If You Question The Official Account Of 9/11 AT ALL... Vote For Cynthia McKinney

In this country, we have a problem. One of many. Our election process is tainted. We are forced to choose between heads or tails of the same exact coin. Because of electronic voting, it is not guaranteed that who you vote for will actually get your vote. Because the media is controlled, we never hear from candidates that do not represent the 1% of this country. Because campaign reform doesn't exist, the candidates of the 1% get as much money as they need, making it impossible for anyone to compete. Third Party candidates are not allowed to enter Presidential debates. Very simply, the process that allegedly gives the people the responsibility of choosing who is best to lead this country, does not work.

We belong to the 9/11 Truth Movement. To us, there is no issue more important than 9/11 Truth. In the coming election, there is only one candidate that represents our interests. That person is former Representative Cynthia McKinney.

Over the years, Cynthia has championed this cause moreso than any other elected official. She has held public and Congressional hearings on this very topic in the hopes of educating Americans about what is really going on. She has confronted people like Donald Rumsfeld, and General Richard Myers about this issue. Since trying to get the Green Party nomination for President, she has made sure to mention 9/11 Truth in every interview I have seen her in.

As I said, our election process is tainted. There is no hope that Cynthia McKinney will win the 2008 Presidential Election. None at all. If you vote for Cynthia, it will be a wasted vote. However, if you question the official account of 9/11 AT ALL, then Cynthia McKinney is your candidate. To me, I would rather vote with my mind, and with my heart, than ever consider giving my vote to someone that does not deserve it. Because of this, my vote is going to Cynthia McKinney.

My suggestion to everyone that belongs to this movement or questions the official account of 9/11 AT ALL is as follows:

Vote for Cynthia McKinney, or don't vote at all. It may be a wasted vote, but the message is clear. We want truth and accountability for the 9/11 attacks, we are not going away, and we are NOT giving our vote to anyone that refuses to do the right thing.


To learn more about Cynthia McKinney, click here.

There is no other choice in my opinion

McKinney Grills Rumsfeld

(she needs a money bomb)

She'll get my vote

With Mike Gravel failing to get the Libertarian Party nomination, and Ron Paul out, there is for me not a lot of reason to look elsewhere. McKinney is explicit about 9/11 Truth, which means a lot.

Excellent post, Cynthia's

Excellent post, Cynthia's the greatest! She has my vote as well! People have to realize that voting for candidates so the 'other' candidate won't get elected get exactly what they didn't want in the first place. In the end we all lose as both parties are just different sides of the same coin. When the republicans win, you get overt action, with the democrats, you get cold war arm races and covert action (though plenty of covert action under the republicans as well). Corruption has infected both parties way long ago. (With a few rare exceptions, Kucinich, Paul, Gravel though that may be debatable and they're not even in the same league as All-Star McKinney!)

This is something we can all agree on!

Cynthia McKinney is the ONLY candidate that has challenged the 'official' 9-11 story with no reservations. She does not mince words, nor dance around questions. She is solidly behind our demands for the truth. She has proven her willingness to stand up to the power structure, and she has paid the political price for doing so, but that has not stopped her from her quest.

Cynthia is unwaivering in her morals, her integrity, and her persistence for justice. She is very aware of the nefarious activities that are pitted against the people, and she stands tall in the face of overwhelming odds to speak truth to power.

The Green Party Convention in Chicago is this month, and how awesome would it be if the 9-11 Truth movement would show up in strength and numbers to rally behind the ONE candidate that represents truth to power?

Does anybody have the exact dates, times and location of the Green Party Convention?

With you in the struggle,

My vote too

Yup. I registered Green six months ago and plan to vote for her for 911 and her beliefs and positions on the the 60's assasinations, the "secret government", global warming, militarism, fascism, and a bunch of other issues.

Fred W

Yep, I'll be voting for her.

Yep, I'll be voting for her. The Greens are having their presidential convention in Chicago July 10-13. It's fairly certain that McKinney will be the candidate for the party. Ralph is not running as a Green but as an Independent.

Thanks for posting.

American Blackout

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

It's also worth registering...

Cynthia is simply the best.

It is also helpful for people to register as members of the Green Party. Doing so helps get their candidates on the ballot across all the races for office. Why would that be good? The Green Party as a whole has made 9/11 accountability part of their platform. Which explains why it is the perfect party for McKinney.

Obama Back Peddles to The Right Center

If Obama is in a tight race in your state consider voting for him as much as you may dislike that. If it looks like either he or McCain is way out in front in your state. please vote for McKinney.

Here's what Obama recently stands for:

Voted for the revised FISA bill
Supports the death penalty even for rape.
Has Wal-Mart attorneys advising him.
Penny Pritzker, sub-prime loan architect ,on his campaign staff for financials.
He'll maintain even increase the high levels of current military spending.
Supports faith based initiatives.
Supports nuclear power.

when will the rightward drift end? When will it end for the democrats? Will Obama call for a new 911 investigation? Don't count on it.

Vote for McKinney.

It's great to see the level

It's great to see the level of support for Cynthia. I think she shares enough in common with ron Paul to get some of his supporters and donors. If we are to hae a political movement of any competency which stands against empire, we need a broad coalition.


I love Cynthia.


I most likely will vote for Ron Paul to send a message for liberty but I still could just throw my hat in the Cynthia McKinney ring. I really like her a lot. It's just that I don't endorse a liberal policy. I do, however, promote her to all my liberal friends and strangers.

I feel really lucky.

I attended the first international citizen's commission on 9/11 in San Francisco in 2004.
There was one congressman there, and that person was Cynthia McKinney. She was a stoic, but not immobile attendee. She was there and you could tell that she was listening. She spoke, reservedly, at that conference, and she has somehow only gained courage in the face of American Fascism ever since. Cynthia McKinney deserves my vote like my children deserve to breathe air. The longer we deny our reality, collectively, the more difficult the eventual divorce will be.
How I wish there were more honest human beings with fantastic leadership skills. McKinney is someone I would follow into hopelessness on her promise that the next generation would benefit.
Please, for your own sake, see American Blackout.
And, stay true to yourself. Remember that the Democrats gave $400 million of your money for clandestine, unjustified war in Iran. With nothing to go on. The two parties are just two sides of the fascist party: the overt fascists, and, the secret fascists.
If you're so sure that your children will survive American Fascism, I suggest you think again.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

Thanks for urging me to watch American Blackout!

It's a well-done video and very easy to watch!

I only ask will it be the same formula this time?

...don't believe them!

Cynthia McKinney Has Always Had My Vote

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I concur with this blog. I met Cynthia in Milwaukee and she spent some quality time with me at a small restaurant after a speech she did at the UW Milwaukee campus. This woman is genuine and she backs up what she says. She is a 9/11 Truther to the core. Take Care Matt

divide and conquer.. need instant run-off voting first

if there was instant run-off voting, cynthia mckinney would be my top choice..

in this election after two stolen elections, i would be happy to have the better of the two choices we have for u.s. president.

i know this is not politically correct in the 911blogger world..

but i have been taking such an unpopular position since 2000 preferring al gore over bush..

the deal with our elections is that one needs to win by a lot .. or the vote can be manipulated..

more on this.. and how 9/11 fits into the picture, see Flyby News'

Campaigns for Reclaiming a Lost USA Democracy,

the good thing about not being so politically correct as this article and previous comments suggest,
is the uniting, and influencing the mainstream public..
which is also why supporting the nyc 9/11 ballot initiative , is more powerful than a righteous vote or campaigning for a 3rd party candidate, which in 2000 actually helped Bush's coup d'etat and the ensuing 9/11 attacks.

we do have a choice.. but only until IRV's are instituted does our choice supercede any spoiler questions..
in helping defeat the repubs and neocon crazy ones.. one step at a time.. then we can get someone like cynthia for real..


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She has my vote too!

Her verbal assault on Rumsfeld is absolutely stunning (thanks AJFan!).

Cynthia Money Bomb?

Hey John, why don't you start a money bomb for Cynthia

I'm still amazed on how the CM trashed her!

My perception of Ms. McKinney was shaped for a long time by the Capitol Hill security flap. It's unfortunate few people realize how much Cynthia challenged the corrupt consensus!

Just watching a couple videos where McKinney takes on the administration, it's enough to make a believer of anyone. It's no wonder they wanted to get rid of her!

Cynthia doesn't scare easily and that's what I like about her! She's strong yet articulate!

...don't believe them!


Bump Bump...

"Because of electronic voting, it is not guaranteed that who you vote for will actually get your vote. Because the media is controlled, we never hear from candidates that do not represent the 1% of this country. Because campaign reform doesn't exist, the candidates of the 1% get as much money as they need, making it impossible for anyone to compete. Third Party candidates are not allowed to enter Presidential debates."

It almost reads like a psychic premonition.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


got my vote last week in early voting. She has done so much!