FaxForTruth Newest Campaign: TD Jakes

Apologies to everyone who voted for TD Jakes.

My computer is busted and I am writing this on my cell phone. Obviously I can't write the full letter on my cell.

TD Jakes' fax number is 214-414-0129

Send a free fax at www.faxzero.com

If anyone wants to write a sample letter to send to Mr. Jakes by all means please do.

FaxForTruth might be on hiatus for a little while until I can figure out what is wrong with my computer.

First know who Jakes is

I have no problem urging truthers to fax TD Jakes. My only concern was that he was described as a Congressional leader. He is not. He's an African American TV minister. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Td_jakes
If you fax him, I urge you to ask him to not only look at 911, but also the whole "war on terror", including the lack of progress finding those who did the anthrax murders, because 2 African American postal workers died. Also, some postal workers who died later probably died from the anthrax. In general, the anthrax crime has taken a backseat to the deaths on 911, partly because of racist bias.

Note that the White House staff took CIPRO, the strongest antibiotic known(It has been known to kill people) on 9/11/01. This was a week before the first weaponized anthrax was mailed. Also, The only elected official to be mailed the anthrax were Senators Daschle and Leahy, right at the moment they were obstructing easy passage of the first USA Patriot Act. A reputable ex law enforcement professional has noted that the anthrax issue is a weak point for the neocons.

David, TD Jakes was described as a CHURCH leader.

Someone had suggested faxing a church leader. I thought that was a good idea. I have mailed hundreds of DVD-informational packets to church leaders. In our history, often church leaders have helped to lead people towards worthy causes. (e.g. MLK) (David Ray Griffin)

It was posted about TD Jakes on the previous blog.

Here is some information about TD Jakes.
T D Jakes has nationally bestselling books. His books have sold very, very well. I know personally, because I used to have bookstores. I remember 100's of his books flying off the shelves. He has followers around the world and a local congregation of over 30,000 at The Potters House. He exerts a passionate influence. The organization seems fiscally sound (and affluent).

(Personally, I prefer another mode of communication from the pulpit, but some people like this method.)
...the objective is to have church leaders speak out about 9/11 Truth to a wider group of listeners.
It is the 9/11 Truth message and disseminating it to wider audiences that is the intent and purpose. I don't really care who the messenger is.


****The T D Jakes MYSPACE (fans) has ALEX JONES as a top 20 friend.

****The T D Jakes MYSPACE has signed onto Jason Bermas' MySpace

SAMPLE FAX (or snail mail)

"Dear Rev. TD Jakes,

We understand that you always stand up for truth. Could you please let others know that the government and mainstream media are covering up the truth about the events of September 11th, 2001?

Over 400 architects and engineers have loudly stated that explosives were used to bring down all three buildings on September 11th. www.ae911truth.org

Please tell others about 9/11 TRUTH."

YOU CAN WRITE ANY RENDITION OF A LETTER WHICH YOU LIKE. If anyone wants to post another sample fax letter, please do.


I urge 9/11 Truthers to mail DVDs-info packs to churches in their respective cities.

Eventually, 9/11 Truth will be brought up to more and more congregations. Let's educate church leaders.

Let's wrap this fellow up and then move on to the next person.