14th Onze Bouge on the market at Herblay FRANCE ( 14e sur le marché d'Herblay)

Bonjour ,

Yesterday I did our 14th Onze Bouge on the market at Herblay. Had to do it yesterday as I am not here on the 11th. Anyway there are more people to inform on Sunday.

Had the usual encouragement and one new contact. The french wife of an American living near Herblay. She was interested to have news on the PNAC. Had a guy who mocked me for being a sandwich man. Here in France we do not see many sandwich men. I told him it saves me money to put my message on a board rather than paying copies of a flyer.

Had suggested that we do a home projection of "911 mysteries" next september but I risk to have only one or two persons turning up.

Joël Bataille from Herblay says that my action is not very efficient but it was important to be there !

Still looking out for a good translation of inside job. A new idea is inside job = criminal jouant le victime "Criminal playing the victim"

Had to agree with someone that the Reopen911.info tee shirt I was wearing ( or the first time on the Herblay market) with the slogan "Made by Bush" is not very good. It is Reopen911.info's translation for inside job. Think I will coverup these words next time.

How do we get the French to open their eyes on 911 and the coming bombing of Iran ? How can we avoid this attack ?

Yours John

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Inspired me

Good work John,

I also do some small protests by myself here in Minnesota. You were one of the people who inspired me. It is effective and standing alone invites participation by others.

It is also hard for me to find just the right sign. I don’t know much French and I’m sorry about that. For me, a question rather than a statement works best. Is there a French translation for “Is the 911 attack insurance fraud?”

Persistent inquiry and forgiveness will lead us in change.

Way to stick it out John.

As far as a translation, how about this:

Mossad a fait 9-11.

With you in the struggle,

Mossad a fait 9-11 is too direct !

Too direct. In France and Britain they are trying to sell off 911 truthers as just anti-Semites and it is working.

Still looking out for a good

Still looking out for a good translation of "inside job"?

11/09 était un "coup monté"

But personally I like adding a question mark at the end...

11/09 était un coup monté ?

another phrase to use would be...

"Investiguez 11/09" or "Investiguez Le 11 Septembre"

If you want a good vidéo subtitled in French how about the Gage-Jones interview...