BBC and the official investigators solved the final mystery of 9/11- WTC 7 down by fires

Mike Rudin Spinmaster. Listen!

WTC 7 isn’t the final mystery, it is one in a row of mysteries.

We do not and will not fall for anyone claiming that the case is solved with the view solely on one point!

I just put together the main valid points and hints for an inside job in the last two weeks, points that can not be debunked, as they stand straight for the seventh year after the attacks, and were nearly never touched by “debunkers”. There is no special order in that points, and I’m sure I can add another 200 ones- I’m just not in the mood for deliver hard facts to ignorants. And, BTW, I have sources for all points, valid sources, established sources. It’s no problem to research it.

1: The failing interception of the hijacked planes and the lying from NORAD and FAA. No one was held accountable.

2: Wargames and Exercises that day- cover and confusion

3: Angel is next

4: Secret Service in Booker Elementary School did not evacuate Bush immediately- they know he was not in danger

5: Many members of the Bush Admin spoke of opportunities that 9/11 offered, Bush inclusive.

6: The change in chain of command in case of hijacking- accentuated to Rumsfeld who was MIA that day.

7: Cheney as Master of Wargames in the PEOC, with Norman Mineta testimony “plane is 30 miles out”, exposed the lie when Cheney entered the PEOC and that they tracked the flights but did nothing “do the order still stand?”

8: Lies of the US admin regarding forewarnings- there were countless ones.

9: Lies of the US admin that nobody could imagine such a scenario- exposed through books (Bachmans Running Man), through televison (Pilot of “The Lone Gunmen” aired half a year before 9/11) , plans like OP Bojinka that were found 1995 and through WTC security analysis like Schnabolk did and even military trainings of NORAD and FEMA anticipated such a scenario

10: Investigations into the terror plot were shut down by superiors, FBI and CIA alike.
Nancy Floyd, Kenneth Williams, Coleen Rowley, Harry Samit, Robert Wright, Ali Soufan, John O’Neill. The 9/11 timesline lists hundreds of events which illustrated how this was done: keep all field agents in dark while all agency superiors knew all all along: the Yemen Hub, the Malaysia Summit, San Diego. Etc. The alleged "wall" between the agencies is a myth, there were two units on track of the terrorist who handled that "problem" by creating units with members of all agencies, I-49 squad and Alec Station.

11: The terror groups were infiltrated from the early days on: Zakhary, Ali Mohamed, Emad Salem, Randy Glass, Abduss Attar Sheikh, Melvin Lattimore (Marvin Lattimore) and many more. The blind Sheik Abdel Rahman was "hands off".

12: Quaint foreknowledge: Israels instant messager company Odigo receiced a warning before the attack, source WaPo, Ha’aretz. ZIM, an Israely state shipping company with ties to arm smuggling to Iran (CNN), moved out off the WTC several weeks before 9/11, URBAN MOVING SYSTEMS, the dancing Israelis, were there to document the event and high-fiving.
Silverstein had a doctors appointment, his kids were running late that day, if not, all of them would be on the 88. floor of the North Tower and trapped.
SF mayor Willie Brown was told not to fly that day, John Ashroft didn’t for a whole month before.

13: “Elephant” traces left behind to get the idea of “moslem terrorists”, while no one took credentials. Looks arranged.

14: Al Qaeda terror videos used pictures of FBI from the hijackers- did they had no own ones? A video showing Atta and Jared in Afghanistan, promoted as evidence, was part of a western intelligence sting OP and shown in the documentary “Road to Guantanamo”, it could be established that some picures were shown the “foreign combattants” back in 2003, while the terror evidence hoax was promoted in 2007!

15: The leader of the free world, surrounded by inncocent first graders- a Psy-OP. A tip more and it would become bizarre.

16: Reducing the body count through prepairedness and exercises as well as the overall conducting- FEMA arrived late Monday night in New York for TRIPOD III, at the Pentagon a mass casualty exercise was underway, the Secret Service scrambled in NY because of an UN meeting, the time of the attacks (just before the working starts in NY) the North Tower hit wide above, the South Tower on one hand side so that one stairwell remains intact, while it was evacuated and so on. Clearly islamic terrorist do want high body count, only someone with some sort of conscience would subscribe to a body count nearly as high as in a kind of Pearl Harbor attack, the script analogy, that was adressed many times before and after 9/11.

17: The Bush Admin and its lack of will to investigate the attacks- we all knew of the question to Daschle and Co. to limit the scope of an investigation, the underfinanced 9/11 commission set up to fail in late 2002, the trick to perform the FBI to “never again” instead of researching 9/11, and to sidetrack the investigations with the never expelled Anthrax terror case.

18: Especially for Rudin: The role of the media as attack dogs, if there is nothing to hide, you don’t have to put out ad hominems. All kind of critic on Bush, even harmless one, was used to fire journalists after 9/11. Unpatriotic- McCarthyism.

19: Osama is guilty- since Second Zero, as Tenet, Rumsfeld or Fox News told us- while they promised to deliver a white paper for his guilt, we wait till today, Osama left unaccounted…

20. Pentagon was hit- the best defended building in the world.

21: The date- 9/11 as Emergency Call, a PSY-OP, but on the same day the Pentagon was begun to built, the NWO speech of G.Bush, 11 years before, 9/11 111 days from the end of the year. Muslim terrorists won’t use kabbalistiks, it’s demons work.

22: WTC 7 fire alarm was off due to test modus, no fire alarm data was provided in WTC 1 and 2, besides that all WTC alarms were sent offsite by satellite- someone is lying to us.
The repeater system did also malfunction, NIST claims a button was not pressed, but the very specialist for fire safety was with the firefighters at the fire command station in the North Tower Lobby. Mike Hurley. Incompetence? Again with no consequences. As for Rudy Giuliani.

23: Forged Evidence: The Al-Sutami pass surviving the WTC “infernos”, the new red bandana recovered from UA93, the CVR recordings of UA93 that do not stand up to closer scrutiny, all important data that would validate the authentification is amiss, the hijackers used a “Allah Akbar”, instead of what muslim experts say, the last words before dying were “"I testify there is no god but god and mohammed is the prophet of god.” And Allah Akbar would only be what a bad Hollywood script writer think of what they would say.
The “Osama is guilty” Pentagon video, found “coincidentally” in Jalalabad.
PFLP credential claim a fake- as dancing Palestinians, an old video.

24: Abu Ali Mustafa was murdered by Israel two weeks before 9/11- Mustafa was a leading man in the PFLP, who once hijacked four planes to bomb them, but failed to do so.
Bassum Abu Sharifs mentioned a plan is his autobiography: Haddads plan had been simple: stuff the light plane to the gills with high explosives, then get Abu Harb to fly the pre-planned route and crash it right into the middle of Tel Aviv's tallest building, Shalom Tower.
There are hints that the PFLP was a Shin Bet/Mossad sting OP, like Entebbe and the Sayeret Matkal (David H. Colvin). On board of one plane on 9/11 was Daniel Lewin, once member of that group, allegedly stabbed by one hijacker. Protecting a high secret plan?

25: All evidence for demolitions in NY on 9/11: Molten metal, high-tempeatur attack (the “meteorite”), carbonized paper, vaporized bodies and elements as molybden and vanadium, traces of original Nano-Thermate, microscopic spheres, finger-print of molten iron / thermate residues, WTC7, the farce of FEMA and NIST investigation and so on.

26: The Put-Options as evidence someone know something, even is this was a cover for a general sell before 9/11 and buy back-action afterwards item.

27: Secrecy under the mantle of “national security” as homicide-argument- e.g. try to get a view on the rest of the planes, the Pentagon videos, the 7000 pictures from NY NIST claims it has in his pocket, the long overdue firefighter interviews only made public through court action and so on.
Missing floor plans and statics. Variables of all NIST evaluation and tests.

28: Cui Bono, the Neocon Noble Lie and legend of a foreign enemy to unite within, energy, economy, military budgets, UNOcoal, Pipeline, iraqi oil, permanent war on terra, they were capable of such a crime, had a motive and the occasion do to so as they overtook the US government.

29: Bush was not elected, remember the vote scandal in Florida- the media hides that recount result till after 9/11 even as it was ready, later, when no one could critize a war time president, so at last the results were published without publicity, in the back of a few newspapers, with false headlines and the view on only one recount ballot- the undervotes. Clearly Bush had an motive: from a lame duck, not elected, doing nothing in foreign policy and 5 weeks vacation to a war time beloved president and with 80 % approval rates. Clinton was enabled by terror- the WTC 93 false flag terror, too.

30: Mysterious money transactions in the Twins before they collapsed, Convar, Andrei Koudachev und Gary Faberov, Evergreen “First Equity”. How did they now they would get away with their crimes?

31: The US Patriot Act was signed into law late October- nearly 1000 pages of highly sophisticated juristic law, that’s totally impossible in just 4 weeks- the law was written before and laid on some desks in Washington.

32: The story of the missing paymaster told by Chaim Kupferberg.

33: The war in Afghanistan was ordered before 9/11. “Carpet of bombs”, Nifay Naik, US and British fleet on the way before 9/11.

34: The Jimjams of G.W. Bush, asked about foreknowledge- a criminal suspiciously behaviour.

35: The role of Saudi-Arabia in the plot, 9/11 hijackers tied to Saudi government, Graham says in book. Graham wrote that the staff of the congressional inquiry concluded that two Saudis in the San Diego area, Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassan, who gave significant financial support to two hijackers, were working for the Saudi government.
3 sheiks turned dead after Zubadai sings their names in US custody to US intelligence services, as he believed he was held by Saudis and the princes would know what to do.

36: Saudi-Government denied that there was ever a quarrel about the suspect list with prince Saud and the US government- but we do have that document.

37: The mysteries surrounding Atta and Co., Military Schools, Jump Seats, Wolfgang Bohringer, Amanda Keller, Whiskey, Women and Drugs, Casino ships, Las Vegas Trips, their missing motive (Why did these 19 do what they did? Hamilton, “They hate us because of our freedom” is no real explanation) Their flights around the world despite beeing watchlisted, their travel destinations (Marriot at WTC), everything.

38: NIST concealed the ownership change in the months before 9/11 to Silverstein, so a dubious smell remains- Silverstein is no prime suspect for me, but to handle three buildings over to a men with jewish religion looks like a trap that was built up to dismiss all “hot demolition” claims as antisemitic- a claim that wouldn’t be possible with the PANYNJ in charge of the buildings. Besides that Lucky Larry had unbelieveable luck- only his buildings deconstructed in full on 9/11, other surrounding buildings do still stand, as Deutsche Bank building or Fiterman Hall, and keep in mind the asbestos concerns and other problems with a deconstruction of such large White Elephants. Not a single item of the treaties is known, even Vornado won't tell us.

39: All the dis-info-artist out there are there for a reason- fog of war, ad hominems, divide and conquer, Co-Intel-Pro- the more because it became even more acute.

40: Black Boxes of WTC crash found or not?
“The FBI states, and also reported to the 9-11 Commission, that none of the recording devices from the two planes that hit the World Trade Center were ever recovered.”
There has always been some skepticism about this assertion, particularly as two N.Y. City firefighters, Mike Bellone and Nicholas De Masi, claimed in 2004 that they had found three of the four boxes, and that Federal agents took them and told the two men not to mention having found them. (The FBI denies the whole story.)
And Hamilton did not know- everytime somethings smells fishy he just do not know:

Hamilton: I do not recall any reference to the black box.

Solomon: Were they all found?

Hamilton: I do not know, off hand, I do not know.

41: Tape of Flight controllers was destroyed. Why?

42: Shock & Awe as described by the secret leader of the 9/11 commission:
Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the new danger. Philip Zelikow. Now was that article a fear mongering one or a wish-list? Could it be misinterpreted as the ladder by some rogue elements in the US admin, like the shadow government, which was established trough the JFK murder, false flag terror and all the roots of undisputed government misdoings the last 40 years?

43: The Doomsday Plane over Washington- they could get a full commando air station in the air and track the flights but could not intercept them.

44: The long established history of false flag state sponsored terrorism, especially with Israel and US- connections. King David Hotel bombing, some Irgun members dressed as arabs, Lavon Aiffair, some egypt jews recruited for bombings, the USS Liberty attack with unmarked Israel planes in accordance to president Johnson "I want to see that ship down" to get egypt and russia in the Israel war and to inflect the US.

So, if the media ever adress even a single point correctly, that means nothing for the reslt of all issues that 9/11 was an Inside Job with the approval of the highest ranking rogue elements in the US services and admin.

The BBC refused

to show my comment. Nothing to see here, the opinion makers are on their way to solve all mysteries in their way.


Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

More points

45: Explosions in front of local elevators in the Lobby of the North Tower and even in the basement, despite that no physcial connection to the crash zone was given, there were two Skylobbies between that.

46: In a fire emergency, an elevator is programmed to return to its lowest floor and hold its doors open. On Sept. 11, many elevators far below the crash zones failed to do this, although they continued to have electrical power. The reason for this failure is unclear.

47: A Direct Hit to the OCC, the 2. security control center in the 23 floor of the North Tower. The same for the extra electric cable for emergency cases in B4 beneath the PATH Station.

48: Sakher Hamad and his false 9/5 basement pass to work on the sprinklers, "Magic Plumbing and Heating"and Denko Mechanicals

49: The water on the first twenty floors in the North Tower in the stairwalls, obviously the water line / storage tanks were broken, but how?

50: The warning of a second plane approaching. Nobody in the FAA, NORAD and others told us they knew, but that info was radioed at the WTC site. Who was the source?

51: The warning that a tower will come down, as promoted by a unknown engineer at the OEM and parroted by Giuliani end EMD workers.

52: The evacuation of WTC 7 even before the South Tower was hit.

53: The OEM at WTC 7 was never used that day, normally all of the higher ups were expected to move there quickly- but besides Michael Hess, Barry Jennings and Fire commisioner von Essen nobody shows up there.
John Farmer, who heads the 9/11 Commission unit that assesses the city response to the attacks, will find it “strange that Sheirer, four OEM deputies, and a field responder went straight to the North Tower… rather than to the nearby emergency command center.” Journalists Wayne Barrett and Dan Collins will conclude, “[T]he command center was out of business from the outset.”
John Farmer will later complain, “We [the 9/11 Commission] tried to get a sense of what Sheirer was really doing. We tried to figure it out from the videos. We couldn’t tell. Everybody from OEM was with him, virtually the whole chain of command. Some of them should have been at the command center.” Fire Captain Kevin Culley, who works as a field responder at OEM, is later asked why most of the OEM’s top brass were with him at the scene of the incident. He says, “I don’t know what they were doing. It was Sheirer’s decision to go there on his own. The command center would normally be the focus of a major event and that would be where I would expect the director to be.” When the 9/11 Commission later investigates OEM’s shortcomings on 9/11, “No rationale for Sheirer’s prolonged lobby stay, no information conveyed to commanders, and no steps to coordinate the response” will be discovered.

54: At approximately 9.30 am the North Tower lobby was evacuated by the higher-ups:
Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer, who is at the command post in the lobby of the North Tower, says, “Right before the South Tower collapsed, I noticed a lot of people just left the lobby, and I heard we had a crew of all different people, high-level people in government, everybody was gone, almost like they had information that we didn’t have.” The reason: Some did have a "false" waring by the SS- (this may be a cover)
Emergency responders in the lobby of the north WTC tower hear an unconfirmed report of a third plane heading toward New York. Consequently, Assistant Fire Chief Joseph Callan orders all firefighters to evacuate the tower. The third plane report is soon found to be incorrect. One firefighter tells a colleague over radio, “That plane is ours, I repeat, it is ours.” Rescue operations therefore continue. [New York Times, 7/7/2002; New York City Fire Department, 8/19/2002, pp. 32; Fire Engineering, 9/2002; Associated Press, 11/16/2002] The source of the incorrect report is apparently Richard Rotanz, the deputy director of the New York Office of Emergency Management (OEM), who is reportedly in the OEM command center on the 23rd floor of WTC Building 7. A Secret Service agent in WTC 7 reportedly told him there were unconfirmed reports of other planes in the air. When OEM Director Richard Sheirer called Rotanz some time after the second WTC tower was hit, Rotanz relayed this information, telling him there were “still planes unaccounted for that may [be] heading for New York.” Sheirer then told people in the North Tower lobby “that another plane was on the way.”

55: Only few firefighters acually reach the fire zones: Only in the South Tower, because one single local elevator functioning left brought firefighter Ron Bucca (also with high security clearance as anti terror military officer, hobby islamic terrorism in the US) and Chief Orio Palmer, a marathon man, to the 40. floor of the South Tower where they climbed the stairs until they reached floor 78 and 79 and reported only minor fires which they think were able to "knock it down with two lines". Several minutes later the Tower came down. So we have no real fire description: Crucial for a "horrendic fire did it"-theory

55: All day long since midday there were rumors that WTC 7 will collapse also- with no clear tracable source, but everybody seems to anticipate such an event. Who was this source?

Still no end in sight

57: "While the Pakistani Inter Services Public Relations claimed that former ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmad sought retirement after being superseded on Monday, the truth is more shocking. Top sources confirmed here on Tuesday, that the general lost his job because of the 'evidence' India produced to show his links to one of the suicide bombers that wrecked the World Trade Centre. The US authorities sought his removal after confirming the fact that $100,000 were wired to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sheikh at the instance of Gen Mahumd. A direct link between ISI and the WTC attack could have enormous repercussions.
Condoleezaa Rice was asked about these allegations and denied outright that she ever heard of it.

58: The July 10 meeting between Tenet, Black and Rice went unmentioned in the various reports of investigations into the Sept. 11 attacks, but it stood out in the minds of Tenet and Black as the starkest warning they had given the White House on bin Laden and al-Qaeda. This meeting was hidden from official view. Why?

59: The FEMA examinations of the WTC 7 steel, Limited Metallurgical Examinations, appendix C, revealed a novel phenomenon--called a eutectic reaction--that occurred at the surface of the steel, causing intergranular melting capable of turning a solid steel girder into Swiss cheese. It was a high temperature attack with severe corrosion and sulfidation. The source of the sulfur was unknown, it was not in the steel itself, as the S degree was below 0,15 % in typically ASTM36 to 41 steel, to avert eutectic mixtures during the hot-rolling of the steel. The New York Times called these findings "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation. Later the NIST sidestepped these findings, they claimed in their report "No steel was revovered from WTC 7 [ for examinations]" and in a later FAQ "The conditions in the wreckage were irrelevant [for the conditions before the collapse]". That's not true, as raining and water supression works cooled the smoldering fires, generally low oxygen fires at low temperatures, and the wreckage could most certainly not be molten at 1.000 ° Celsius afterwards, after the collapse. The source for the sulfur could be "as simple as acid rain" or the dry gypsum wallboards, according to officials, but to archieve eutectiv mixtures you need pulverised sulfur that mixed up on atomic level on grain boundaries. Where should that came from?