Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Graeme MacQueen Debunks Mackey & Roberts

The BBC program comes out on Sunday, so I thought I'd get a leg up and post this here. I expect the arguments of Mackey and Roberts to be incorporated into the BBC program.

Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories
Prof. Graeme MacQueen

This is a great article. It totally debunks the idea put out by MacKey and Roberts that the WTC 7 foreknowledge was a rational thing for the firemen because of all the fire and debris damage.

This article shows that only 7 firemen actually made observations that they thought WTC 7 would fall, while 50 "were told" it would fall. These 7 firemen sound very confused and paranoid, and contradict NIST, who still doesn't know why WTC 7 fell seven years later.

MacQueen also finds that a majority of the firemen "definitely" thought WTC 7 would fall. Really, they knew definitely?

16 thought WTC 7 would fall more than 2 hours before it did, while 6 thought it would fall more than 4 hours before it did. Wow!

None of this makes any sense at all, unless it were a controlled demolition, with a cover story being put out by Giuliani's office and/or some "engineering type person".

All 9/11 Truth Activists and Scholars should be familiar with the details of MacQueens article.

RawStory is covering this including Standley video

World Trade Center 7 mystery 'solved'?
Stephen C. Webster
Published: Saturday July 5, 2008

A new report by BBC 2's "Conspiracy Files" claims that the US National Institute of Standards and Technology is preparing to release a long awaited report on the collapse of World Trade Center 7, which fell on Sept. 11, 2001, about seven hours after WTC 1 and 2 were downed

The Standley ""Smoking..Jump the Gun" video

has 900,000 views.