New Immortal Technique Mixtape! "The 3rd World"

I haven’t heard this yet but apparently it's his best stuff to date, LONG awaited for all the Tech fans out there:

Thanks . . . Didn't know . .

Thanks . . . Didn't know . . . Just ordered.

Summer of Truth

No probs, here's a few

No probs, here's a few semi-rare Tech tunes and remixes on my Soundclick if you want to check these:

Immortal Technique: Land Of The Gun (feat Breeze Evahflowin)

NEW DJ Green Lantern - Impeach The President (feat. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze)

Immortal Technique: Caught In A Hustle

Immortal Technique rmx/blend: Virtuosic Veracity (Underground Railroad Freestyle (Cause of Death Acapella) Vs Romeo & Juliet Instrumental) - I made this one