Help Cynthia McKinney

Dear fellow peace and 9/11 truth activists,

We call upon your help today for volunteers.

Long before the good Dr. David Ray Griffin and the respectable Richard Gage AIA, there were few “credible” folks who dared to challenge the official 9/11 narrative. As we all know, it’s taken almost seven painful years to get to where we are today.

We’d like to remind our fellow 9/11 truth patriots about one very credible woman who long ago stood (and still stands) by the 9/11 truth movement, and that is former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Now is the time that Cynthia needs us to stand by her. The mainstream media has not mentioned her at all, but Cynthia is running for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket.

We need you to donate your time, as a phone bank volunteer. This will cost you nothing, and you can give as little or as much time as you can. But time is not an option for us. We only have 1 week to try and raise $5000 dollars in 20 states to receive matching funds.

Anyone willing to come on board immediately please call Hugh Esco at (770) 755-1543 to become a phone bank volunteer. You will need access to a computer and a phone, and be willing to donate 6o minutes or hopefully more to phone calls. People who have good long distance phone services are needed for out of state call lists. Local Los Angeles area code lists will be available as well.

Please forward this message far and wide!

We urge you to come on board with us and help Cynthia create funding, votes and support. This is a woman whose reputation and congressional record speaks of peace, justice and humanity.

Help us bring a 3rd party message to this corporate two-headed duopoly that continues to sell out the American Public.

Thank you,

~ Good Karma PR

P.S. In case you need to be reminded of how courageous this woman is, check out this YouTube video of Cynthia grilling Rumsfeld

Show "A mistake supporting a particular candidate..." by Robin Hordon


The officer slapping incident, I don't remember it being as clear and cut as you do. I also remember it came at a time not long after her house was vandalized, and I also remember people like Dennis Hastert, and Tom DeLay were the biggest and loudest mouths with regards to that incident. To me, it reeked of a set-up.

The 9/11 Truth Movement and Cynthia McKinney go hand in hand. She supported us, and I don't see anything wrong with us supporting her. She's a great politician, a brave woman, a compassionate person... I don't see anything wrong with it really.

Robin, were you apart of the movement when Cynthia was really involved? I'm curious.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

agreed, its time to stop

agreed, its time to stop spending hours writing essay long nitpicks of the only political candidate willing to jump head first into our cause.

Summer of 1967...


I became a 911 Truther in the summer of 1967 when dear friend gave a hawkish 19 year old The Pentagon Papers to read. I got to where Westmoreland wrote back to some military insiders where he felt that the Russians were envious of OUR Vietnam War front because the USofA's military had such a great opportunity to "test" it's battlefield weaponry and tactics.

Now, just lineup all the other malfeasances that the HI PERPS in the governement of USofA and its special corporate friends have pulled off since then, an you will see the bridges that I have crossed from then until now.

And this journey includes me knowing well enough NOT to vote for Nader in 2000 because I knew how Clinton got in...Perrot. I am NOT a "knee-jerk-liberal" who falls for such foolishness as a third party candidate in a two party system...a system that is NOT representative, but it is what it is.

Being a resident fo NH for all but two of the last 30 yearsI also have been trying in that time period to get the presidential primaries out of just NH and Iowa. I even talked to Howard Dean personally and also went out of my way to chat with the Dems in Nevada to try and break the grips of the primaries away from the two tiny WHITE states and spread it out. So, I have some fair savvy regarding ploitics.

And for the latest such atrocity that the HI PERPS have pulled off, the 9/11 Attacks, I knew on that afternoon that it was an inside job, and I immediately began talking with my progressive friends who were in the comedy-political humor-commentary business who were all just jumping onboard and riding the growth of the internet.

...My first comment was: "OH, today is the day..."....

...My second thought was "Blowback" untill I saw Ed Koch on TV setting up OBL and Al Qaeda, and knew IMMDIATELY that it was a complete psy-op designed to scare the masses and re-establish the US Military budget because whatever Ed Koch says about anything to do with the middle east, the opposite is the truth... [I guess I'm the only one who remembers Koch on TV on the 11th...]

...My third thought, and second conversation with some friends that afternoon was that I thought the HI PERPS might have also been after the internet because surely such a capability in the hands of the public was going to make their future lives miserable. A few days later I saw that Bush and Gates and the head of AOL had a meeting to discuss some things...

...My fourth thought was that in going over many similar historical events that set the US citizenry up for their "patriotic knee-jerk response", including the hatreds shown to me and my family when I went on strike with PATCO in 1981, I knew that it woud be some time before ANYTHING in opposition could be dicussed openly in public about these obviously self-inflicted attacks...

Once I knew that there had been no major system faiure beywen the FAA and NORAD, I knew that it was an inside job.

Jon, how am I doing so far?


In the ensuing years, I kept up contact with my firends in showbiz to keep them somewhat informed as to my perspectives. It was very difficult for them to take the stage and "make funny", or even sing about the events on 9/11...except in discussing "peace issues".

And BTW...a few comics and writers ended up helping establish Air Ameruca Radio, and some of them were even "on air" talent. Of the five daily shows, four of the shows had talent on air, or as writers, that had been helped at Catch A Rising Star in Harvard Square during their formative years in the late 80s and early 90s when I was the talent coordinator. This experience was my very best "silent resistance to the machine" that I ever conducted as I always gave and encourgaed stage time to those who "spoke truth to power".

Garafalo, Seder, Maron, Winstead, Cross, Crimmins, Tingle, Durst, Credico, Butler, Hill, Feldman, Harris, Sahl, Paulsen and many more young talents that you do not know about were made welcome and allowed their voices...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE REAGAN ERA!.

I am very proud of this and it lasted up until the corporate hacks in NYC found out about my "dealings" and fired me. See "Memiors of a "C" Student" by Don White as he came through the system as a funny songwriter and saw the whole thing unfold...and he appreciated my support of artists who would push worthy boundaries.

Then, in 2002-03-04 during the winters I was working in Reno, NV grooming snow atop the Sierra Nevadas when the Iraq War was about to break out. I helped out with RAWC...the Reno Anti War we mounted some protest actions in the streets of Reno and nearby Carson City [the capital]. It is here that I conceived CI...Civil Informationing because I saw that we were doing "the same old thing" done in the 60s and 70s, and that there was NO CONNECTION with the internet except when we were having our planning meetings where we would share all this neat new stuff. Much of this new stuff surrounded PNAC, that 9/11 was an inside job, and all of that...but 9/11 issues were still a very difficut subject to run out onto the streets. Anyways, this "new info age stuff" never got out to the public and my suggestions about post cards with websites and links on them to hand out fell onto dead ears...because "they all knew" how to protest effectively. Yeah, RIGHT!

BTW...two of the protest actions were "cointelproed" by "counterprotesters" set up by the right wing radio station in Reno.

I had taken RAWC training to be a "peacekeeper" at the "peace rallies" because there were often some forms of confrontations between prowar and anti war participants. And...FYI...we peace keepers had to spend 90% of all our time keeping control of folks ON OUR SIDE because they were so freaking crazed.

I later called this rally where we were "counterprotested" as: "The Day of the Thousand Lips" because peacekeepers usually tried to stand in between the two verbal combatants trying to ameliorate the angst, and it was a technique to observe the tension in the combatant's lips to see how angry or pissed off they were getting. The tighter the lips in converstions, the more of a barrier a "peacekeeper" would have to become to deflect the confrontation.

Another rally was hacked by RAWC "insiders-anarchists" who set it all up to take control at the last seconds just as the protest started. They did so, and they completely changed the entire event driving away nearly 1/2 of the RAWC attendees. The anarchists walked onto the stage with a HUGE white letter on black background banner talking about revolution and all sorts of confrontational stuff that nobody had agreed to be presented. This happened ONLY because I had been cleverly removed from being the "stage manager" because I had been making the point all along that if you do not keep strict control of the stage, things could change dramatically and the entire event could easily be flipped into being the opposite of what was intended. I still remember the sleazy guy and gal from North Tahoe that pulled all this off...late "joinees" to the cause who were saying all the "exact right things" thus gaining trust of the others. A very good cointelpro action for sure...

Am I doing OK so far Jon?

Anyway, now its about 2005-06 and I see Griffin on C-Span and knew that some big things were breaking into the public. Soon after Bronner spits out his bullshit in Vanity Fair and I could no longer hold back I was so furious at how well the HI PERPS were getting everyone to "accept" that NORAD couldn't do anything until after WTC2 was hit. The HI PERPS wanted us to believe that the FAA was the culprit and that all the actions that took place before 9:06-ish am were meaningless. I joined "pilots" for a short time, Balsamo taped a radio spot, Griffin wrote me and we began a dialogue that continues today.

So, am I doing OK so far?

So, on July 1st, I went over to Seattle and performed some CI with my big banner and handouts by myself because the WAC-Seattle group are nothing more than Ron Paul whackos...and dishonest people. The Toronto Blue Jays were in town for Canada Day and were playing the Mariners so I bannered outside Safeco Filed before and after the game. Right across the street Rosie was playing drums with Cindi Lauper and I also bannered that event at the WAMU Theater catching both the arriving and the departuring attendees. The banner got to be seen by about 6000 people when one includes the ferry rides over and back.

On the 4th of July, I went bannering two times in my home town of Kingston, first at the 4th of July parade where I stood at the exit point of the roadway and about 1500 cars drove by givng me solid support...another 4500 people. Later, went to the "Shock and Awe" field where some folks were gathered to hear music and watch things explode, and I presented an alternative thought to celebrating things that blow-up. Another 1000 people or so got a glimpse and I had some awsome conversations.

Today, I'm off to Bellingham, WA to participate and speak at a Truth Convergence at the Peace Arch put on by some Canadian friends and the Bellingham 9/11 Truth group. I have been asked to say a few words about CI. My arm has had to be twisted to attend because the event first got off the ground with invitations to The Ron paul Experience whackos. I only do "Ron Paul Free" events now...

Sunday, I will attend an artists fair across the Puget Sound in Edmonds where I can ferry over and walk to the beachside event. I will CI from from noon to about six. Then, I will cross the ferry again and do as I usually do every Sunday afternoon, and that is to banner the on-boarding and off-loading ferry traffic where 200 cars on and 200 cars off each ferry crossing with an average of 3 people in them allows the banner to be seen by 1200 people per boatload. I perform CI for about three hours, so, that's about three or four ferry loads and another 4-5,000 people or so get to see my "911 Truth for PEACE" banner [adding locals and foot-ferry traffic]. I also stand in between lanes of the slowly moving on-boarding traffic and hand out my 1/4 page flyers to those who ask for them.

Then, I'll grab a few beers at a local pub and head home.

So, Jon, what are you up to? And hopefully, you are now comforted about how long I have been a 9/11 Truther.

Of course, a much quicker answer to your question would be:

I have been a 911 Truther for longer than you have been alive Jon!

At least you are consistent. Your personal arrogance has not diminished one bit since we first emailed and then talked on the phone some years ago.

And to the person who has trouble with all of the "wordy things", I say this, YOU are the problem and NOT the solution. This is a very complicated situation and "bumper sticker brains" do not create the best nor the sophisticated solutions to these issues.

The 9/11 Truth Movement should NOT endorse any candidate yet it should be a political force for change. If a candidate wants to agree with our work regarding 9/11 Truth, let them come out and state it publically all by themselves.

If we do not do this, we will be forever linked to marginl people and candidates. This is not good enough.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

Late for the Convergence...


We're just going to have to...

Agree to disagree. To me, because of the ridiculousness of the system, and because my vote doesn't mean anything, it becomes more of a symbolic gesture than anything else. Symbolically, I want my vote to stand for 9/11 Truth. I wouldn't mind it if all of our votes in this movement stood for 9/11 Truth. I think that would mean something. Symbolically. I don't agree with the argument that a vote for Ralph Nader/Cynthia McKinney is a vote taken away from the "lesser of two evils" because last time I checked, my vote belongs to me to do with as my heart, and my mind tell me to do. It didn't belong to John Kerry, and it doesn't belong to Barrack Obama.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Where did this unrepresentative system come from?

'I am NOT a "knee-jerk-liberal" who falls for such foolishness as a third party candidate in a two party system...a system that is NOT representative, but it is what it is.'

Funny, we have different understandings of what a 'knee-jerk liberal' is. In my book, it is precisely someone who clings to the Democratic Party no matter how deeply it implicates itself in policies which that person professes to deplore, and who castigates anyone who rejects such abject lesser-evilism. Who thinks that they can somehow make things better by continuing to support with their votes the very system that has brought us to this state of affairs. (Think 'The Nation' magazine, a.k.a. 'Frightened Liberals Weekly'.)

It would be one thing if you actually liked a major-party candidate or agreed with his policies; but to advocate continued support for the duopoly even while acknowledging that it is unrepresentative?! How did we--pray tell--wind up with such a system? Did we, the people, decide collectively that that's what we wanted? No--it was constructed for us by the very political organizations that benefit from it; but the public subsequently endorses and helps perpetuate it every time they submit to it by yielding their vote to the 'lesser evil'. Lots of luck ever getting a system that IS representative (to say nothing of publicly funded elections, hand-counted paper ballots, and elections on a federal paid holiday--yeah, the Dems really want those changes!!) while continuing to peddle servile defeatism as somehow sensible or mature in contrast to the so-called 'foolishness' of those who repudiate what they believe needs to be repudiated.

Get burned by Ron Paul?


I'll just assume you're not quite acquainted with sorting fact from propaganda & shake my head.

Quote "Consequently, with


"Consequently, with the 9/11 Truth Movement being associated with fringe candidates ONLY, it will forever remain a fringe Movement...and this will be accomplished solely by its own hand"

End Quote

George Washington was considered a "fringe" candidate by the British in his day.

Boy, am I glad our forefathers associated with him.

Robin , I am getting tired of your self-righteous "Co-intel Pro" finger pointing at everyone.

If it is not Cynthia Mckinney, its Ron Paul or its We Are Change.

Look in the mirror first pls.


"My position is that the 9/11 Truth Movement should become a political force in that we encourage people to stop accepting lies from anyone, expose the truth whenever we can, and to become involved in taking back our democracy...whatever that might mean to the average citizen. However, the 9/11 Truth Movement should NOT endorse any particular candidate because this action ultimately is self limiting due to the smallness of that candidate."

End Quote.

This reeks of double-speak. You want the movement to become a political force yet we, according to your "Truth Gospel", should not support a particular candidate.

George Washington was a real small "candidate" when he "ran for office" during the Revolutionary War.

I am glad the Patriots back then never spoke or talked like you.

"...smallness of that candidate..."

Give me break Hordon.

You REEK of something and I am too much of a gentleman to articulate it here.


At least Cynthia tried her best to get some answers.

And you accuse her of abusing her authority to attack security officers?

Are you nuts? Why would a female Congresswoman bother attacking a male Security Officer who is probably armed and trained for assault and defence?

Has it occured to you that she could have been set up?

People who have the courage to speak TRUTH to Power are never "fringe" in my eyes.

Cynical self righetous critics such as you are.

A mustard seed is the smallest of seeds........... but it grows and grows and grows.....

to become......

We could do with a lot more of the "fringeness" of the Cynthia Mckinneys of this world.

And a lot less of Hordon's divisive cynicism.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Do you even know her?

Do you know what Cynthia McKinney has done? Do you even know she lost her seat in 2002 BECAUSE she spoke out for 9/11 truth? You're referring to "speaking truth to power" - Cynthia McKinney HAS spoken truth to power uncountable times and you shouldn't dismiss her so off-handedly. She's an admirable, courageous person and of course we should support her just as she has always supported us. That you're comparing her to Ron Paul (who doesn't give a damn about 9/11 truth) indicates how little you indeed know about her - she has spoken out for 9/11 truth from the first day on and will continue to do so until we have succeeded. Why do you think we should forsake this great woman when she needs our help?

Hear hear

I agree completely, I'd feel pretty lucky to be able to vote for her.

McKinney's 2005 Congressional Briefing

A related idea...

Do you know those 'tax rebate' checks that we are getting?

If you can spare it, give part to Cynthia.

That is what I will do. (The rest of mine will go to Richard Gage and the Red Cross.)

Dont give to the Red Cross


Here is a new video

Here is a new video supporting her campaign. Please distribute and feel free to post on 911blogger.
It features the cas of Futurama discussing political clones and the third party options.