Who needs a False Flag attack when you can just strong-arm Congress? - stopaipac.org - Protest on July 8 in San Francisco

AIPAC has been pushing very hard for a House Resolution to enforce an embargo against Iran. The toughest part of the embargo is the blocking of refined oil into Iran, this report by Real News.com featuring Gareth Porter will get you up to speed if this is news to you;

Stop AIPAC.org has a page dedicated to stopping House Resolution 362 (and the Senate version Res. 580), is calling for a protest in San Francisco on July 8, and is encouraging everyone to contact their representatives;

Tuesday, July 8th, 3pm
San Francisco Federal Building
450 Golden Gate Ave

AIPAC's influence on the Congress is well-documented, most recently in the book, "The Israel Lobby". Let your representative know that AIPAC is not the only voice in this country.

Go to Just Foreign Policy's action page to Ask Your Representative to Oppose H. Con. Res. 362.

We need to end the AIPAC era in which they lobby & bribe our

"elected representatives" to put the interests of corporations & Israel ahead of the American people!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Interview with Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA Dr Ali Asghar Soltanieh interviewed in London while he attended an international conference on a Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone, organised by the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS.

In this interview Dr Soltanieh explains the reasons behind Iran's determination to develop an indigenous uranium enrichment capability and why Iran believes the countries pursuing or relying on nuclear weapons are making a mistake. He also gives his viewpoint on how international institutions such as the UN Security Council are in practice used as instruments of political pressure by a select few member states, ultimately undermining the authority and credibility of those institutions.

Audio (in English):


Transcript of interview and source:

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