Looking in wrong direction

I feel that as a community we are looking in the wrong direction for the perpetraitors of 9/11. Everything in the US, is run using money. The main control of this, is the federal reserve. Is the federal reserve a national institution run for and on behalf of the people? Looking into this will quickly realise that the answer to this question is NO. The Federal reserve is a privately run corporation, run by private individuals for private interest. SO.....if the government is not in control of the money..they are NOT in CONTROL....simple as that...the word senator, or congressman, may just as well be a synonym for the word puppet, with the president being the cheif puppet. So it doesn't matter what we tell the congress, or senate....they are not really in control. International finance as proven itself ion the past to be the real evil behind the majority of wars...if not all of them....we need to shine the spotlight on them. Again...If the government doesn't have control of the money, THEY ARE NOT IN CONTROL. This whole focusing on Bush and Cheney is just a charade to distract from the real menace to the world which is international finance. check out the gogle film "money masters" or try reading books on the subject...a modern one being "web of debt" or an older one being "the nameless war" by A H Ramsey.