Gary Franchi
National Director
Restore The Republic!

In 2006 I spoke at at conference in Chicago about the need to "become the
media." In 2007 we took our first steps and broke into print media to combat
the mainstream propaganda pushed on the newsstands. That year we published
a cover story about "Taking Back the Media". In 2008 we were approached by
the owner of a new television network and asked to produce content for their
network for broadcasting in 50 million homes across America. Over the last few
months we have been diligently putting members of a team together to meet
the needs of this new network and spread the freedom message further than
it has ever gone before.

We're building a TV studio / sound stage! That's right... we're building one... and
we've got most of the broadcast equipment already... now we just need to build
the set... this is where you come in... we need funds for materials and labor...
Our very own Jeff Foust a member of our Projects and Initiatives Team is a
Carpenter from South Bend Indiana and he's going to build it for us!

Now here's the kicker... the Freedom Television Project is only the beginning,
we're building a FAX congress on demand system so you can easily point click
and blast congress anytime our action alerts are sent out or you watch one of
our Freedom TV broadcasts... we have a software developments team who can
build it but we need to pay them... we did see an online service that could do it
for us but they wanted too much money to set it up... ouch. The great news is we
didn't have to look any further than members of RTR to get the job done... Buddy
Logan our Communications Team member is already working on the front end of
the system while his associate works on the back end.

Let me summarize it for you... we are creating our own Freedom Television
Network with original programming for broadcast in 50 MILLION homes. Each
broadcast will also be available in any format you need for playback on any
public access network in the country. All you have to do is order the episode you
want, locate your public access station, and hand them the tape / DVD. Shows
will also be broadcast LIVE on our Freedom TV Network. Combined with the tools
to FAX BLAST congress and social network at the RTR website... will be a serious force to contend with in the main
stream media and in Washington DC.

You can play a part of this new and historic milestone for the Freedom
Movement by clicking either link and chipping in right now.

***Anyone who donates $100 or more will be listed in the final credits of
future Freedom Media projects, unless they request to remain anonymous.

***Anyone who donates $500 or more will be listed in the final credits of
future Freedom Media projects as a Freedom Partner, unless they request
to remain anonymous.

Please pass this letter along to your meetup groups and your myspace
bulletins so we can raise $20,000 to fund these projects and lets Restore
The Republic together!

Yours in Freedom and Truth,

Gary Franchi
National Director
Restore The Republic!