Date Discrepancy on Chomsky video.

Due to a date error on the Corbett Report video posted yesterday, the blog entry has been removed. Corbett is re-editing the video to correct the error which placed some comments by Chomsky prior to the publication of "Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction", by 10 days.

Until Corbett reposts, here is a piece produced by Snowshoe Films:


Everyone please listen to

Everyone please listen to this stunningly delivered speech by Dr Michael Parenti about the importance of exposing the truth in regards to the JFK Assassination. He completely demolishes Noam Chomsky's and Alexander Cockburn's impotent stances and arguments against pursuing the truth of what happened to Kennedy. By hypothetically switching JFK for 9/11, this already beautifully delivered speech gets banged right up to date and is made even more cutting edge. This is one of those things that needs to be spread far and wide, whilst making the clear relation that it has to current issues like 9/11 Truth. It's another highly potent "Truth Bomb" for the infowar that absolutely needs to be utilized!

Part I
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Part II
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excellent speech!

Thank you for sharing it. Parenti made the JFK debunkers seem ridiculous, and the humor was a nice touch. :-)

Thanks for the links....Dem Bruce Lee Styles

Thanks for the links to the .mp3s. Those are always appreciated and informative. I also enjoyed your crass humor below.

It's fairly obvious Chomsky doesn't want to address the issues from a rational starting point. I simply view him as part of the Agenda. He may be left but still part of the Agenda, nonetheless.

...don't believe him!

This might be a bit crass

This might be a bit crass but it does reflect the valid frustration a lot of people have with Chomsky:

pitfalls for the truth movement

While I have often been impressed with Dem Bruce Lee Styles posts, this disappointing one gives me an opportunity to explain why the left buys into the various gatekeeper's bad judgement.

It is because the truth movement is so poorly behaved. Chomsky has been controversial for decades, and I'm less worried about him than I am the millions of people who agree with him without thinking. They use our bad behavior to rationalize their bad choices.

This gets at the great irony of the situation. Chomsky, who was my professor at MIT and was largely responsible for radicalizing me, is the anti-demagogue. He speaks softly, kind of like a professor. He would be the last person who would want anyone to parrot his ideas unthinkingly. Unfortunately, that's EXACTLY what happens.

There's one thing about the Corbett piece I did like. It shows Chomsky advising people to give their adversaries the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. It then proceeds to violate that principle, as did nearly every truther who commented. In fact, our whole movement so rarely gives those it disagrees with the benefit of the doubt. This bad behavior gives people like David Rovics, who posted a criticism of the truth movement on Common Dreams AFTER having written a song comparing the Reichstag Fire to 911. He was moved to write the piece because so many of us badmouth Chomsky and Goodman.

Do the left gatekeepers deserve success in stopping the Iraq war when they refuse to ask the hard questions about 911 and the war on terror? No.

Does the 911 truth movement deserve to generate a real investigation into 911? The reason I say we do not is because it is rare to find truthers willing to treat other activists decently. Generally truthers are just as strongly committed to not working things out with other truthers they differ with as Chomsky is committed to not looking at the evidence.

Chris Greuner, a truther and a professional at mediation has agreed to help me work things out with the truthers who hate me.

> the truth movement is so

> the truth movement is so poorly behaved.

Really? This kind of remark is weird to me. First of all, it's not like anybody is stringing people up from lampposts, as in a real revolutionary movement. It's all just talk and reasonably civil, though testy at times. Actually if what the TM is saying is true (and if people don't believe it why are they involved) then the situation is so serious that I'd think a bit of bad behavior is excusable - though I suppose you'd want to fault it tactically. But how far have courtiers like Chomsky really moved the real world picture? Zero. Second, when the US bombs out villages, catches out any damn haji with a few rounds of .223 or something heavier, bombs out a wedding - this whole Imperial shitstorm, the whole engine of death running on the emo fuel that 9-11 poured in the tank, what kind of "behavior" is that?

Tend to agree.

I've been listening to Chomsky's talks and interviews for years (since 1988 or so) and I have to admit that I've learned a thing or two from Chomsky.

However, his stoneface disregard of the JFK assassination proofs, and now the 9/11 proofs are remarkable, to say the least.

Anarcho-syndicalist coffee-klatches are not going to save the universe. They just won't. We need a change in consciousness, and that won't happen if 'leading lights' are blind as bats

"Conspiracy Theory" Trivia Quiz for Noam Chomsky:

"Conspiracy Theory" Trivia Quiz for Noam Chomsky (and all other gatekeepers, debunkers, and defenders of the official 9/11 story):

How many stories did NORAD give for its failure to intercept planes on 9/11? Answer: Three contradictory versions.

Keeping in mind this last question: Name ONE government agency or Individual within the FBI, CIA, FAA, NORAD, Secret Service, or the U.S Government punished, fired or held responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Answer: No one. In fact, many received promotions.

How many questions by the Family Steering committe went unanswered by the 9/11 commission? Answer: 70%

According to NIST, what is the significance of molten steel at ground zero? Answer: "Irrelevant to the Investigation".

more to come...
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Great Points

Good 'trivia' questions Arabesque.
I'm not that familiar with Snowshoe Films, saw a good one they did on the Banking system, and Barry seems great in this one.
In many ways it's not the 'Right' that's let the truth movement down - it's the so-called Left.

Thanks for this it is much better and factual.

Thanks for the removal of the original piece and putting up a better one.

Kind regards John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!

Forget Chomsky, it's about Zwicker

Sure it is exciting to get riled up, but it is more productive to highlight what is useful. Barry Zwicker is the only person I have seen giving insightful advice to the 911 Truth movement as a whole. In this video (could have been other parts, I watched a few) he discusses the psychological problems of reaching people that are still unaware, and offers possible solutions. This, I believe, should be the focus of the movement - opening masses of minds, not chasing down exactly what happened.

He makes the point that forensic evidence will not persuade a portion of the population no matter how overwhelming it becomes. I have usually used forensic evidence in the materials I create to hand out, so i was not predisposed to think as he does. But he explains his view clearly enough that the focus of my materials will get a re-working.

I will be recommending his book above others. It even comes with a DVD of "The Great Conspiracy" which is still one of the best (if not The) deprogramming tools out there.

Too messy

Arabesque, your interesting Trivia Quiz, which would be shocking and persuasive to any normal human creature, not only would fail to move Chomsky in the slightest, but in fact he would immediately state that your Quiz is proving his essential contention.

I have known him personally back in the day and this kind of stuff is pure red meat to him. When he responds to what you think is a devastating detailed rational attack by saying "See you are exactly proving my point - you are just showing that reality is too messy to ever make any coherent sense of it.", challengers are usually shocked into silence instead of dismissing him as the clown that he is.

I know you wouldn't be stymied by that response, but the live audiences are always with him when this kind of challenge is made.