3 Released Gitmo Detainees Tell All on No Lies Radio! 9/11 Perps or Patsies? - you decide!

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Impeachment Could Be Our Last Chance for 9/11 Truth, Stopping the Iran War and Martial Law!!
Listen to the gripping testimony of these 3 released Gitmo detainees carefully! Then Act!

Read Rep. Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment. Call the Judiciary Committee and your Representative and Demand Impeachment Hearings Now. Be sure to mention Article 17 (illegal detention), Article 18 (Torture), Article 19 (Rendition) and Articles 33-35 regarding 9/11 Truth. Call 6 friends to do this also and ask them to call 6 friends...and this will go viral!!!

Witnessing Guantanamo: Amy Goodman Speaks with 3 Former Gitmo Detainees.On May 31st, Amy Goodman interviewed 3 released Gitmo detainees via teleconference to Sudan from a packed lecture hall at the University of California, Davis. These courageous souls (Adel Hamad, Hammad Amno, and Salim Mahmoud Ademgave) told heart wrenching stories that all Americans should hear and be ashamed of. Find out how they were picked up in Pakistan shortly after 9/11, how the CIA was directly involved in these detentions, how they were treated, rendered to Afghanistan and then to Gitmo, and whether or not you think they are guilty of anything. The question for the 911 truth movement is if the Gitmo prisoners are not perps, then they must be patsies, and thus a part of the 911 engineered conspiracy. Should we as the truth movement support these prisoners in their search for justice? Are these detainee stories further grounds for impeachment? You decide and then act! This program was provided courtesty of the Guantanamo Testimonials Project, a UC Davis-based effort to catalog accounts of prisoner abuse from print and broadcast sources around the world.

IMO, most or all are patsies! We may never know for sure

because we no longer have juries & fair trials to help decide such things. We just throw people into concentration camps & keep them their until they are physically & mentally broken or dead!

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