was Flight 11.

Then he mentions later, "Flight 93 landed at Cleveland and was taken to a NASA facility . . .(43:00)

It's pretty clear that he doesn't think 93 ever was shot down, either.

Both of those claims are long ago debunked.

I feel all of this is

I have not heard the specific interview, but I do feel all of this is pretty irrelevant to the above post about the Film. Perhaps you could watch the film and hit him up if you would like to clarify your assumptions. Have you watched it?

However I am troubled that (for some reason) you are now attempting to re-frame the discussion to something entirely different and have ignored my request to provide evidence to back up your very specific and initial allegation.

Your initial charge was that he "says that real planes never hit the WTC". You have provided nothing to support that or to illustrate that statement.

"real planes" is what you stated. "real planes"

That is entirely different then what you are now saying..... "doesn't think it was flight 11."

I am sure you could hit him up and ask him rather than soil the thread by posting allegations you can't possibly back up with anything more then your own opinion as to what is "pretty clear" about his statements or beliefs from nearly 2 years ago. See how that looks?

There should be a email contact by going to www.8thestate.com

Check out the film. Take care.


>>See how that looks? Very

>>See how that looks? Very suspicious.

Richard Grove came out with a big splash as a "whistleblower" in 2006 and then nothing happened. People could barely make any sense of what he was talking about. How did that look? Like another distraction to waste people's time.

Then a year later he did an interview claiming that Flight 11 wasn't really Flight 11 (the original mp3 is gone now, but the info is around elsewhere as well). That actually *is* relevant because he's clearly a part of the film and if he's making claims about needing to see tail numbers on the planes to know if they were the real planes or not, he's advocating "no planes" in NYC and Penn. And directly to a reporter, if it was true what he said in the interview. That's pretty relevant to most people who advocate exposing truths.

Again, I have not heard the

Again, I have not heard the original mp3 (or the context or discussion) so my suggestion to you would be to contact him directly. Have you done so? I am very doubtful of any allegations that he was outright "advocating" anything of the sort.

My intention here was to post what is IMO a very well done film, which mind you has nothing to do with "no planes", "tail numbers" etc..

Let us know what you find out.

"This film is Part 1 in a series. Composed to raise awareness and support for our First Responders, Soldiers, and other Heroes currently suffering...dying to get your attention."

"NTSB: No Records Pertaining

"NTSB: No Records Pertaining To Process Of Positive Identification Of 9/11 Aircraft Wreckage"

"Within a July 18, 2008 Freedom of Information Act response from the National Transportation Safety Board, the NTSB indicates that it possesses no records indicating how wreckage recovered from the 4 aircraft used during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 was positively identified as belonging to the 4 planes reportedly hijacked that day or even if such wreckage was positively identified at all."


See Also : (Streaming video)

See Also : (Streaming video)

A Film To End All Wars!