Belgian 9/11-investigation poll up & running

So far so good... poll will close Sept. 11. Stay tuned! :-)

Wilt u een nieuw 9/11-onderzoek? (Do you want a new 9/11 investigation?)
> Ja, reden genoeg (Yes, there are good reasons for that)
> Nee, geen reden toe (No, there are no good reason for that)
> Nee, wel reden maar niet haalbaar (No, there are good reason for that but it's impossible, it will never happen)

89.6% say "Ja!!"

89.6% say "Ja!!"

approx. 91% of Belgian poll

It looks like approximately 91% of Belgians believe there's a good reason for a new 9/11 investigation. Thanks for the translation.

...don't believe them!

Hm, I'd rather say approx.

Hm, I'd rather say approx. 91% of the poll responders think there's good. That is more than a nuance. But if the number grows large enough, we can still do something with it.

Or rather

It looks like approx. xx% of poll responders (mainly from dutch-speaking part of belgium & holland) think there's good raison to. :-)